1 canadian cups = 0.0007813 quarters 

Canadian cups to Quarters Conversion

Canadian cup to quarter conversion allow you make a conversion between canadian cup and quarter easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Volume Conversion


= 0.00078125
= 78125 × 10-8
= 78125E-8
= 78125e-8
= 0.00156250
= 15625 × 10-7
= 15625E-7
= 15625e-7
= 0.00234375
= 234375 × 10-8
= 234375E-8
= 234375e-8
= 0.00312500
= 3125 × 10-6
= 3125E-6
= 3125e-6
= 0.00390625
= 390625 × 10-8
= 390625E-8
= 390625e-8

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Canada now usually employs the metric cup of 250 mL but its conventional cup was somewhat smaller than both American and imperial units.

1 Canadian cup = 8 imperial fluid ounce = 1/20 imperial gallon = 227.3045 millilitres

1 tablespoon = 1/2 imperial fluid ounce

1 teaspoon = 1/6 imperial fluid ounce

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
canadian cupc (CA)

≡ 10 fl oz (imp)

= 284.130625×10−6 m3


conversion table

canadian cupsquarterscanadian cupsquarters
1= 0.000781256= 0.0046875
2= 0.00156257= 0.00546875
3= 0.002343758= 0.00625
4= 0.0031259= 0.00703125
5= 0.0039062510= 0.0078125

The quarter (lit. "one-fourth") is used as the name of several distinct English units based on ¼ sizes of some base unit.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 8 bu (imp)

= 0.29094976 m3


conversion table

quarterscanadian cupsquarterscanadian cups
1= 12806= 7680
2= 25607= 8960
3= 38408= 10240
4= 51209= 11520
5= 640010= 12800

Conversion table

canadian cupsquarters
1= 0.0007813
1 280= 1


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approximately equal to
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