1 buckets (imperial) = 1.4742300572626 × 10-5acre-feet 

Buckets (imperial) to Acre-feet Conversion

Bucket (imperial) to acre-foot conversion allow you make a conversion between bucket (imperial) and acre-foot easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Volume Conversion


= 0.00001474
= 1.47423 × 10-5
= 1.47423E-5
= 1.47423e-5
= 0.00002948
= 2.94846 × 10-5
= 2.94846E-5
= 2.94846e-5
= 0.00004423
= 4.42269 × 10-5
= 4.42269E-5
= 4.42269e-5
= 0.00005897
= 5.89692 × 10-5
= 5.89692E-5
= 5.89692e-5
= 0.00007371
= 7.37115 × 10-5
= 7.37115E-5
= 7.37115e-5

Quick Look: buckets (imperial) to acre-feet

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acre-foot1.4742300572626 × 10-5 ac ft2.9484601145251 × 10-5 ac ft4.4226901717877 × 10-5 ac ft5.8969202290502 × 10-5 ac ft7.3711502863128 × 10-5 ac ft8.8453803435753 × 10-5 ac ft0.0001032 ac ft0.0001179 ac ft0.0001327 ac ft0.0001474 ac ft0.0001622 ac ft0.0001769 ac ft0.0001916 ac ft0.0002064 ac ft0.0002211 ac ft0.0002359 ac ft0.0002506 ac ft0.0002654 ac ft0.0002801 ac ft0.0002948 ac ft0.0003096 ac ft0.0003243 ac ft0.0003391 ac ft0.0003538 ac ft0.0003686 ac ft0.0003833 ac ft0.0003980 ac ft0.0004128 ac ft0.0004275 ac ft0.0004423 ac ft0.0004570 ac ft0.0004718 ac ft0.0004865 ac ft0.0005012 ac ft0.0005160 ac ft0.0005307 ac ft0.0005455 ac ft0.0005602 ac ft0.0005749 ac ft0.0005897 ac ft0.0006044 ac ft0.0006192 ac ft0.0006339 ac ft0.0006487 ac ft0.0006634 ac ft0.0006781 ac ft0.0006929 ac ft0.0007076 ac ft0.0007224 ac ft0.0007371 ac ft0.0007519 ac ft0.0007666 ac ft0.0007813 ac ft0.0007961 ac ft0.0008108 ac ft0.0008256 ac ft0.0008403 ac ft0.0008551 ac ft0.0008698 ac ft0.0008845 ac ft0.0008993 ac ft0.0009140 ac ft0.0009288 ac ft0.0009435 ac ft0.0009582 ac ft0.0009730 ac ft0.0009877 ac ft0.0010025 ac ft0.0010172 ac ft0.0010320 ac ft0.0010467 ac ft0.0010614 ac ft0.0010762 ac ft0.0010909 ac ft0.0011057 ac ft0.0011204 ac ft0.0011352 ac ft0.0011499 ac ft0.0011646 ac ft0.0011794 ac ft0.0011941 ac ft0.0012089 ac ft0.0012236 ac ft0.0012384 ac ft0.0012531 ac ft0.0012678 ac ft0.0012826 ac ft0.0012973 ac ft0.0013121 ac ft0.0013268 ac ft0.0013415 ac ft0.0013563 ac ft0.0013710 ac ft0.0013858 ac ft0.0014005 ac ft0.0014153 ac ft0.0014300 ac ft0.0014447 ac ft0.0014595 ac ft0.0014742 ac ft

The bucket (imperial) is a nunit of volumen using in impoerial system.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
bucket (imperial)bkt

≡ 4 gal (imp)

= 0.01818436 m3


conversion table

buckets (imperial)acre-feetbuckets (imperial)acre-feet
1= 1.4742300572626E-56= 8.8453803435753E-5
2= 2.9484601145251E-57= 0.00010319610400838
3= 4.4226901717877E-58= 0.000117938404581
4= 5.8969202290502E-59= 0.00013268070515363
5= 7.3711502863128E-510= 0.00014742300572626

The acre-foot is a unit of volume commonly used in the United States in reference to large-scale water resources, such as reservoirs, aqueducts, canals, sewer flow capacity, irrigation water, and river flows.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
acre-footac ft

≡ 1 ac x 1 ft = 43560 cu ft

= 1233.48183754752 m3


conversion table

acre-feetbuckets (imperial)acre-feetbuckets (imperial)
1= 67832.0181489766= 406992.10889386
2= 135664.036297957= 474824.12704283
3= 203496.054446938= 542656.14519181
4= 271328.072595919= 610488.16334079
5= 339160.0907448810= 678320.18148976

Conversion table

buckets (imperial)acre-feet
1= 1.4742300572626 × 10-5
67,832.0181490= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
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