1 kilometers per hour = 1,093.6132983 yards per hour 

Kilometers per hour to Yards per hour Conversion

Kilometers per hour to yard per hour conversion allow you make a conversion between kilometers per hour and yard per hour easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Speed Conversion


= 1,093.61329834
= 10.9361 × 102
= 10.9361E2
= 10.9361e2
= 2,187.22659668
= 21.8723 × 102
= 21.8723E2
= 21.8723e2
= 3,280.83989501
= 32.8084 × 102
= 32.8084E2
= 32.8084e2
= 4,374.45319335
= 43.7445 × 102
= 43.7445E2
= 43.7445e2
= 5,468.06649169
= 54.6807 × 102
= 54.6807E2
= 54.6807e2

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kilometers per hour1 km/h2 km/h3 km/h4 km/h5 km/h6 km/h7 km/h8 km/h9 km/h10 km/h11 km/h12 km/h13 km/h14 km/h15 km/h16 km/h17 km/h18 km/h19 km/h20 km/h21 km/h22 km/h23 km/h24 km/h25 km/h26 km/h27 km/h28 km/h29 km/h30 km/h31 km/h32 km/h33 km/h34 km/h35 km/h36 km/h37 km/h38 km/h39 km/h40 km/h41 km/h42 km/h43 km/h44 km/h45 km/h46 km/h47 km/h48 km/h49 km/h50 km/h51 km/h52 km/h53 km/h54 km/h55 km/h56 km/h57 km/h58 km/h59 km/h60 km/h61 km/h62 km/h63 km/h64 km/h65 km/h66 km/h67 km/h68 km/h69 km/h70 km/h71 km/h72 km/h73 km/h74 km/h75 km/h76 km/h77 km/h78 km/h79 km/h80 km/h81 km/h82 km/h83 km/h84 km/h85 km/h86 km/h87 km/h88 km/h89 km/h90 km/h91 km/h92 km/h93 km/h94 km/h95 km/h96 km/h97 km/h98 km/h99 km/h100 km/h
yard per hour1,093.6132983 ydph2,187.2265967 ydph3,280.8398950 ydph4,374.4531934 ydph5,468.0664917 ydph6,561.6797900 ydph7,655.2930884 ydph8,748.9063867 ydph9,842.5196850 ydph10,936.1329834 ydph12,029.7462817 ydph13,123.3595801 ydph14,216.9728784 ydph15,310.5861767 ydph16,404.1994751 ydph17,497.8127734 ydph18,591.4260717 ydph19,685.0393701 ydph20,778.6526684 ydph21,872.2659668 ydph22,965.8792651 ydph24,059.4925634 ydph25,153.1058618 ydph26,246.7191601 ydph27,340.3324584 ydph28,433.9457568 ydph29,527.5590551 ydph30,621.1723535 ydph31,714.7856518 ydph32,808.3989501 ydph33,902.0122485 ydph34,995.6255468 ydph36,089.2388451 ydph37,182.8521435 ydph38,276.4654418 ydph39,370.0787402 ydph40,463.6920385 ydph41,557.3053368 ydph42,650.9186352 ydph43,744.5319335 ydph44,838.1452318 ydph45,931.7585302 ydph47,025.3718285 ydph48,118.9851269 ydph49,212.5984252 ydph50,306.2117235 ydph51,399.8250219 ydph52,493.4383202 ydph53,587.0516185 ydph54,680.6649169 ydph55,774.2782152 ydph56,867.8915136 ydph57,961.5048119 ydph59,055.1181102 ydph60,148.7314086 ydph61,242.3447069 ydph62,335.9580052 ydph63,429.5713036 ydph64,523.1846019 ydph65,616.7979003 ydph66,710.4111986 ydph67,804.0244969 ydph68,897.6377953 ydph69,991.2510936 ydph71,084.8643920 ydph72,178.4776903 ydph73,272.0909886 ydph74,365.7042870 ydph75,459.3175853 ydph76,552.9308836 ydph77,646.5441820 ydph78,740.1574803 ydph79,833.7707787 ydph80,927.3840770 ydph82,020.9973753 ydph83,114.6106737 ydph84,208.2239720 ydph85,301.8372703 ydph86,395.4505687 ydph87,489.0638670 ydph88,582.6771654 ydph89,676.2904637 ydph90,769.9037620 ydph91,863.5170604 ydph92,957.1303587 ydph94,050.7436570 ydph95,144.3569554 ydph96,237.9702537 ydph97,331.5835521 ydph98,425.1968504 ydph99,518.8101487 ydph100,612.4234471 ydph101,706.0367454 ydph102,799.6500437 ydph103,893.2633421 ydph104,986.8766404 ydph106,080.4899388 ydph107,174.1032371 ydph108,267.7165354 ydph109,361.3298338 ydph

The kilometre per hour (American English: kilometer per hour) is a unit of speed, expressing the number of kilometres travelled in one hour.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
kilometers per hourkm/h

≡ 1000m / 3600s

≡ 0.277777778 m/s

Metric system SI

conversion table

kilometers per houryards per hourkilometers per houryards per hour
1= 1093.61329833776= 6561.6797900262
2= 2187.22659667547= 7655.293088364
3= 3280.83989501318= 8748.9063867017
4= 4374.45319335089= 9842.5196850394
5= 5468.066491688510= 10936.132983377

Yards per hour (abbreviated mph, YDPH or yd/h) is an imperial and United States customary unit of speed expressing the number of statute yards covered in one hour. 

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
yard per hourydph

≡ 1 yd/h

= 0.000254 m/s


conversion table

yards per hourkilometers per houryards per hourkilometers per hour
1= 0.00091446= 0.0054864
2= 0.00182887= 0.0064008
3= 0.00274328= 0.0073152
4= 0.00365769= 0.0082296
5= 0.00457210= 0.009144

Conversion table

kilometers per houryards per hour
1= 1,093.6132983
0.0009144= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)