1 kilometers per hour = 18.2268883 yards per minute 

Kilometers per hour to Yards per minute Conversion

Kilometers per hour to yard per minute conversion allow you make a conversion between kilometers per hour and yard per minute easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Speed Conversion


= 18.22688831
= 0.182269 × 102
= 0.182269E2
= 0.182269e2
= 36.45377661
= 0.364538 × 102
= 0.364538E2
= 0.364538e2
= 54.68066492
= 0.546807 × 102
= 0.546807E2
= 0.546807e2
= 72.90755322
= 0.729076 × 102
= 0.729076E2
= 0.729076e2
= 91.13444153
= 0.911344 × 102
= 0.911344E2
= 0.911344e2

Quick Look: kilometers per hour to yards per minute

kilometers per hour1 km/h2 km/h3 km/h4 km/h5 km/h6 km/h7 km/h8 km/h9 km/h10 km/h11 km/h12 km/h13 km/h14 km/h15 km/h16 km/h17 km/h18 km/h19 km/h20 km/h21 km/h22 km/h23 km/h24 km/h25 km/h26 km/h27 km/h28 km/h29 km/h30 km/h31 km/h32 km/h33 km/h34 km/h35 km/h36 km/h37 km/h38 km/h39 km/h40 km/h41 km/h42 km/h43 km/h44 km/h45 km/h46 km/h47 km/h48 km/h49 km/h50 km/h51 km/h52 km/h53 km/h54 km/h55 km/h56 km/h57 km/h58 km/h59 km/h60 km/h61 km/h62 km/h63 km/h64 km/h65 km/h66 km/h67 km/h68 km/h69 km/h70 km/h71 km/h72 km/h73 km/h74 km/h75 km/h76 km/h77 km/h78 km/h79 km/h80 km/h81 km/h82 km/h83 km/h84 km/h85 km/h86 km/h87 km/h88 km/h89 km/h90 km/h91 km/h92 km/h93 km/h94 km/h95 km/h96 km/h97 km/h98 km/h99 km/h100 km/h
yard per minute18.2268883 mpm36.4537766 mpm54.6806649 mpm72.9075532 mpm91.1344415 mpm109.3613298 mpm127.5882181 mpm145.8151064 mpm164.0419948 mpm182.2688831 mpm200.4957714 mpm218.7226597 mpm236.9495480 mpm255.1764363 mpm273.4033246 mpm291.6302129 mpm309.8571012 mpm328.0839895 mpm346.3108778 mpm364.5377661 mpm382.7646544 mpm400.9915427 mpm419.2184310 mpm437.4453193 mpm455.6722076 mpm473.8990959 mpm492.1259843 mpm510.3528726 mpm528.5797609 mpm546.8066492 mpm565.0335375 mpm583.2604258 mpm601.4873141 mpm619.7142024 mpm637.9410907 mpm656.1679790 mpm674.3948673 mpm692.6217556 mpm710.8486439 mpm729.0755322 mpm747.3024205 mpm765.5293088 mpm783.7561971 mpm801.9830854 mpm820.2099738 mpm838.4368621 mpm856.6637504 mpm874.8906387 mpm893.1175270 mpm911.3444153 mpm929.5713036 mpm947.7981919 mpm966.0250802 mpm984.2519685 mpm1,002.4788568 mpm1,020.7057451 mpm1,038.9326334 mpm1,057.1595217 mpm1,075.3864100 mpm1,093.6132983 mpm1,111.8401866 mpm1,130.0670749 mpm1,148.2939633 mpm1,166.5208516 mpm1,184.7477399 mpm1,202.9746282 mpm1,221.2015165 mpm1,239.4284048 mpm1,257.6552931 mpm1,275.8821814 mpm1,294.1090697 mpm1,312.3359580 mpm1,330.5628463 mpm1,348.7897346 mpm1,367.0166229 mpm1,385.2435112 mpm1,403.4703995 mpm1,421.6972878 mpm1,439.9241761 mpm1,458.1510645 mpm1,476.3779528 mpm1,494.6048411 mpm1,512.8317294 mpm1,531.0586177 mpm1,549.2855060 mpm1,567.5123943 mpm1,585.7392826 mpm1,603.9661709 mpm1,622.1930592 mpm1,640.4199475 mpm1,658.6468358 mpm1,676.8737241 mpm1,695.1006124 mpm1,713.3275007 mpm1,731.5543890 mpm1,749.7812773 mpm1,768.0081656 mpm1,786.2350540 mpm1,804.4619423 mpm1,822.6888306 mpm

The kilometre per hour (American English: kilometer per hour) is a unit of speed, expressing the number of kilometres travelled in one hour.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
kilometers per hourkm/h

≡ 1000m / 3600s

≡ 0.277777778 m/s

Metric system SI

conversion table

kilometers per houryards per minutekilometers per houryards per minute
1= 18.2268883056286= 109.36132983377
2= 36.4537766112577= 127.5882181394
3= 54.6806649168858= 145.81510644503
4= 72.9075532225149= 164.04199475066
5= 91.13444152814210= 182.26888305628

Yard per minute (abbreviated mph, YDPM or yd/m) is an imperial and United States customary unit of speed expressing the number of statute yards covered in one minute.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
yard per minutempm

≡ 1 yd/min

= 0.01524 m/s


conversion table

yards per minutekilometers per houryards per minutekilometers per hour
1= 0.0548646= 0.329184
2= 0.1097287= 0.384048
3= 0.1645928= 0.438912
4= 0.2194569= 0.493776
5= 0.2743210= 0.54864

Conversion table

kilometers per houryards per minute
1= 18.2268883
0.054864= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)