1 meters per second = 3.6 kilometers per hour 

Meters per second to Kilometers per hour Conversion

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Speed Conversion


= 3.60000000
= 0.036 × 102
= 0.036E2
= 0.036e2
= 7.20000000
= 0.072 × 102
= 0.072E2
= 0.072e2
= 10.80000000
= 0.108 × 102
= 0.108E2
= 0.108e2
= 14.40000000
= 0.144 × 102
= 0.144E2
= 0.144e2
= 18.00000000
= 0.18 × 102
= 0.18E2
= 0.18e2

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meter per second1 m/s2 m/s3 m/s4 m/s5 m/s6 m/s7 m/s8 m/s9 m/s10 m/s11 m/s12 m/s13 m/s14 m/s15 m/s16 m/s17 m/s18 m/s19 m/s20 m/s21 m/s22 m/s23 m/s24 m/s25 m/s26 m/s27 m/s28 m/s29 m/s30 m/s31 m/s32 m/s33 m/s34 m/s35 m/s36 m/s37 m/s38 m/s39 m/s40 m/s41 m/s42 m/s43 m/s44 m/s45 m/s46 m/s47 m/s48 m/s49 m/s50 m/s51 m/s52 m/s53 m/s54 m/s55 m/s56 m/s57 m/s58 m/s59 m/s60 m/s61 m/s62 m/s63 m/s64 m/s65 m/s66 m/s67 m/s68 m/s69 m/s70 m/s71 m/s72 m/s73 m/s74 m/s75 m/s76 m/s77 m/s78 m/s79 m/s80 m/s81 m/s82 m/s83 m/s84 m/s85 m/s86 m/s87 m/s88 m/s89 m/s90 m/s91 m/s92 m/s93 m/s94 m/s95 m/s96 m/s97 m/s98 m/s99 m/s100 m/s
kilometers per hour3.6 km/h7.2 km/h10.8 km/h14.4 km/h18 km/h21.6 km/h25.2 km/h28.8 km/h32.4 km/h36 km/h39.6 km/h43.2 km/h46.8 km/h50.4 km/h54 km/h57.6 km/h61.2 km/h64.8 km/h68.4 km/h72 km/h75.6 km/h79.2 km/h82.8 km/h86.4 km/h90 km/h93.6 km/h97.2 km/h100.8 km/h104.4 km/h108 km/h111.6 km/h115.2 km/h118.8 km/h122.4 km/h126 km/h129.6 km/h133.2 km/h136.8 km/h140.4 km/h144 km/h147.6 km/h151.2 km/h154.8 km/h158.4 km/h162 km/h165.6 km/h169.2 km/h172.8 km/h176.4 km/h180 km/h183.6 km/h187.2 km/h190.8 km/h194.4 km/h198 km/h201.6 km/h205.2 km/h208.8 km/h212.4 km/h216 km/h219.6 km/h223.2 km/h226.8 km/h230.4 km/h234 km/h237.6 km/h241.2 km/h244.8 km/h248.4 km/h252 km/h255.6 km/h259.2 km/h262.8 km/h266.4 km/h270 km/h273.6 km/h277.2 km/h280.8 km/h284.4 km/h288 km/h291.6 km/h295.2 km/h298.8 km/h302.4 km/h306 km/h309.6 km/h313.2 km/h316.8 km/h320.4 km/h324 km/h327.6 km/h331.2 km/h334.8 km/h338.4 km/h342 km/h345.6 km/h349.2 km/h352.8 km/h356.4 km/h360 km/h

Metre per second (American English: meter per second) is an SI derived unit of both speed (scalar) and velocity (vector quantity which specifies both magnitude and a specific direction), defined by distance in metres divided by time in seconds.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
meter per secondm/s

≡ 1 m/s

= 1 m/s

Metric system SI

conversion table

meters per secondkilometers per hourmeters per secondkilometers per hour
1= 3.66= 21.6
2= 7.27= 25.2
3= 10.88= 28.8
4= 14.49= 32.4
5= 1810= 36

The kilometre per hour (American English: kilometer per hour) is a unit of speed, expressing the number of kilometres travelled in one hour.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
kilometers per hourkm/h

≡ 1000m / 3600s

≡ 0.277777778 m/s

Metric system SI

conversion table

kilometers per hourmeters per secondkilometers per hourmeters per second
1= 0.277777777777786= 1.6666666666667
2= 0.555555555555567= 1.9444444444444
3= 0.833333333333338= 2.2222222222222
4= 1.11111111111119= 2.5
5= 1.388888888888910= 2.7777777777778

Conversion table

meters per secondkilometers per hour
1= 3.6
0.2777778= 1

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