1 poundal per (square foot) = 3.6621218377691 × 10-5feet of mercury 

Poundal per (square foot) to Feet of mercury Conversion

Poundal per (square foot) to foot of mercury conversion allow you make a conversion between poundal per (square foot) and foot of mercury easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Pressure Conversion


= 0.00003662
= 3.66212 × 10-5
= 3.66212E-5
= 3.66212e-5
= 0.00007324
= 7.32424 × 10-5
= 7.32424E-5
= 7.32424e-5
= 0.00010986
= 109864 × 10-9
= 109864E-9
= 109864e-9
= 0.00014648
= 146485 × 10-9
= 146485E-9
= 146485e-9
= 0.00018311
= 183106 × 10-9
= 183106E-9
= 183106e-9

Quick Look: poundal per (square foot) to feet of mercury

poundal per (square foot)1 pdl/sq ft2 pdl/sq ft3 pdl/sq ft4 pdl/sq ft5 pdl/sq ft6 pdl/sq ft7 pdl/sq ft8 pdl/sq ft9 pdl/sq ft10 pdl/sq ft11 pdl/sq ft12 pdl/sq ft13 pdl/sq ft14 pdl/sq ft15 pdl/sq ft16 pdl/sq ft17 pdl/sq ft18 pdl/sq ft19 pdl/sq ft20 pdl/sq ft21 pdl/sq ft22 pdl/sq ft23 pdl/sq ft24 pdl/sq ft25 pdl/sq ft26 pdl/sq ft27 pdl/sq ft28 pdl/sq ft29 pdl/sq ft30 pdl/sq ft31 pdl/sq ft32 pdl/sq ft33 pdl/sq ft34 pdl/sq ft35 pdl/sq ft36 pdl/sq ft37 pdl/sq ft38 pdl/sq ft39 pdl/sq ft40 pdl/sq ft41 pdl/sq ft42 pdl/sq ft43 pdl/sq ft44 pdl/sq ft45 pdl/sq ft46 pdl/sq ft47 pdl/sq ft48 pdl/sq ft49 pdl/sq ft50 pdl/sq ft51 pdl/sq ft52 pdl/sq ft53 pdl/sq ft54 pdl/sq ft55 pdl/sq ft56 pdl/sq ft57 pdl/sq ft58 pdl/sq ft59 pdl/sq ft60 pdl/sq ft61 pdl/sq ft62 pdl/sq ft63 pdl/sq ft64 pdl/sq ft65 pdl/sq ft66 pdl/sq ft67 pdl/sq ft68 pdl/sq ft69 pdl/sq ft70 pdl/sq ft71 pdl/sq ft72 pdl/sq ft73 pdl/sq ft74 pdl/sq ft75 pdl/sq ft76 pdl/sq ft77 pdl/sq ft78 pdl/sq ft79 pdl/sq ft80 pdl/sq ft81 pdl/sq ft82 pdl/sq ft83 pdl/sq ft84 pdl/sq ft85 pdl/sq ft86 pdl/sq ft87 pdl/sq ft88 pdl/sq ft89 pdl/sq ft90 pdl/sq ft91 pdl/sq ft92 pdl/sq ft93 pdl/sq ft94 pdl/sq ft95 pdl/sq ft96 pdl/sq ft97 pdl/sq ft98 pdl/sq ft99 pdl/sq ft100 pdl/sq ft
foot of mercury3.6621218377691 × 10-5 ftHg7.3242436755383 × 10-5 ftHg0.0001099 ftHg0.0001465 ftHg0.0001831 ftHg0.0002197 ftHg0.0002563 ftHg0.0002930 ftHg0.0003296 ftHg0.0003662 ftHg0.0004028 ftHg0.0004395 ftHg0.0004761 ftHg0.0005127 ftHg0.0005493 ftHg0.0005859 ftHg0.0006226 ftHg0.0006592 ftHg0.0006958 ftHg0.0007324 ftHg0.0007690 ftHg0.0008057 ftHg0.0008423 ftHg0.0008789 ftHg0.0009155 ftHg0.0009522 ftHg0.0009888 ftHg0.0010254 ftHg0.0010620 ftHg0.0010986 ftHg0.0011353 ftHg0.0011719 ftHg0.0012085 ftHg0.0012451 ftHg0.0012817 ftHg0.0013184 ftHg0.0013550 ftHg0.0013916 ftHg0.0014282 ftHg0.0014648 ftHg0.0015015 ftHg0.0015381 ftHg0.0015747 ftHg0.0016113 ftHg0.0016480 ftHg0.0016846 ftHg0.0017212 ftHg0.0017578 ftHg0.0017944 ftHg0.0018311 ftHg0.0018677 ftHg0.0019043 ftHg0.0019409 ftHg0.0019775 ftHg0.0020142 ftHg0.0020508 ftHg0.0020874 ftHg0.0021240 ftHg0.0021607 ftHg0.0021973 ftHg0.0022339 ftHg0.0022705 ftHg0.0023071 ftHg0.0023438 ftHg0.0023804 ftHg0.0024170 ftHg0.0024536 ftHg0.0024902 ftHg0.0025269 ftHg0.0025635 ftHg0.0026001 ftHg0.0026367 ftHg0.0026733 ftHg0.0027100 ftHg0.0027466 ftHg0.0027832 ftHg0.0028198 ftHg0.0028565 ftHg0.0028931 ftHg0.0029297 ftHg0.0029663 ftHg0.0030029 ftHg0.0030396 ftHg0.0030762 ftHg0.0031128 ftHg0.0031494 ftHg0.0031860 ftHg0.0032227 ftHg0.0032593 ftHg0.0032959 ftHg0.0033325 ftHg0.0033692 ftHg0.0034058 ftHg0.0034424 ftHg0.0034790 ftHg0.0035156 ftHg0.0035523 ftHg0.0035889 ftHg0.0036255 ftHg0.0036621 ftHg

A poundal per (square foot) is the unit of pressure.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
poundal per (square foot)pdl/sq ft

≡ 1 pdl/sq ft

≈ 1.488164 Pa


conversion table

poundal per (square foot)feet of mercurypoundal per (square foot)feet of mercury
1≈ 3.6621218377691E-56≈ 0.00021972731026615
2≈ 7.3242436755383E-57≈ 0.00025634852864384
3≈ 0.000109863655133078≈ 0.00029296974702153
4≈ 0.000146484873510779≈ 0.00032959096539922
5≈ 0.0001831060918884610≈ 0.00036621218377691

A foot of mercury is the unit of pressure.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
foot of mercuryftHg

≡ 13595.1 kg/m3 × 1 ft × ɡ0

≈ 4.063666×104 Pa


conversion table

feet of mercurypoundal per (square foot)feet of mercurypoundal per (square foot)
1≈ 27306.5737378416≈ 163839.44242704
2≈ 54613.1474756817≈ 191146.01616489
3≈ 81919.7212135228≈ 218452.58990273
4≈ 109226.294951369≈ 245759.16364057
5≈ 136532.868689210≈ 273065.73737841

Conversion table

poundal per (square foot)feet of mercury
1≈ 3.6621218377691 × 10-5
27,306.5737378≈ 1


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