Canadian teaspoons to Imperial strikes Conversion

Canadian teaspoon to imperial strike conversion allow you make a conversion between canadian teaspoon and imperial strike easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Volume Conversion


= 0.00006510
= 6.51042 × 10-5
= 6.51042E-5
= 6.51042e-5
= 0.00013021
= 130208 × 10-9
= 130208E-9
= 130208e-9
= 0.00019531
= 195312 × 10-9
= 195312E-9
= 195312e-9
= 0.00026042
= 260417 × 10-9
= 260417E-9
= 260417e-9
= 0.00032552
= 325521 × 10-9
= 325521E-9
= 325521e-9

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imperial strike6.5104166657501 × 10-5 imperial strike0.0001302 imperial strike0.0001953 imperial strike0.0002604 imperial strike0.0003255 imperial strike0.0003906 imperial strike0.0004557 imperial strike0.0005208 imperial strike0.0005859 imperial strike0.0006510 imperial strike0.0007161 imperial strike0.0007812 imperial strike0.0008464 imperial strike0.0009115 imperial strike0.0009766 imperial strike0.0010417 imperial strike0.0011068 imperial strike0.0011719 imperial strike0.0012370 imperial strike0.0013021 imperial strike0.0013672 imperial strike0.0014323 imperial strike0.0014974 imperial strike0.0015625 imperial strike0.0016276 imperial strike0.0016927 imperial strike0.0017578 imperial strike0.0018229 imperial strike0.0018880 imperial strike0.0019531 imperial strike0.0020182 imperial strike0.0020833 imperial strike0.0021484 imperial strike0.0022135 imperial strike0.0022786 imperial strike0.0023437 imperial strike0.0024089 imperial strike0.0024740 imperial strike0.0025391 imperial strike0.0026042 imperial strike0.0026693 imperial strike0.0027344 imperial strike0.0027995 imperial strike0.0028646 imperial strike0.0029297 imperial strike0.0029948 imperial strike0.0030599 imperial strike0.0031250 imperial strike0.0031901 imperial strike0.0032552 imperial strike0.0033203 imperial strike0.0033854 imperial strike0.0034505 imperial strike0.0035156 imperial strike0.0035807 imperial strike0.0036458 imperial strike0.0037109 imperial strike0.0037760 imperial strike0.0038411 imperial strike0.0039062 imperial strike0.0039714 imperial strike0.0040365 imperial strike0.0041016 imperial strike0.0041667 imperial strike0.0042318 imperial strike0.0042969 imperial strike0.0043620 imperial strike0.0044271 imperial strike0.0044922 imperial strike0.0045573 imperial strike0.0046224 imperial strike0.0046875 imperial strike0.0047526 imperial strike0.0048177 imperial strike0.0048828 imperial strike0.0049479 imperial strike0.0050130 imperial strike0.0050781 imperial strike0.0051432 imperial strike0.0052083 imperial strike0.0052734 imperial strike0.0053385 imperial strike0.0054036 imperial strike0.0054687 imperial strike0.0055339 imperial strike0.0055990 imperial strike0.0056641 imperial strike0.0057292 imperial strike0.0057943 imperial strike0.0058594 imperial strike0.0059245 imperial strike0.0059896 imperial strike0.0060547 imperial strike0.0061198 imperial strike0.0061849 imperial strike0.0062500 imperial strike0.0063151 imperial strike0.0063802 imperial strike0.0064453 imperial strike0.0065104 imperial strike

teaspoon is an item of cutlery, a measuring instrument, of approximately 5ml, or a unit of measurement of volume (usually abbreviated tsp.).

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
canadian teaspoontsp(CA)

≡  16 fl oz (imp)

= 4.735510416×10−6 m3


conversion table

canadian teaspoonsimperial strikescanadian teaspoonsimperial strikes
1= 6.5104166657501E-56= 0.00039062499994501
2= 0.0001302083333157= 0.00045572916660251
3= 0.00019531249997258= 0.00052083333326001
4= 0.000260416666630019= 0.00058593749991751
5= 0.0003255208332875110= 0.00065104166657501

imperial strike is a unit of volume, equals 0.07273744 m3.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
imperial strike

≡ 2 bu (imp)

= 0.07273744 m3


conversion table

imperial strikescanadian teaspoonsimperial strikescanadian teaspoons
1= 15360.0000021626= 92160.000012974
2= 30720.0000043257= 107520.00001514
3= 46080.0000064878= 122880.0000173
4= 61440.000008659= 138240.00001946
5= 76800.00001081210= 153600.00002162

Conversion table

canadian teaspoonsimperial strikes
1= 6.5104166657501 × 10-5
15,360.0000022= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)