1 canadian teaspoons = 0.0001157 firkins 

Canadian teaspoons to Firkins Conversion

Canadian teaspoon to firkin conversion allow you make a conversion between canadian teaspoon and firkin easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Volume Conversion


= 0.00011574
= 115741 × 10-9
= 115741E-9
= 115741e-9
= 0.00023148
= 231481 × 10-9
= 231481E-9
= 231481e-9
= 0.00034722
= 347222 × 10-9
= 347222E-9
= 347222e-9
= 0.00046296
= 462963 × 10-9
= 462963E-9
= 462963e-9
= 0.00057870
= 578704 × 10-9
= 578704E-9
= 578704e-9

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teaspoon is an item of cutlery, a measuring instrument, of approximately 5ml, or a unit of measurement of volume (usually abbreviated tsp.).

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
canadian teaspoontsp(CA)

≡  16 fl oz (imp)

= 4.735510416×10−6 m3


conversion table

canadian teaspoonsfirkinscanadian teaspoonsfirkins
1= 0.000115740740724456= 0.00069444444434668
2= 0.000231481481448897= 0.00081018518507113
3= 0.000347222222173348= 0.00092592592579557
4= 0.000462962962897799= 0.00104166666652
5= 0.0005787037036222310= 0.0011574074072445

The ale or beer firkin (from Middle Dutch vierdekijn meaning "fourth") is a quarter of an ale or beer barrel or half a kilderkin. This unit is much smaller than the wine firkin. Casks in this size (themselves called firkins) are the most common container for cask ale.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 9 gal (imp)

= 0.04091481 m3


conversion table

firkinscanadian teaspoonsfirkinscanadian teaspoons
1= 8640.00000121636= 51840.000007298
2= 17280.0000024337= 60480.000008514
3= 25920.0000036498= 69120.000009731
4= 34560.0000048659= 77760.000010947
5= 43200.00000608210= 86400.000012163

Conversion table

canadian teaspoonsfirkins
1= 0.0001157
8,640.0000012= 1


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approximately equal to
=equal to
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