1 knots = 0.0191797 miles per minute 

Knots to Miles per minute Conversion

Knot to mile per minute conversion allow you make a conversion between knot and mile per minute easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Speed Conversion


= 0.01917966
= 191797 × 10-7
= 191797E-7
= 191797e-7
= 0.03835931
= 383593 × 10-7
= 383593E-7
= 383593e-7
= 0.05753897
= 57539 × 10-6
= 57539E-6
= 57539e-6
= 0.07671863
= 767186 × 10-7
= 767186E-7
= 767186e-7
= 0.09589829
= 958983 × 10-7
= 958983E-7
= 958983e-7

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knot1 kn2 kn3 kn4 kn5 kn6 kn7 kn8 kn9 kn10 kn11 kn12 kn13 kn14 kn15 kn16 kn17 kn18 kn19 kn20 kn21 kn22 kn23 kn24 kn25 kn26 kn27 kn28 kn29 kn30 kn31 kn32 kn33 kn34 kn35 kn36 kn37 kn38 kn39 kn40 kn41 kn42 kn43 kn44 kn45 kn46 kn47 kn48 kn49 kn50 kn51 kn52 kn53 kn54 kn55 kn56 kn57 kn58 kn59 kn60 kn61 kn62 kn63 kn64 kn65 kn66 kn67 kn68 kn69 kn70 kn71 kn72 kn73 kn74 kn75 kn76 kn77 kn78 kn79 kn80 kn81 kn82 kn83 kn84 kn85 kn86 kn87 kn88 kn89 kn90 kn91 kn92 kn93 kn94 kn95 kn96 kn97 kn98 kn99 kn100 kn
mile per minute0.0191797 mpm0.0383593 mpm0.0575390 mpm0.0767186 mpm0.0958983 mpm0.1150779 mpm0.1342576 mpm0.1534373 mpm0.1726169 mpm0.1917966 mpm0.2109762 mpm0.2301559 mpm0.2493355 mpm0.2685152 mpm0.2876949 mpm0.3068745 mpm0.3260542 mpm0.3452338 mpm0.3644135 mpm0.3835931 mpm0.4027728 mpm0.4219525 mpm0.4411321 mpm0.4603118 mpm0.4794914 mpm0.4986711 mpm0.5178508 mpm0.5370304 mpm0.5562101 mpm0.5753897 mpm0.5945694 mpm0.6137490 mpm0.6329287 mpm0.6521084 mpm0.6712880 mpm0.6904677 mpm0.7096473 mpm0.7288270 mpm0.7480066 mpm0.7671863 mpm0.7863660 mpm0.8055456 mpm0.8247253 mpm0.8439049 mpm0.8630846 mpm0.8822642 mpm0.9014439 mpm0.9206236 mpm0.9398032 mpm0.9589829 mpm0.9781625 mpm0.9973422 mpm1.0165218 mpm1.0357015 mpm1.0548812 mpm1.0740608 mpm1.0932405 mpm1.1124201 mpm1.1315998 mpm1.1507794 mpm1.1699591 mpm1.1891388 mpm1.2083184 mpm1.2274981 mpm1.2466777 mpm1.2658574 mpm1.2850371 mpm1.3042167 mpm1.3233964 mpm1.3425760 mpm1.3617557 mpm1.3809353 mpm1.4001150 mpm1.4192947 mpm1.4384743 mpm1.4576540 mpm1.4768336 mpm1.4960133 mpm1.5151929 mpm1.5343726 mpm1.5535523 mpm1.5727319 mpm1.5919116 mpm1.6110912 mpm1.6302709 mpm1.6494505 mpm1.6686302 mpm1.6878099 mpm1.7069895 mpm1.7261692 mpm1.7453488 mpm1.7645285 mpm1.7837081 mpm1.8028878 mpm1.8220675 mpm1.8412471 mpm1.8604268 mpm1.8796064 mpm1.8987861 mpm1.9179657 mpm

The knot (/nɒt/) is a unit of speed equal to one nautical mile (1.852 km) per hour, approximately 1.15078 mph. The ISO Standard symbol for the knot is kn. The same symbol is preferred by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE); kt is also common.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 1 nmi/h = 1.852 km/h = 1852m/3600s

= 0.514444444 m/s

Other Speed

conversion table

knotsmiles per minuteknotsmiles per minute
1= 0.0191796574670596= 0.11507794480235
2= 0.0383593149341187= 0.13425760226941
3= 0.0575389724011778= 0.15343725973647
4= 0.0767186298682369= 0.17261691720353
5= 0.09589828733529510= 0.19179657467059

Miles per minute (abbreviated mph, MPM or mi/m) is an imperial and United States customary unit of speed expressing the number of statute miles covered in one minute.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
mile per minutempm

≡ 1 mi/min

= 26.8224 m/s


conversion table

miles per minuteknotsmiles per minuteknots
1= 52.1385745140396= 312.83144708423
2= 104.277149028087= 364.97002159827
3= 156.415723542128= 417.10859611231
4= 208.554298056169= 469.24717062635
5= 260.6928725701910= 521.38574514039

Conversion table

knotsmiles per minute
1= 0.0191797
52.1385745= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)