1 butts = 6.7675152 US strikes 

Butts to US strikes Conversion

Butt to US strike conversion allow you make a conversion between butt and US strike easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Volume Conversion


= 6.76751518
= 0.0676752 × 102
= 0.0676752E2
= 0.0676752e2
= 13.53503037
= 0.13535 × 102
= 0.13535E2
= 0.13535e2
= 20.30254555
= 0.203025 × 102
= 0.203025E2
= 0.203025e2
= 27.07006073
= 0.270701 × 102
= 0.270701E2
= 0.270701e2
= 33.83757592
= 0.338376 × 102
= 0.338376E2
= 0.338376e2

Quick Look: butts to US strikes

butt1 butt2 butt3 butt4 butt5 butt6 butt7 butt8 butt9 butt10 butt11 butt12 butt13 butt14 butt15 butt16 butt17 butt18 butt19 butt20 butt21 butt22 butt23 butt24 butt25 butt26 butt27 butt28 butt29 butt30 butt31 butt32 butt33 butt34 butt35 butt36 butt37 butt38 butt39 butt40 butt41 butt42 butt43 butt44 butt45 butt46 butt47 butt48 butt49 butt50 butt51 butt52 butt53 butt54 butt55 butt56 butt57 butt58 butt59 butt60 butt61 butt62 butt63 butt64 butt65 butt66 butt67 butt68 butt69 butt70 butt71 butt72 butt73 butt74 butt75 butt76 butt77 butt78 butt79 butt80 butt81 butt82 butt83 butt84 butt85 butt86 butt87 butt88 butt89 butt90 butt91 butt92 butt93 butt94 butt95 butt96 butt97 butt98 butt99 butt100 butt
US strike6.7675152 US strike13.5350304 US strike20.3025455 US strike27.0700607 US strike33.8375759 US strike40.6050911 US strike47.3726063 US strike54.1401215 US strike60.9076366 US strike67.6751518 US strike74.4426670 US strike81.2101822 US strike87.9776974 US strike94.7452126 US strike101.5127277 US strike108.2802429 US strike115.0477581 US strike121.8152733 US strike128.5827885 US strike135.3503037 US strike142.1178188 US strike148.8853340 US strike155.6528492 US strike162.4203644 US strike169.1878796 US strike175.9553948 US strike182.7229099 US strike189.4904251 US strike196.2579403 US strike203.0254555 US strike209.7929707 US strike216.5604859 US strike223.3280010 US strike230.0955162 US strike236.8630314 US strike243.6305466 US strike250.3980618 US strike257.1655770 US strike263.9330921 US strike270.7006073 US strike277.4681225 US strike284.2356377 US strike291.0031529 US strike297.7706681 US strike304.5381832 US strike311.3056984 US strike318.0732136 US strike324.8407288 US strike331.6082440 US strike338.3757592 US strike345.1432743 US strike351.9107895 US strike358.6783047 US strike365.4458199 US strike372.2133351 US strike378.9808503 US strike385.7483654 US strike392.5158806 US strike399.2833958 US strike406.0509110 US strike412.8184262 US strike419.5859414 US strike426.3534565 US strike433.1209717 US strike439.8884869 US strike446.6560021 US strike453.4235173 US strike460.1910324 US strike466.9585476 US strike473.7260628 US strike480.4935780 US strike487.2610932 US strike494.0286084 US strike500.7961235 US strike507.5636387 US strike514.3311539 US strike521.0986691 US strike527.8661843 US strike534.6336995 US strike541.4012146 US strike548.1687298 US strike554.9362450 US strike561.7037602 US strike568.4712754 US strike575.2387906 US strike582.0063057 US strike588.7738209 US strike595.5413361 US strike602.3088513 US strike609.0763665 US strike615.8438817 US strike622.6113968 US strike629.3789120 US strike636.1464272 US strike642.9139424 US strike649.6814576 US strike656.4489728 US strike663.2164879 US strike669.9840031 US strike676.7515183 US strike

The butt was a measure of liquid volume equalling two hogsheads. This equated to 108 imperial gallons (490 l) for ale or 126 imperial gallons (570 l) for wine (also known as a pipe).

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 126 gal (wine)

= 0.476961884784 m3


conversion table

buttsUS strikesbuttsUS strikes
1= 6.76751518308056= 40.605091098483
2= 13.5350303661617= 47.372606281564
3= 20.3025455492428= 54.140121464644
4= 27.0700607323229= 60.907636647725
5= 33.83757591540310= 67.675151830805

US strike is a unit of volume, equals 0.07047814033376 m3.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
US strike

≡ 2 bu (US lvl)

= 0.07047814033376 m3


conversion table

US strikesbuttsUS strikesbutts
1= 0.147764722050446= 0.88658833230262
2= 0.295529444100877= 1.0343530543531
3= 0.443294166151318= 1.1821177764035
4= 0.591058888201759= 1.3298824984539
5= 0.7388236102521810= 1.4776472205044

Conversion table

buttsUS strikes
1= 6.7675152
0.1477647= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)