1 meters per second = 196.8503937 feet per minute 

Meters per second to Feet per minute Conversion

Meter per second to foot per minute conversion allow you make a conversion between meter per second and foot per minute easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Speed Conversion


= 196.85039370
= 1.9685 × 102
= 1.9685E2
= 1.9685e2
= 393.70078740
= 3.93701 × 102
= 3.93701E2
= 3.93701e2
= 590.55118110
= 5.90551 × 102
= 5.90551E2
= 5.90551e2
= 787.40157480
= 7.87402 × 102
= 7.87402E2
= 7.87402e2
= 984.25196850
= 9.84252 × 102
= 9.84252E2
= 9.84252e2

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meter per second1 m/s2 m/s3 m/s4 m/s5 m/s6 m/s7 m/s8 m/s9 m/s10 m/s11 m/s12 m/s13 m/s14 m/s15 m/s16 m/s17 m/s18 m/s19 m/s20 m/s21 m/s22 m/s23 m/s24 m/s25 m/s26 m/s27 m/s28 m/s29 m/s30 m/s31 m/s32 m/s33 m/s34 m/s35 m/s36 m/s37 m/s38 m/s39 m/s40 m/s41 m/s42 m/s43 m/s44 m/s45 m/s46 m/s47 m/s48 m/s49 m/s50 m/s51 m/s52 m/s53 m/s54 m/s55 m/s56 m/s57 m/s58 m/s59 m/s60 m/s61 m/s62 m/s63 m/s64 m/s65 m/s66 m/s67 m/s68 m/s69 m/s70 m/s71 m/s72 m/s73 m/s74 m/s75 m/s76 m/s77 m/s78 m/s79 m/s80 m/s81 m/s82 m/s83 m/s84 m/s85 m/s86 m/s87 m/s88 m/s89 m/s90 m/s91 m/s92 m/s93 m/s94 m/s95 m/s96 m/s97 m/s98 m/s99 m/s100 m/s
foot per minute196.8503937 fpm393.7007874 fpm590.5511811 fpm787.4015748 fpm984.2519685 fpm1,181.1023622 fpm1,377.9527559 fpm1,574.8031496 fpm1,771.6535433 fpm1,968.5039370 fpm2,165.3543307 fpm2,362.2047244 fpm2,559.0551181 fpm2,755.9055118 fpm2,952.7559055 fpm3,149.6062992 fpm3,346.4566929 fpm3,543.3070866 fpm3,740.1574803 fpm3,937.0078740 fpm4,133.8582677 fpm4,330.7086614 fpm4,527.5590551 fpm4,724.4094488 fpm4,921.2598425 fpm5,118.1102362 fpm5,314.9606299 fpm5,511.8110236 fpm5,708.6614173 fpm5,905.5118110 fpm6,102.3622047 fpm6,299.2125984 fpm6,496.0629921 fpm6,692.9133858 fpm6,889.7637795 fpm7,086.6141732 fpm7,283.4645669 fpm7,480.3149606 fpm7,677.1653543 fpm7,874.0157480 fpm8,070.8661417 fpm8,267.7165354 fpm8,464.5669291 fpm8,661.4173228 fpm8,858.2677165 fpm9,055.1181102 fpm9,251.9685039 fpm9,448.8188976 fpm9,645.6692913 fpm9,842.5196850 fpm10,039.3700787 fpm10,236.2204724 fpm10,433.0708661 fpm10,629.9212598 fpm10,826.7716535 fpm11,023.6220472 fpm11,220.4724409 fpm11,417.3228346 fpm11,614.1732283 fpm11,811.0236220 fpm12,007.8740157 fpm12,204.7244094 fpm12,401.5748032 fpm12,598.4251969 fpm12,795.2755906 fpm12,992.1259843 fpm13,188.9763780 fpm13,385.8267717 fpm13,582.6771654 fpm13,779.5275591 fpm13,976.3779528 fpm14,173.2283465 fpm14,370.0787402 fpm14,566.9291339 fpm14,763.7795276 fpm14,960.6299213 fpm15,157.4803150 fpm15,354.3307087 fpm15,551.1811024 fpm15,748.0314961 fpm15,944.8818898 fpm16,141.7322835 fpm16,338.5826772 fpm16,535.4330709 fpm16,732.2834646 fpm16,929.1338583 fpm17,125.9842520 fpm17,322.8346457 fpm17,519.6850394 fpm17,716.5354331 fpm17,913.3858268 fpm18,110.2362205 fpm18,307.0866142 fpm18,503.9370079 fpm18,700.7874016 fpm18,897.6377953 fpm19,094.4881890 fpm19,291.3385827 fpm19,488.1889764 fpm19,685.0393701 fpm

Metre per second (American English: meter per second) is an SI derived unit of both speed (scalar) and velocity (vector quantity which specifies both magnitude and a specific direction), defined by distance in metres divided by time in seconds.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
meter per secondm/s

≡ 1 m/s

= 1 m/s

Metric system SI

conversion table

meters per secondfeet per minutemeters per secondfeet per minute
1= 196.850393700796= 1181.1023622047
2= 393.700787401577= 1377.9527559055
3= 590.551181102368= 1574.8031496063
4= 787.401574803159= 1771.6535433071
5= 984.2519685039410= 1968.5039370079

Foot per minute is unit of speed. It equals 0.00508 meter per second or 60 feet per hour. Plural name is feet / minute.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
foot per minutefpm

≡ 1 ft/min

= 5.08×10−3 m/s


conversion table

feet per minutemeters per secondfeet per minutemeters per second
1= 0.005086= 0.03048
2= 0.010167= 0.03556
3= 0.015248= 0.04064
4= 0.020329= 0.04572
5= 0.025410= 0.0508

Conversion table

meters per secondfeet per minute
1= 196.8503937
0.00508= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)