1 canadian cups = 0.0963262 board feet 

Canadian cups to Board feet Conversion

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Volume Conversion


= 0.09632619
= 963262 × 10-7
= 963262E-7
= 963262e-7
= 0.19265238
= 192652 × 10-6
= 192652E-6
= 192652e-6
= 0.28897858
= 288979 × 10-6
= 288979E-6
= 288979e-6
= 0.38530477
= 385305 × 10-6
= 385305E-6
= 385305e-6
= 0.48163096
= 481631 × 10-6
= 481631E-6
= 481631e-6

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Canada now usually employs the metric cup of 250 mL but its conventional cup was somewhat smaller than both American and imperial units.

1 Canadian cup = 8 imperial fluid ounce = 1/20 imperial gallon = 227.3045 millilitres

1 tablespoon = 1/2 imperial fluid ounce

1 teaspoon = 1/6 imperial fluid ounce

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
canadian cupc (CA)

≡ 10 fl oz (imp)

= 284.130625×10−6 m3


conversion table

canadian cupsboard feetcanadian cupsboard feet
1= 0.0963261919415356= 0.57795715164921
2= 0.192652383883077= 0.67428334359075
3= 0.288978575824618= 0.77060953553228
4= 0.385304767766149= 0.86693572747382
5= 0.4816309597076810= 0.96326191941535

The board-foot is a specialized unit of measure for the volume of lumber in the United States and Canada. It is the volume of a one-foot length of a board one foot wide and one inch thick.

Board-foot can be abbreviated FBM (for "foot, board measure"), BDFT, or BF. Thousand board-feet can be abbreviated as MFBM, MBFT, or MBF. Similarly, million board-feet can be abbreviated as MMFBM, MMBFT, or MMBF.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
board footfbm

≡ 144 cu in

≡ 2.359737216×10−3 m3


conversion table

board feetcanadian cupsboard feetcanadian cups
1= 10.3813924317386= 62.288354590428
2= 20.7627848634767= 72.669747022166
3= 31.1441772952148= 83.051139453904
4= 41.5255697269529= 93.432531885642
5= 51.9069621586910= 103.81392431738

Conversion table

canadian cupsboard feet
1= 0.0963262
10.3813924= 1


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