1 miles per hour = 0.0013498 speed of sounds (32 °F) 

Miles per hour to Speed of sounds (32 °F) Conversion

Mile per hour to speed of sound (32 °F) conversion allow you make a conversion between mile per hour and speed of sound (32 °F) easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Speed Conversion


= 0.00134976
= 134976 × 10-8
= 134976E-8
= 134976e-8
= 0.00269952
= 269952 × 10-8
= 269952E-8
= 269952e-8
= 0.00404928
= 404928 × 10-8
= 404928E-8
= 404928e-8
= 0.00539903
= 539903 × 10-8
= 539903E-8
= 539903e-8
= 0.00674879
= 674879 × 10-8
= 674879E-8
= 674879e-8

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mile per hour1 mph2 mph3 mph4 mph5 mph6 mph7 mph8 mph9 mph10 mph11 mph12 mph13 mph14 mph15 mph16 mph17 mph18 mph19 mph20 mph21 mph22 mph23 mph24 mph25 mph26 mph27 mph28 mph29 mph30 mph31 mph32 mph33 mph34 mph35 mph36 mph37 mph38 mph39 mph40 mph41 mph42 mph43 mph44 mph45 mph46 mph47 mph48 mph49 mph50 mph51 mph52 mph53 mph54 mph55 mph56 mph57 mph58 mph59 mph60 mph61 mph62 mph63 mph64 mph65 mph66 mph67 mph68 mph69 mph70 mph71 mph72 mph73 mph74 mph75 mph76 mph77 mph78 mph79 mph80 mph81 mph82 mph83 mph84 mph85 mph86 mph87 mph88 mph89 mph90 mph91 mph92 mph93 mph94 mph95 mph96 mph97 mph98 mph99 mph100 mph
speed of sound (32 °F)0.0013498 s0.0026995 s0.0040493 s0.0053990 s0.0067488 s0.0080986 s0.0094483 s0.0107981 s0.0121478 s0.0134976 s0.0148473 s0.0161971 s0.0175469 s0.0188966 s0.0202464 s0.0215961 s0.0229459 s0.0242957 s0.0256454 s0.0269952 s0.0283449 s0.0296947 s0.0310444 s0.0323942 s0.0337440 s0.0350937 s0.0364435 s0.0377932 s0.0391430 s0.0404928 s0.0418425 s0.0431923 s0.0445420 s0.0458918 s0.0472415 s0.0485913 s0.0499411 s0.0512908 s0.0526406 s0.0539903 s0.0553401 s0.0566899 s0.0580396 s0.0593894 s0.0607391 s0.0620889 s0.0634386 s0.0647884 s0.0661382 s0.0674879 s0.0688377 s0.0701874 s0.0715372 s0.0728870 s0.0742367 s0.0755865 s0.0769362 s0.0782860 s0.0796357 s0.0809855 s0.0823353 s0.0836850 s0.0850348 s0.0863845 s0.0877343 s0.0890841 s0.0904338 s0.0917836 s0.0931333 s0.0944831 s0.0958329 s0.0971826 s0.0985324 s0.0998821 s0.1012319 s0.1025816 s0.1039314 s0.1052812 s0.1066309 s0.1079807 s0.1093304 s0.1106802 s0.1120300 s0.1133797 s0.1147295 s0.1160792 s0.1174290 s0.1187787 s0.1201285 s0.1214783 s0.1228280 s0.1241778 s0.1255275 s0.1268773 s0.1282271 s0.1295768 s0.1309266 s0.1322763 s0.1336261 s0.1349758 s

Miles per hour (abbreviated mph, MPH or mi/h) is an imperial and United States customary unit of speed expressing the number of statute miles covered in one hour. Although kilometres per hour is now the most widely used measure of speed, miles per hour remains the standard unit for speed limits in the United States, the United Kingdom, Antigua & Barbuda and Puerto Rico, although the latter two use kilometres for long distances.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
mile per hourmph

≡ 1 mi/h

= 0.44704 m/s


conversion table

miles per hourspeed of sounds (32 °F)miles per hourspeed of sounds (32 °F)
1≈ 0.00134975845410636≈ 0.0080985507246377
2≈ 0.00269951690821267≈ 0.009448309178744
3≈ 0.00404927536231888≈ 0.01079806763285
4≈ 0.00539903381642519≈ 0.012147826086957
5≈ 0.006748792270531410≈ 0.013497584541063

The speed of sound is the distance travelled per unit time by a sound wave as it propagates through an elastic medium. In dry air at 0 °C (32 °F), the speed of sound is 331.2 metres per second (1,087 ft/s; 1,192 km/h; 741 mph; 644 kn). At 20 °C (68 °F), the speed of sound is 343 metres per second (1,125 ft/s; 1,235 km/h; 767 mph; 667 kn), or a kilometre in 2.91 s or a mile in 4.69 s.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
speed of sound (32 °F)s

225 to 1062 km/h (761–660 mph or 661–574 kn)

≈ 340 to 295 m/s

Other Speed

conversion table

speed of sounds (32 °F)miles per hourspeed of sounds (32 °F)miles per hour
1≈ 740.873299928426≈ 4445.2397995705
2≈ 1481.74659985687≈ 5186.1130994989
3≈ 2222.61989978538≈ 5926.9863994273
4≈ 2963.49319971379≈ 6667.8596993558
5≈ 3704.366499642110≈ 7408.7329992842

Conversion table

miles per hourspeed of sounds (32 °F)
1≈ 0.0013498
740.8732999≈ 1

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