1 butts = 503.9999712 US liquid quarts 

Butts to US liquid quarts Conversion

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Volume Conversion


= 503.99997124
= 5.04 × 102
= 5.04E2
= 5.04e2
= 1,007.99994248
= 10.08 × 102
= 10.08E2
= 10.08e2
= 1,511.99991372
= 15.12 × 102
= 15.12E2
= 15.12e2
= 2,015.99988496
= 20.16 × 102
= 20.16E2
= 20.16e2
= 2,519.99985621
= 25.2 × 102
= 25.2E2
= 25.2e2

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butt1 butt2 butt3 butt4 butt5 butt6 butt7 butt8 butt9 butt10 butt11 butt12 butt13 butt14 butt15 butt16 butt17 butt18 butt19 butt20 butt21 butt22 butt23 butt24 butt25 butt26 butt27 butt28 butt29 butt30 butt31 butt32 butt33 butt34 butt35 butt36 butt37 butt38 butt39 butt40 butt41 butt42 butt43 butt44 butt45 butt46 butt47 butt48 butt49 butt50 butt51 butt52 butt53 butt54 butt55 butt56 butt57 butt58 butt59 butt60 butt61 butt62 butt63 butt64 butt65 butt66 butt67 butt68 butt69 butt70 butt71 butt72 butt73 butt74 butt75 butt76 butt77 butt78 butt79 butt80 butt81 butt82 butt83 butt84 butt85 butt86 butt87 butt88 butt89 butt90 butt91 butt92 butt93 butt94 butt95 butt96 butt97 butt98 butt99 butt100 butt
US liquid quart503.9999712 US qt fl1,007.9999425 US qt fl1,511.9999137 US qt fl2,015.9998850 US qt fl2,519.9998562 US qt fl3,023.9998274 US qt fl3,527.9997987 US qt fl4,031.9997699 US qt fl4,535.9997412 US qt fl5,039.9997124 US qt fl5,543.9996837 US qt fl6,047.9996549 US qt fl6,551.9996261 US qt fl7,055.9995974 US qt fl7,559.9995686 US qt fl8,063.9995399 US qt fl8,567.9995111 US qt fl9,071.9994823 US qt fl9,575.9994536 US qt fl10,079.9994248 US qt fl10,583.9993961 US qt fl11,087.9993673 US qt fl11,591.9993385 US qt fl12,095.9993098 US qt fl12,599.9992810 US qt fl13,103.9992523 US qt fl13,607.9992235 US qt fl14,111.9991948 US qt fl14,615.9991660 US qt fl15,119.9991372 US qt fl15,623.9991085 US qt fl16,127.9990797 US qt fl16,631.9990510 US qt fl17,135.9990222 US qt fl17,639.9989934 US qt fl18,143.9989647 US qt fl18,647.9989359 US qt fl19,151.9989072 US qt fl19,655.9988784 US qt fl20,159.9988496 US qt fl20,663.9988209 US qt fl21,167.9987921 US qt fl21,671.9987634 US qt fl22,175.9987346 US qt fl22,679.9987059 US qt fl23,183.9986771 US qt fl23,687.9986483 US qt fl24,191.9986196 US qt fl24,695.9985908 US qt fl25,199.9985621 US qt fl25,703.9985333 US qt fl26,207.9985045 US qt fl26,711.9984758 US qt fl27,215.9984470 US qt fl27,719.9984183 US qt fl28,223.9983895 US qt fl28,727.9983607 US qt fl29,231.9983320 US qt fl29,735.9983032 US qt fl30,239.9982745 US qt fl30,743.9982457 US qt fl31,247.9982170 US qt fl31,751.9981882 US qt fl32,255.9981594 US qt fl32,759.9981307 US qt fl33,263.9981019 US qt fl33,767.9980732 US qt fl34,271.9980444 US qt fl34,775.9980156 US qt fl35,279.9979869 US qt fl35,783.9979581 US qt fl36,287.9979294 US qt fl36,791.9979006 US qt fl37,295.9978718 US qt fl37,799.9978431 US qt fl38,303.9978143 US qt fl38,807.9977856 US qt fl39,311.9977568 US qt fl39,815.9977281 US qt fl40,319.9976993 US qt fl40,823.9976705 US qt fl41,327.9976418 US qt fl41,831.9976130 US qt fl42,335.9975843 US qt fl42,839.9975555 US qt fl43,343.9975267 US qt fl43,847.9974980 US qt fl44,351.9974692 US qt fl44,855.9974405 US qt fl45,359.9974117 US qt fl45,863.9973829 US qt fl46,367.9973542 US qt fl46,871.9973254 US qt fl47,375.9972967 US qt fl47,879.9972679 US qt fl48,383.9972392 US qt fl48,887.9972104 US qt fl49,391.9971816 US qt fl49,895.9971529 US qt fl50,399.9971241 US qt fl

The butt was a measure of liquid volume equalling two hogsheads. This equated to 108 imperial gallons (490 l) for ale or 126 imperial gallons (570 l) for wine (also known as a pipe).

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 126 gal (wine)

= 0.476961884784 m3


conversion table

buttsUS liquid quartsbuttsUS liquid quarts
1= 503.999971241186= 3023.9998274471
2= 1007.99994248247= 3527.9997986882
3= 1511.99991372358= 4031.9997699294
4= 2015.99988496479= 4535.9997411706
5= 2519.999856205910= 5039.9997124118

The quart (abbreviation qt.) is an English unit of volume equal to a quarter gallon. It is divided into two pints or four cups. Historically, the exact size of the quart has varied with the different values of gallons over time and in reference to different commodities. Presently, three kinds of quarts remain in use: the liquid quart and dry quart of the US customary system and the imperial quart of the British imperial system. All are roughly equal to one metric liter.

1 US liquid quart =1/4US liquid gallons
 =2US liquid pints
 =4US liquid cups
 =8US liquid gills
 =32US fluid ounces
 =57.75cubic inches
 33.imperial fluid ounces
Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
US liquid quartUS qt fl

≡  132 bu (US lvl) =  14 gal (US dry)

= 1.101220942715×10−3 m3


conversion table

US liquid quartsbuttsUS liquid quartsbutts
1= 0.00198412709734366= 0.011904762584061
2= 0.00396825419468727= 0.013888889681405
3= 0.00595238129203078= 0.015873016778749
4= 0.00793650838937439= 0.017857143876092
5= 0.009920635486717910= 0.019841270973436

Conversion table

buttsUS liquid quarts
1= 503.9999712
0.0019841= 1


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approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)