1 acre-inches = 1,458.4685782 US strikes 

Acre-inches to US strikes Conversion

Acre-inch to US strike conversion allow you make a conversion between acre-inch and US strike easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Volume Conversion


= 1,458.46857823
= 14.5847 × 102
= 14.5847E2
= 14.5847e2
= 2,916.93715646
= 29.1694 × 102
= 29.1694E2
= 29.1694e2
= 4,375.40573469
= 43.7541 × 102
= 43.7541E2
= 43.7541e2
= 5,833.87431292
= 58.3387 × 102
= 58.3387E2
= 58.3387e2
= 7,292.34289116
= 72.9234 × 102
= 72.9234E2
= 72.9234e2

Quick Look: acre-inches to US strikes

acre-inch1 ac in2 ac in3 ac in4 ac in5 ac in6 ac in7 ac in8 ac in9 ac in10 ac in11 ac in12 ac in13 ac in14 ac in15 ac in16 ac in17 ac in18 ac in19 ac in20 ac in21 ac in22 ac in23 ac in24 ac in25 ac in26 ac in27 ac in28 ac in29 ac in30 ac in31 ac in32 ac in33 ac in34 ac in35 ac in36 ac in37 ac in38 ac in39 ac in40 ac in41 ac in42 ac in43 ac in44 ac in45 ac in46 ac in47 ac in48 ac in49 ac in50 ac in51 ac in52 ac in53 ac in54 ac in55 ac in56 ac in57 ac in58 ac in59 ac in60 ac in61 ac in62 ac in63 ac in64 ac in65 ac in66 ac in67 ac in68 ac in69 ac in70 ac in71 ac in72 ac in73 ac in74 ac in75 ac in76 ac in77 ac in78 ac in79 ac in80 ac in81 ac in82 ac in83 ac in84 ac in85 ac in86 ac in87 ac in88 ac in89 ac in90 ac in91 ac in92 ac in93 ac in94 ac in95 ac in96 ac in97 ac in98 ac in99 ac in100 ac in
US strike1,458.4685782 US strike2,916.9371565 US strike4,375.4057347 US strike5,833.8743129 US strike7,292.3428912 US strike8,750.8114694 US strike10,209.2800476 US strike11,667.7486259 US strike13,126.2172041 US strike14,584.6857823 US strike16,043.1543605 US strike17,501.6229388 US strike18,960.0915170 US strike20,418.5600952 US strike21,877.0286735 US strike23,335.4972517 US strike24,793.9658299 US strike26,252.4344082 US strike27,710.9029864 US strike29,169.3715646 US strike30,627.8401429 US strike32,086.3087211 US strike33,544.7772993 US strike35,003.2458776 US strike36,461.7144558 US strike37,920.1830340 US strike39,378.6516122 US strike40,837.1201905 US strike42,295.5887687 US strike43,754.0573469 US strike45,212.5259252 US strike46,670.9945034 US strike48,129.4630816 US strike49,587.9316599 US strike51,046.4002381 US strike52,504.8688163 US strike53,963.3373946 US strike55,421.8059728 US strike56,880.2745510 US strike58,338.7431292 US strike59,797.2117075 US strike61,255.6802857 US strike62,714.1488639 US strike64,172.6174422 US strike65,631.0860204 US strike67,089.5545986 US strike68,548.0231769 US strike70,006.4917551 US strike71,464.9603333 US strike72,923.4289116 US strike74,381.8974898 US strike75,840.3660680 US strike77,298.8346463 US strike78,757.3032245 US strike80,215.7718027 US strike81,674.2403809 US strike83,132.7089592 US strike84,591.1775374 US strike86,049.6461156 US strike87,508.1146939 US strike88,966.5832721 US strike90,425.0518503 US strike91,883.5204286 US strike93,341.9890068 US strike94,800.4575850 US strike96,258.9261633 US strike97,717.3947415 US strike99,175.8633197 US strike100,634.3318980 US strike102,092.8004762 US strike103,551.2690544 US strike105,009.7376327 US strike106,468.2062109 US strike107,926.6747891 US strike109,385.1433673 US strike110,843.6119456 US strike112,302.0805238 US strike113,760.5491020 US strike115,219.0176803 US strike116,677.4862585 US strike118,135.9548367 US strike119,594.4234150 US strike121,052.8919932 US strike122,511.3605714 US strike123,969.8291497 US strike125,428.2977279 US strike126,886.7663061 US strike128,345.2348844 US strike129,803.7034626 US strike131,262.1720408 US strike132,720.6406190 US strike134,179.1091973 US strike135,637.5777755 US strike137,096.0463537 US strike138,554.5149320 US strike140,012.9835102 US strike141,471.4520884 US strike142,929.9206667 US strike144,388.3892449 US strike145,846.8578231 US strike

The acre-inch is a unit of volume commonly used in the United States in reference to large-scale water resources, such as reservoirs, aqueducts, canals, sewer flow capacity, irrigation water, and river flows.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
acre-inchac in

≡ 1 ac × 1 in

= 102.79015312896 m3


conversion table

acre-inchesUS strikesacre-inchesUS strikes
1= 1458.46857823126= 8750.8114693874
2= 2916.93715646257= 10209.280047619
3= 4375.40573469378= 11667.74862585
4= 5833.87431292499= 13126.217204081
5= 7292.342891156110= 14584.685782312

US strike is a unit of volume, equals 0.07047814033376 m3.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
US strike

≡ 2 bu (US lvl)

= 0.07047814033376 m3


conversion table

US strikesacre-inchesUS strikesacre-inches
1= 0.000685650698908276= 0.0041139041934496
2= 0.00137130139781657= 0.0047995548923579
3= 0.00205695209672488= 0.0054852055912662
4= 0.00274260279563319= 0.0061708562901745
5= 0.003428253494541410= 0.0068565069890827

Conversion table

acre-inchesUS strikes
1= 1,458.4685782
0.0006857= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)