1 kilometers per hour = 10.9361330 inches per second 

Kilometers per hour to Inches per second Conversion

Kilometers per hour to inch per second conversion allow you make a conversion between kilometers per hour and inch per second easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Speed Conversion


= 10.93613298
= 0.109361 × 102
= 0.109361E2
= 0.109361e2
= 21.87226597
= 0.218723 × 102
= 0.218723E2
= 0.218723e2
= 32.80839895
= 0.328084 × 102
= 0.328084E2
= 0.328084e2
= 43.74453193
= 0.437445 × 102
= 0.437445E2
= 0.437445e2
= 54.68066492
= 0.546807 × 102
= 0.546807E2
= 0.546807e2

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kilometers per hour1 km/h2 km/h3 km/h4 km/h5 km/h6 km/h7 km/h8 km/h9 km/h10 km/h11 km/h12 km/h13 km/h14 km/h15 km/h16 km/h17 km/h18 km/h19 km/h20 km/h21 km/h22 km/h23 km/h24 km/h25 km/h26 km/h27 km/h28 km/h29 km/h30 km/h31 km/h32 km/h33 km/h34 km/h35 km/h36 km/h37 km/h38 km/h39 km/h40 km/h41 km/h42 km/h43 km/h44 km/h45 km/h46 km/h47 km/h48 km/h49 km/h50 km/h51 km/h52 km/h53 km/h54 km/h55 km/h56 km/h57 km/h58 km/h59 km/h60 km/h61 km/h62 km/h63 km/h64 km/h65 km/h66 km/h67 km/h68 km/h69 km/h70 km/h71 km/h72 km/h73 km/h74 km/h75 km/h76 km/h77 km/h78 km/h79 km/h80 km/h81 km/h82 km/h83 km/h84 km/h85 km/h86 km/h87 km/h88 km/h89 km/h90 km/h91 km/h92 km/h93 km/h94 km/h95 km/h96 km/h97 km/h98 km/h99 km/h100 km/h
inch per second10.9361330 ips21.8722660 ips32.8083990 ips43.7445319 ips54.6806649 ips65.6167979 ips76.5529309 ips87.4890639 ips98.4251969 ips109.3613298 ips120.2974628 ips131.2335958 ips142.1697288 ips153.1058618 ips164.0419948 ips174.9781277 ips185.9142607 ips196.8503937 ips207.7865267 ips218.7226597 ips229.6587927 ips240.5949256 ips251.5310586 ips262.4671916 ips273.4033246 ips284.3394576 ips295.2755906 ips306.2117235 ips317.1478565 ips328.0839895 ips339.0201225 ips349.9562555 ips360.8923885 ips371.8285214 ips382.7646544 ips393.7007874 ips404.6369204 ips415.5730534 ips426.5091864 ips437.4453193 ips448.3814523 ips459.3175853 ips470.2537183 ips481.1898513 ips492.1259843 ips503.0621172 ips513.9982502 ips524.9343832 ips535.8705162 ips546.8066492 ips557.7427822 ips568.6789151 ips579.6150481 ips590.5511811 ips601.4873141 ips612.4234471 ips623.3595801 ips634.2957130 ips645.2318460 ips656.1679790 ips667.1041120 ips678.0402450 ips688.9763780 ips699.9125109 ips710.8486439 ips721.7847769 ips732.7209099 ips743.6570429 ips754.5931759 ips765.5293088 ips776.4654418 ips787.4015748 ips798.3377078 ips809.2738408 ips820.2099738 ips831.1461067 ips842.0822397 ips853.0183727 ips863.9545057 ips874.8906387 ips885.8267717 ips896.7629046 ips907.6990376 ips918.6351706 ips929.5713036 ips940.5074366 ips951.4435696 ips962.3797025 ips973.3158355 ips984.2519685 ips995.1881015 ips1,006.1242345 ips1,017.0603675 ips1,027.9965004 ips1,038.9326334 ips1,049.8687664 ips1,060.8048994 ips1,071.7410324 ips1,082.6771654 ips1,093.6132983 ips

The kilometre per hour (American English: kilometer per hour) is a unit of speed, expressing the number of kilometres travelled in one hour.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
kilometers per hourkm/h

≡ 1000m / 3600s

≡ 0.277777778 m/s

Metric system SI

conversion table

kilometers per hourinches per secondkilometers per hourinches per second
1= 10.9361329833776= 65.616797900262
2= 21.8722659667547= 76.55293088364
3= 32.8083989501318= 87.489063867017
4= 43.7445319335089= 98.425196850394
5= 54.68066491688510= 109.36132983377

Inch per second is unit of speed, its symbol is ips or in/s. It equals to 0.0254 meter per second or 60 inches per minute. Plural name is inches per second.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
inch per secondips

≡ 1 in/s

= 2.54×10−2 m/s


conversion table

inches per secondkilometers per hourinches per secondkilometers per hour
1= 0.091446= 0.54864
2= 0.182887= 0.64008
3= 0.274328= 0.73152
4= 0.365769= 0.82296
5= 0.457210= 0.9144

Conversion table

kilometers per hourinches per second
1= 10.9361330
0.09144= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)