1 poundal per (square foot) = 1.4687036762892 × 10-5atmospheres 

Poundal per (square foot) to Atmospheres Conversion

Poundal per (square foot) to atmosphere conversion allow you make a conversion between poundal per (square foot) and atmosphere easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Pressure Conversion


= 0.00001469
= 1.4687 × 10-5
= 1.4687E-5
= 1.4687e-5
= 0.00002937
= 2.93741 × 10-5
= 2.93741E-5
= 2.93741e-5
= 0.00004406
= 4.40611 × 10-5
= 4.40611E-5
= 4.40611e-5
= 0.00005875
= 5.87481 × 10-5
= 5.87481E-5
= 5.87481e-5
= 0.00007344
= 7.34352 × 10-5
= 7.34352E-5
= 7.34352e-5

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atmosphere1.4687036762892 × 10-5 atm2.9374073525783 × 10-5 atm4.4061110288675 × 10-5 atm5.8748147051567 × 10-5 atm7.3435183814458 × 10-5 atm8.812222057735 × 10-5 atm0.0001028 atm0.0001175 atm0.0001322 atm0.0001469 atm0.0001616 atm0.0001762 atm0.0001909 atm0.0002056 atm0.0002203 atm0.0002350 atm0.0002497 atm0.0002644 atm0.0002791 atm0.0002937 atm0.0003084 atm0.0003231 atm0.0003378 atm0.0003525 atm0.0003672 atm0.0003819 atm0.0003965 atm0.0004112 atm0.0004259 atm0.0004406 atm0.0004553 atm0.0004700 atm0.0004847 atm0.0004994 atm0.0005140 atm0.0005287 atm0.0005434 atm0.0005581 atm0.0005728 atm0.0005875 atm0.0006022 atm0.0006169 atm0.0006315 atm0.0006462 atm0.0006609 atm0.0006756 atm0.0006903 atm0.0007050 atm0.0007197 atm0.0007344 atm0.0007490 atm0.0007637 atm0.0007784 atm0.0007931 atm0.0008078 atm0.0008225 atm0.0008372 atm0.0008518 atm0.0008665 atm0.0008812 atm0.0008959 atm0.0009106 atm0.0009253 atm0.0009400 atm0.0009547 atm0.0009693 atm0.0009840 atm0.0009987 atm0.0010134 atm0.0010281 atm0.0010428 atm0.0010575 atm0.0010722 atm0.0010868 atm0.0011015 atm0.0011162 atm0.0011309 atm0.0011456 atm0.0011603 atm0.0011750 atm0.0011896 atm0.0012043 atm0.0012190 atm0.0012337 atm0.0012484 atm0.0012631 atm0.0012778 atm0.0012925 atm0.0013071 atm0.0013218 atm0.0013365 atm0.0013512 atm0.0013659 atm0.0013806 atm0.0013953 atm0.0014100 atm0.0014246 atm0.0014393 atm0.0014540 atm0.0014687 atm

A poundal per (square foot) is the unit of pressure.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
poundal per (square foot)pdl/sq ft

≡ 1 pdl/sq ft

≈ 1.488164 Pa


conversion table

poundal per (square foot)atmospherespoundal per (square foot)atmospheres
1≈ 1.4687036762892E-56≈ 8.812222057735E-5
2≈ 2.9374073525783E-57≈ 0.00010280925734024
3≈ 4.4061110288675E-58≈ 0.00011749629410313
4≈ 5.8748147051567E-59≈ 0.00013218333086603
5≈ 7.3435183814458E-510≈ 0.00014687036762892

The standard atmosphere (symbol: atm) is a unit of pressure defined as 101325 Pa (1.01325 bar). It is sometimes used as a reference or standard pressure.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 101325 Pa

Metric system SI

conversion table

atmospherespoundal per (square foot)atmospherespoundal per (square foot)
1≈ 68087.2538241756≈ 408523.52294505
2≈ 136174.507648357≈ 476610.77676923
3≈ 204261.761472538≈ 544698.0305934
4≈ 272349.01529679≈ 612785.28441758
5≈ 340436.2691208810≈ 680872.53824175

Conversion table

poundal per (square foot)atmospheres
1≈ 1.4687036762892 × 10-5
68,087.2538242≈ 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
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