1 butts = 0.0779803 cubic fathoms 

Butts to Cubic fathoms Conversion

Butt to cubic fathom conversion allow you make a conversion between butt and cubic fathom easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Volume Conversion


= 0.07798032
= 779803 × 10-7
= 779803E-7
= 779803e-7
= 0.15596065
= 155961 × 10-6
= 155961E-6
= 155961e-6
= 0.23394097
= 233941 × 10-6
= 233941E-6
= 233941e-6
= 0.31192130
= 311921 × 10-6
= 311921E-6
= 311921e-6
= 0.38990162
= 389902 × 10-6
= 389902E-6
= 389902e-6

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butt1 butt2 butt3 butt4 butt5 butt6 butt7 butt8 butt9 butt10 butt11 butt12 butt13 butt14 butt15 butt16 butt17 butt18 butt19 butt20 butt21 butt22 butt23 butt24 butt25 butt26 butt27 butt28 butt29 butt30 butt31 butt32 butt33 butt34 butt35 butt36 butt37 butt38 butt39 butt40 butt41 butt42 butt43 butt44 butt45 butt46 butt47 butt48 butt49 butt50 butt51 butt52 butt53 butt54 butt55 butt56 butt57 butt58 butt59 butt60 butt61 butt62 butt63 butt64 butt65 butt66 butt67 butt68 butt69 butt70 butt71 butt72 butt73 butt74 butt75 butt76 butt77 butt78 butt79 butt80 butt81 butt82 butt83 butt84 butt85 butt86 butt87 butt88 butt89 butt90 butt91 butt92 butt93 butt94 butt95 butt96 butt97 butt98 butt99 butt100 butt
cubic fathom0.0779803 cu fm0.1559606 cu fm0.2339410 cu fm0.3119213 cu fm0.3899016 cu fm0.4678819 cu fm0.5458623 cu fm0.6238426 cu fm0.7018229 cu fm0.7798032 cu fm0.8577836 cu fm0.9357639 cu fm1.0137442 cu fm1.0917245 cu fm1.1697049 cu fm1.2476852 cu fm1.3256655 cu fm1.4036458 cu fm1.4816262 cu fm1.5596065 cu fm1.6375868 cu fm1.7155671 cu fm1.7935475 cu fm1.8715278 cu fm1.9495081 cu fm2.0274884 cu fm2.1054688 cu fm2.1834491 cu fm2.2614294 cu fm2.3394097 cu fm2.4173900 cu fm2.4953704 cu fm2.5733507 cu fm2.6513310 cu fm2.7293113 cu fm2.8072917 cu fm2.8852720 cu fm2.9632523 cu fm3.0412326 cu fm3.1192130 cu fm3.1971933 cu fm3.2751736 cu fm3.3531539 cu fm3.4311343 cu fm3.5091146 cu fm3.5870949 cu fm3.6650752 cu fm3.7430556 cu fm3.8210359 cu fm3.8990162 cu fm3.9769965 cu fm4.0549769 cu fm4.1329572 cu fm4.2109375 cu fm4.2889178 cu fm4.3668981 cu fm4.4448785 cu fm4.5228588 cu fm4.6008391 cu fm4.6788194 cu fm4.7567998 cu fm4.8347801 cu fm4.9127604 cu fm4.9907407 cu fm5.0687211 cu fm5.1467014 cu fm5.2246817 cu fm5.3026620 cu fm5.3806424 cu fm5.4586227 cu fm5.5366030 cu fm5.6145833 cu fm5.6925637 cu fm5.7705440 cu fm5.8485243 cu fm5.9265046 cu fm6.0044850 cu fm6.0824653 cu fm6.1604456 cu fm6.2384259 cu fm6.3164063 cu fm6.3943866 cu fm6.4723669 cu fm6.5503472 cu fm6.6283275 cu fm6.7063079 cu fm6.7842882 cu fm6.8622685 cu fm6.9402488 cu fm7.0182292 cu fm7.0962095 cu fm7.1741898 cu fm7.2521701 cu fm7.3301505 cu fm7.4081308 cu fm7.4861111 cu fm7.5640914 cu fm7.6420718 cu fm7.7200521 cu fm7.7980324 cu fm

The butt was a measure of liquid volume equalling two hogsheads. This equated to 108 imperial gallons (490 l) for ale or 126 imperial gallons (570 l) for wine (also known as a pipe).

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 126 gal (wine)

= 0.476961884784 m3


conversion table

buttscubic fathomsbuttscubic fathoms
1= 0.0779803240740746= 0.46788194444444
2= 0.155960648148157= 0.54586226851852
3= 0.233940972222228= 0.62384259259259
4= 0.31192129629639= 0.70182291666667
5= 0.3899016203703710= 0.77980324074074

The cubic fathom is a unit of measurement for volume in the Imperial units and United States customary units systems. It is the volume of a cube with each of its three dimensions (length, width, and depth) being one inch long.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
cubic fathomcu fm

≡ 1 fm × 1 fm × 1 fm

= 6.116 438 863 872 m3


conversion table

cubic fathomsbuttscubic fathomsbutts
1= 12.8237476808916= 76.942486085343
2= 25.6474953617817= 89.766233766234
3= 38.4712430426728= 102.58998144712
4= 51.2949907235629= 115.41372912801
5= 64.11873840445310= 128.23747680891

Conversion table

buttscubic fathoms
1= 0.0779803
12.8237477= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)