1 acre-inches = 888.9713239 fluid barrels 

Acre-inches to Fluid barrels Conversion

Acre-inch to fluid barrel conversion allow you make a conversion between acre-inch and fluid barrel easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Volume Conversion


= 888.97132387
= 8.88971 × 102
= 8.88971E2
= 8.88971e2
= 1,777.94264775
= 17.7794 × 102
= 17.7794E2
= 17.7794e2
= 2,666.91397162
= 26.6691 × 102
= 26.6691E2
= 26.6691e2
= 3,555.88529550
= 35.5589 × 102
= 35.5589E2
= 35.5589e2
= 4,444.85661937
= 44.4486 × 102
= 44.4486E2
= 44.4486e2

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fluid barrel888.9713239 fl bl1,777.9426477 fl bl2,666.9139716 fl bl3,555.8852955 fl bl4,444.8566194 fl bl5,333.8279432 fl bl6,222.7992671 fl bl7,111.7705910 fl bl8,000.7419149 fl bl8,889.7132387 fl bl9,778.6845626 fl bl10,667.6558865 fl bl11,556.6272104 fl bl12,445.5985342 fl bl13,334.5698581 fl bl14,223.5411820 fl bl15,112.5125059 fl bl16,001.4838297 fl bl16,890.4551536 fl bl17,779.4264775 fl bl18,668.3978014 fl bl19,557.3691252 fl bl20,446.3404491 fl bl21,335.3117730 fl bl22,224.2830969 fl bl23,113.2544207 fl bl24,002.2257446 fl bl24,891.1970685 fl bl25,780.1683924 fl bl26,669.1397162 fl bl27,558.1110401 fl bl28,447.0823640 fl bl29,336.0536879 fl bl30,225.0250117 fl bl31,113.9963356 fl bl32,002.9676595 fl bl32,891.9389833 fl bl33,780.9103072 fl bl34,669.8816311 fl bl35,558.8529550 fl bl36,447.8242788 fl bl37,336.7956027 fl bl38,225.7669266 fl bl39,114.7382505 fl bl40,003.7095743 fl bl40,892.6808982 fl bl41,781.6522221 fl bl42,670.6235460 fl bl43,559.5948698 fl bl44,448.5661937 fl bl45,337.5375176 fl bl46,226.5088415 fl bl47,115.4801653 fl bl48,004.4514892 fl bl48,893.4228131 fl bl49,782.3941370 fl bl50,671.3654608 fl bl51,560.3367847 fl bl52,449.3081086 fl bl53,338.2794325 fl bl54,227.2507563 fl bl55,116.2220802 fl bl56,005.1934041 fl bl56,894.1647280 fl bl57,783.1360518 fl bl58,672.1073757 fl bl59,561.0786996 fl bl60,450.0500235 fl bl61,339.0213473 fl bl62,227.9926712 fl bl63,116.9639951 fl bl64,005.9353189 fl bl64,894.9066428 fl bl65,783.8779667 fl bl66,672.8492906 fl bl67,561.8206144 fl bl68,450.7919383 fl bl69,339.7632622 fl bl70,228.7345861 fl bl71,117.7059099 fl bl72,006.6772338 fl bl72,895.6485577 fl bl73,784.6198816 fl bl74,673.5912054 fl bl75,562.5625293 fl bl76,451.5338532 fl bl77,340.5051771 fl bl78,229.4765009 fl bl79,118.4478248 fl bl80,007.4191487 fl bl80,896.3904726 fl bl81,785.3617964 fl bl82,674.3331203 fl bl83,563.3044442 fl bl84,452.2757681 fl bl85,341.2470919 fl bl86,230.2184158 fl bl87,119.1897397 fl bl88,008.1610636 fl bl88,897.1323874 fl bl

The acre-inch is a unit of volume commonly used in the United States in reference to large-scale water resources, such as reservoirs, aqueducts, canals, sewer flow capacity, irrigation water, and river flows.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
acre-inchac in

≡ 1 ac × 1 in

= 102.79015312896 m3


conversion table

acre-inchesfluid barrelsacre-inchesfluid barrels
1= 888.971323874276= 5333.8279432456
2= 1777.94264774857= 6222.7992671199
3= 2666.91397162288= 7111.7705909942
4= 3555.88529549719= 8000.7419148685
5= 4444.856619371410= 8889.7132387427

barrel is one of several units of volume applied in various contexts; there are dry barrelsfluid barrels (such as the UK beer barrel and US beer barrel), oil barrels and so on. For historical reasons the volumes of some barrel units are roughly double the volumes of others; volumes in common usage range from about 100 to 200 litres (22 to 44 imp gal; 26 to 53 US gal).

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
fluid barrelfl bl

≡  31 12 gal (US)

= 0.119240471196 m3


conversion table

fluid barrelsacre-inchesfluid barrelsacre-inches
1= 0.00112489567789646= 0.0067493740673783
2= 0.00224979135579287= 0.0078742697452747
3= 0.00337468703368928= 0.0089991654231711
4= 0.00449958271158569= 0.010124061101067
5= 0.005624478389481910= 0.011248956778964

Conversion table

acre-inchesfluid barrels
1= 888.9713239
0.0011249= 1


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approximately equal to
=equal to
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