1 pound per (square inch) = 4,633.0628164 poundal per (square foot) 

Pound per (square inch) to Poundal per (square foot) Conversion

Pound per (square inch) to poundal per (square foot) conversion allow you make a conversion between pound per (square inch) and poundal per (square foot) easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Pressure Conversion


= 4,633.06281644
= 46.3306 × 102
= 46.3306E2
= 46.3306e2
= 9,266.12563289
= 92.6613 × 102
= 92.6613E2
= 92.6613e2
= 13,899.18844933
= 138.992 × 102
= 138.992E2
= 138.992e2
= 18,532.25126577
= 185.323 × 102
= 185.323E2
= 185.323e2
= 23,165.31408221
= 231.653 × 102
= 231.653E2
= 231.653e2

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poundal per (square foot)4,633.0628164 pdl/sq ft9,266.1256329 pdl/sq ft13,899.1884493 pdl/sq ft18,532.2512658 pdl/sq ft23,165.3140822 pdl/sq ft27,798.3768987 pdl/sq ft32,431.4397151 pdl/sq ft37,064.5025315 pdl/sq ft41,697.5653480 pdl/sq ft46,330.6281644 pdl/sq ft50,963.6909809 pdl/sq ft55,596.7537973 pdl/sq ft60,229.8166138 pdl/sq ft64,862.8794302 pdl/sq ft69,495.9422466 pdl/sq ft74,129.0050631 pdl/sq ft78,762.0678795 pdl/sq ft83,395.1306960 pdl/sq ft88,028.1935124 pdl/sq ft92,661.2563289 pdl/sq ft97,294.3191453 pdl/sq ft101,927.3819617 pdl/sq ft106,560.4447782 pdl/sq ft111,193.5075946 pdl/sq ft115,826.5704111 pdl/sq ft120,459.6332275 pdl/sq ft125,092.6960440 pdl/sq ft129,725.7588604 pdl/sq ft134,358.8216768 pdl/sq ft138,991.8844933 pdl/sq ft143,624.9473097 pdl/sq ft148,258.0101262 pdl/sq ft152,891.0729426 pdl/sq ft157,524.1357591 pdl/sq ft162,157.1985755 pdl/sq ft166,790.2613919 pdl/sq ft171,423.3242084 pdl/sq ft176,056.3870248 pdl/sq ft180,689.4498413 pdl/sq ft185,322.5126577 pdl/sq ft189,955.5754741 pdl/sq ft194,588.6382906 pdl/sq ft199,221.7011070 pdl/sq ft203,854.7639235 pdl/sq ft208,487.8267399 pdl/sq ft213,120.8895564 pdl/sq ft217,753.9523728 pdl/sq ft222,387.0151892 pdl/sq ft227,020.0780057 pdl/sq ft231,653.1408221 pdl/sq ft236,286.2036386 pdl/sq ft240,919.2664550 pdl/sq ft245,552.3292715 pdl/sq ft250,185.3920879 pdl/sq ft254,818.4549043 pdl/sq ft259,451.5177208 pdl/sq ft264,084.5805372 pdl/sq ft268,717.6433537 pdl/sq ft273,350.7061701 pdl/sq ft277,983.7689866 pdl/sq ft282,616.8318030 pdl/sq ft287,249.8946194 pdl/sq ft291,882.9574359 pdl/sq ft296,516.0202523 pdl/sq ft301,149.0830688 pdl/sq ft305,782.1458852 pdl/sq ft310,415.2087017 pdl/sq ft315,048.2715181 pdl/sq ft319,681.3343345 pdl/sq ft324,314.3971510 pdl/sq ft328,947.4599674 pdl/sq ft333,580.5227839 pdl/sq ft338,213.5856003 pdl/sq ft342,846.6484168 pdl/sq ft347,479.7112332 pdl/sq ft352,112.7740496 pdl/sq ft356,745.8368661 pdl/sq ft361,378.8996825 pdl/sq ft366,011.9624990 pdl/sq ft370,645.0253154 pdl/sq ft375,278.0881318 pdl/sq ft379,911.1509483 pdl/sq ft384,544.2137647 pdl/sq ft389,177.2765812 pdl/sq ft393,810.3393976 pdl/sq ft398,443.4022141 pdl/sq ft403,076.4650305 pdl/sq ft407,709.5278469 pdl/sq ft412,342.5906634 pdl/sq ft416,975.6534798 pdl/sq ft421,608.7162963 pdl/sq ft426,241.7791127 pdl/sq ft430,874.8419292 pdl/sq ft435,507.9047456 pdl/sq ft440,140.9675620 pdl/sq ft444,774.0303785 pdl/sq ft449,407.0931949 pdl/sq ft454,040.1560114 pdl/sq ft458,673.2188278 pdl/sq ft463,306.2816443 pdl/sq ft

The pound per square inch or, more accurately, pound-force per square inch (symbol: lbf/in2; abbreviation: psi) is a unit of pressure or of stress based on avoirdupois units.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
pound per (square inch)lb/in2

≡ 1 pound × ɡ0 / 1 sq in

= 6 894.75729 pascals


conversion table

pound per (square inch)poundal per (square foot)pound per (square inch)poundal per (square foot)
1≈ 4633.06281644256≈ 27798.376898655
2≈ 9266.1256328857≈ 32431.439715098
3≈ 13899.1884493288≈ 37064.50253154
4≈ 18532.251265779≈ 41697.565347983
5≈ 23165.31408221310≈ 46330.628164425

A poundal per (square foot) is the unit of pressure.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
poundal per (square foot)pdl/sq ft

≡ 1 pdl/sq ft

≈ 1.488164 Pa


conversion table

poundal per (square foot)pound per (square inch)poundal per (square foot)pound per (square inch)
1≈ 0.000215839939931546≈ 0.0012950396395892
2≈ 0.000431679879863087≈ 0.0015108795795208
3≈ 0.000647519819794628≈ 0.0017267195194523
4≈ 0.000863359759726169≈ 0.0019425594593839
5≈ 0.001079199699657710≈ 0.0021583993993154

Conversion table

pound per (square inch)poundal per (square foot)
1≈ 4,633.0628164
0.0002158≈ 1


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approximately equal to
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