1 acre-feet = 1,303,405.6399119 US liquid quarts 

Acre-feet to US liquid quarts Conversion

Acre-foot to US liquid quart conversion allow you make a conversion between acre-foot and US liquid quart easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Volume Conversion


= 1,303,405.63991187
= 1.30341 × 106
= 1.30341E+6
= 1.30341e+6
= 2,606,811.27982374
= 2.60681 × 106
= 2.60681E+6
= 2.60681e+6
= 3,910,216.91973562
= 3.91022 × 106
= 3.91022E+6
= 3.91022e+6
= 5,213,622.55964749
= 5.21362 × 106
= 5.21362E+6
= 5.21362e+6
= 6,517,028.19955936
= 6.51703 × 106
= 6.51703E+6
= 6.51703e+6

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US liquid quart1,303,405.6399119 US qt fl2,606,811.2798237 US qt fl3,910,216.9197356 US qt fl5,213,622.5596475 US qt fl6,517,028.1995594 US qt fl7,820,433.8394712 US qt fl9,123,839.4793831 US qt fl10,427,245.119295 US qt fl11,730,650.759207 US qt fl13,034,056.399119 US qt fl14,337,462.039031 US qt fl15,640,867.678942 US qt fl16,944,273.318854 US qt fl18,247,678.958766 US qt fl19,551,084.598678 US qt fl20,854,490.23859 US qt fl22,157,895.878502 US qt fl23,461,301.518414 US qt fl24,764,707.158326 US qt fl26,068,112.798237 US qt fl27,371,518.438149 US qt fl28,674,924.078061 US qt fl29,978,329.717973 US qt fl31,281,735.357885 US qt fl32,585,140.997797 US qt fl33,888,546.637709 US qt fl35,191,952.277621 US qt fl36,495,357.917532 US qt fl37,798,763.557444 US qt fl39,102,169.197356 US qt fl40,405,574.837268 US qt fl41,708,980.47718 US qt fl43,012,386.117092 US qt fl44,315,791.757004 US qt fl45,619,197.396916 US qt fl46,922,603.036827 US qt fl48,226,008.676739 US qt fl49,529,414.316651 US qt fl50,832,819.956563 US qt fl52,136,225.596475 US qt fl53,439,631.236387 US qt fl54,743,036.876299 US qt fl56,046,442.51621 US qt fl57,349,848.156122 US qt fl58,653,253.796034 US qt fl59,956,659.435946 US qt fl61,260,065.075858 US qt fl62,563,470.71577 US qt fl63,866,876.355682 US qt fl65,170,281.995594 US qt fl66,473,687.635505 US qt fl67,777,093.275417 US qt fl69,080,498.915329 US qt fl70,383,904.555241 US qt fl71,687,310.195153 US qt fl72,990,715.835065 US qt fl74,294,121.474977 US qt fl75,597,527.114889 US qt fl76,900,932.7548 US qt fl78,204,338.394712 US qt fl79,507,744.034624 US qt fl80,811,149.674536 US qt fl82,114,555.314448 US qt fl83,417,960.95436 US qt fl84,721,366.594272 US qt fl86,024,772.234184 US qt fl87,328,177.874095 US qt fl88,631,583.514007 US qt fl89,934,989.153919 US qt fl91,238,394.793831 US qt fl92,541,800.433743 US qt fl93,845,206.073655 US qt fl95,148,611.713567 US qt fl96,452,017.353479 US qt fl97,755,422.99339 US qt fl99,058,828.633302 US qt fl100,362,234.27321 US qt fl101,665,639.91313 US qt fl102,969,045.55304 US qt fl104,272,451.19295 US qt fl105,575,856.83286 US qt fl106,879,262.47277 US qt fl108,182,668.11269 US qt fl109,486,073.7526 US qt fl110,789,479.39251 US qt fl112,092,885.03242 US qt fl113,396,290.67233 US qt fl114,699,696.31224 US qt fl116,003,101.95216 US qt fl117,306,507.59207 US qt fl118,609,913.23198 US qt fl119,913,318.87189 US qt fl121,216,724.5118 US qt fl122,520,130.15172 US qt fl123,823,535.79163 US qt fl125,126,941.43154 US qt fl126,430,347.07145 US qt fl127,733,752.71136 US qt fl129,037,158.35128 US qt fl130,340,563.99119 US qt fl

The acre-foot is a unit of volume commonly used in the United States in reference to large-scale water resources, such as reservoirs, aqueducts, canals, sewer flow capacity, irrigation water, and river flows.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
acre-footac ft

≡ 1 ac x 1 ft = 43560 cu ft

= 1233.48183754752 m3


conversion table

acre-feetUS liquid quartsacre-feetUS liquid quarts
1= 1303405.63991196= 7820433.8394712
2= 2606811.27982377= 9123839.4793831
3= 3910216.91973568= 10427245.119295
4= 5213622.55964759= 11730650.759207
5= 6517028.199559410= 13034056.399119

The quart (abbreviation qt.) is an English unit of volume equal to a quarter gallon. It is divided into two pints or four cups. Historically, the exact size of the quart has varied with the different values of gallons over time and in reference to different commodities. Presently, three kinds of quarts remain in use: the liquid quart and dry quart of the US customary system and the imperial quart of the British imperial system. All are roughly equal to one metric liter.

1 US liquid quart =1/4US liquid gallons
 =2US liquid pints
 =4US liquid cups
 =8US liquid gills
 =32US fluid ounces
 =57.75cubic inches
 33.imperial fluid ounces
Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
US liquid quartUS qt fl

≡  132 bu (US lvl) =  14 gal (US dry)

= 1.101220942715×10−3 m3


conversion table

US liquid quartsacre-feetUS liquid quartsacre-feet
1= 7.6722086308267E-76= 4.603325178496E-6
2= 1.5344417261653E-67= 5.3705460415787E-6
3= 2.301662589248E-68= 6.1377669046613E-6
4= 3.0688834523307E-69= 6.904987767744E-6
5= 3.8361043154133E-610= 7.6722086308267E-6

Conversion table

acre-feetUS liquid quarts
1= 1,303,405.6399119
7.6722086308267 × 10-7= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)