1 buckets (imperial) = 614.8863619 US fluid ounces 

Buckets (imperial) to US fluid ounces Conversion

Bucket (imperial) to US fluid ounce conversion allow you make a conversion between bucket (imperial) and US fluid ounce easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Volume Conversion


= 614.88636186
= 6.14886 × 102
= 6.14886E2
= 6.14886e2
= 1,229.77272372
= 12.2977 × 102
= 12.2977E2
= 12.2977e2
= 1,844.65908558
= 18.4466 × 102
= 18.4466E2
= 18.4466e2
= 2,459.54544743
= 24.5955 × 102
= 24.5955E2
= 24.5955e2
= 3,074.43180929
= 30.7443 × 102
= 30.7443E2
= 30.7443e2

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US fluid ounce614.8863619 US fl oz1,229.7727237 US fl oz1,844.6590856 US fl oz2,459.5454474 US fl oz3,074.4318093 US fl oz3,689.3181712 US fl oz4,304.2045330 US fl oz4,919.0908949 US fl oz5,533.9772567 US fl oz6,148.8636186 US fl oz6,763.7499804 US fl oz7,378.6363423 US fl oz7,993.5227042 US fl oz8,608.4090660 US fl oz9,223.2954279 US fl oz9,838.1817897 US fl oz10,453.0681516 US fl oz11,067.9545135 US fl oz11,682.8408753 US fl oz12,297.7272372 US fl oz12,912.6135990 US fl oz13,527.4999609 US fl oz14,142.3863227 US fl oz14,757.2726846 US fl oz15,372.1590465 US fl oz15,987.0454083 US fl oz16,601.9317702 US fl oz17,216.8181320 US fl oz17,831.7044939 US fl oz18,446.5908558 US fl oz19,061.4772176 US fl oz19,676.3635795 US fl oz20,291.2499413 US fl oz20,906.1363032 US fl oz21,521.0226650 US fl oz22,135.9090269 US fl oz22,750.7953888 US fl oz23,365.6817506 US fl oz23,980.5681125 US fl oz24,595.4544743 US fl oz25,210.3408362 US fl oz25,825.2271981 US fl oz26,440.1135599 US fl oz27,054.9999218 US fl oz27,669.8862836 US fl oz28,284.7726455 US fl oz28,899.6590073 US fl oz29,514.5453692 US fl oz30,129.4317311 US fl oz30,744.3180929 US fl oz31,359.2044548 US fl oz31,974.0908166 US fl oz32,588.9771785 US fl oz33,203.8635404 US fl oz33,818.7499022 US fl oz34,433.6362641 US fl oz35,048.5226259 US fl oz35,663.4089878 US fl oz36,278.2953497 US fl oz36,893.1817115 US fl oz37,508.0680734 US fl oz38,122.9544352 US fl oz38,737.8407971 US fl oz39,352.7271589 US fl oz39,967.6135208 US fl oz40,582.4998827 US fl oz41,197.3862445 US fl oz41,812.2726064 US fl oz42,427.1589682 US fl oz43,042.0453301 US fl oz43,656.9316920 US fl oz44,271.8180538 US fl oz44,886.7044157 US fl oz45,501.5907775 US fl oz46,116.4771394 US fl oz46,731.3635012 US fl oz47,346.2498631 US fl oz47,961.1362250 US fl oz48,576.0225868 US fl oz49,190.9089487 US fl oz49,805.7953105 US fl oz50,420.6816724 US fl oz51,035.5680343 US fl oz51,650.4543961 US fl oz52,265.3407580 US fl oz52,880.2271198 US fl oz53,495.1134817 US fl oz54,109.9998435 US fl oz54,724.8862054 US fl oz55,339.7725673 US fl oz55,954.6589291 US fl oz56,569.5452910 US fl oz57,184.4316528 US fl oz57,799.3180147 US fl oz58,414.2043766 US fl oz59,029.0907384 US fl oz59,643.9771003 US fl oz60,258.8634621 US fl oz60,873.7498240 US fl oz61,488.6361858 US fl oz

The bucket (imperial) is a nunit of volumen using in impoerial system.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
bucket (imperial)bkt

≡ 4 gal (imp)

= 0.01818436 m3


conversion table

buckets (imperial)US fluid ouncesbuckets (imperial)US fluid ounces
1= 614.886361858496= 3689.3181711509
2= 1229.7727237177= 4304.2045330094
3= 1844.65908557558= 4919.0908948679
4= 2459.54544743399= 5533.9772567264
5= 3074.431809292410= 6148.8636185849

fluid ounce (abbreviated fl ozfl. oz. or oz. fl., old forms ℥, fl ℥, f℥, ƒ ℥) is a unit of volume (also called capacity) typically used for measuring liquids. Various definitions have been used throughout history, but only two are still in common use: the British Imperial and the United States customary fluid ounce. An imperial fluid ounce is  120 of an imperial pint,  1160 of an imperial gallon or approximately 28.4 ml. A US fluid ounce is  116 of a US fluid pint and  1128 of a US liquid gallon or approximately 29.57 ml, making it about 4% larger than the imperial fluid ounce.

US customary fluid ounce

    1 US fluid ounce 1128US gallon
 132US quart
 116US pint
 18US cup
 14US gill
 2US tablespoons
 6US teaspoons
 8US fluid drams
 1.8046875cubic inches
 ≈ 1.040842731imperial fluid ounces
Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
US fluid ounceUS fl oz

≡  1128 gal (US)

≡ 29.5735295625×10−6 m3


conversion table

US fluid ouncesbuckets (imperial)US fluid ouncesbuckets (imperial)
1= 0.00162631676685356= 0.009757900601121
2= 0.0032526335337077= 0.011384217367974
3= 0.00487895030056058= 0.013010534134828
4= 0.0065052670674149= 0.014636850901681
5= 0.008131583834267510= 0.016263167668535

Conversion table

buckets (imperial)US fluid ounces
1= 614.8863619
0.0016263= 1


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approximately equal to
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