1 canadian teaspoons = 0.1578503 US food labelling fluid ounces 

Canadian teaspoons to US food labelling fluid ounces Conversion

Canadian teaspoon to US food labelling fluid ounce conversion allow you make a conversion between canadian teaspoon and US food labelling fluid ounce easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Volume Conversion


= 0.15785035
= 15785 × 10-5
= 15785E-5
= 15785e-5
= 0.31570069
= 315701 × 10-6
= 315701E-6
= 315701e-6
= 0.47355104
= 473551 × 10-6
= 473551E-6
= 473551e-6
= 0.63140139
= 631401 × 10-6
= 631401E-6
= 631401e-6
= 0.78925174
= 789252 × 10-6
= 789252E-6
= 789252e-6

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US food labelling fluid ounce0.1578503 US fl oz0.3157007 US fl oz0.4735510 US fl oz0.6314014 US fl oz0.7892517 US fl oz0.9471021 US fl oz1.1049524 US fl oz1.2628028 US fl oz1.4206531 US fl oz1.5785035 US fl oz1.7363538 US fl oz1.8942042 US fl oz2.0520545 US fl oz2.2099049 US fl oz2.3677552 US fl oz2.5256056 US fl oz2.6834559 US fl oz2.8413062 US fl oz2.9991566 US fl oz3.1570069 US fl oz3.3148573 US fl oz3.4727076 US fl oz3.6305580 US fl oz3.7884083 US fl oz3.9462587 US fl oz4.1041090 US fl oz4.2619594 US fl oz4.4198097 US fl oz4.5776601 US fl oz4.7355104 US fl oz4.8933608 US fl oz5.0512111 US fl oz5.2090615 US fl oz5.3669118 US fl oz5.5247622 US fl oz5.6826125 US fl oz5.8404628 US fl oz5.9983132 US fl oz6.1561635 US fl oz6.3140139 US fl oz6.4718642 US fl oz6.6297146 US fl oz6.7875649 US fl oz6.9454153 US fl oz7.1032656 US fl oz7.2611160 US fl oz7.4189663 US fl oz7.5768167 US fl oz7.7346670 US fl oz7.8925174 US fl oz8.0503677 US fl oz8.2082181 US fl oz8.3660684 US fl oz8.5239187 US fl oz8.6817691 US fl oz8.8396194 US fl oz8.9974698 US fl oz9.1553201 US fl oz9.3131705 US fl oz9.4710208 US fl oz9.6288712 US fl oz9.7867215 US fl oz9.9445719 US fl oz10.1024222 US fl oz10.2602726 US fl oz10.4181229 US fl oz10.5759733 US fl oz10.7338236 US fl oz10.8916740 US fl oz11.0495243 US fl oz11.2073747 US fl oz11.3652250 US fl oz11.5230753 US fl oz11.6809257 US fl oz11.8387760 US fl oz11.9966264 US fl oz12.1544767 US fl oz12.3123271 US fl oz12.4701774 US fl oz12.6280278 US fl oz12.7858781 US fl oz12.9437285 US fl oz13.1015788 US fl oz13.2594292 US fl oz13.4172795 US fl oz13.5751299 US fl oz13.7329802 US fl oz13.8908306 US fl oz14.0486809 US fl oz14.2065312 US fl oz14.3643816 US fl oz14.5222319 US fl oz14.6800823 US fl oz14.8379326 US fl oz14.9957830 US fl oz15.1536333 US fl oz15.3114837 US fl oz15.4693340 US fl oz15.6271844 US fl oz15.7850347 US fl oz

teaspoon is an item of cutlery, a measuring instrument, of approximately 5ml, or a unit of measurement of volume (usually abbreviated tsp.).

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
canadian teaspoontsp(CA)

≡  16 fl oz (imp)

= 4.735510416×10−6 m3


conversion table

canadian teaspoonsUS food labelling fluid ouncescanadian teaspoonsUS food labelling fluid ounces
1= 0.15785034726= 0.9471020832
2= 0.31570069447= 1.1049524304
3= 0.47355104168= 1.2628027776
4= 0.63140138889= 1.4206531248
5= 0.78925173610= 1.578503472

fluid ounce (abbreviated fl ozfl. oz. or oz. fl., old forms ℥, fl ℥, f℥, ƒ ℥) is a unit of volume (also called capacity) typically used for measuring liquids. Various definitions have been used throughout history, but only two are still in common use: the British Imperial and the United States customary fluid ounce. An imperial fluid ounce is  120 of an imperial pint,  1160 of an imperial gallon or approximately 28.4 ml. A US fluid ounce is  116 of a US fluid pint and  1128 of a US liquid gallon or approximately 29.57 ml, making it about 4% larger than the imperial fluid ounce.

US food labelling fluid ounce

US regulation 21 CFR 101.9(b)(5)(viii) also defines a fluid ounce as exactly 30 millilitres, but this is for use in nutrition labelling only.

            30 millilitres ≈ 1.055852392imperial fluid ounces
 ≈ 1.014420681US customary fluid ounces
 ≈ 1.830712323cubic inches
Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
US food labelling fluid ounceUS fl oz

≡ 30 mL

≡ 3×10−5 m3


conversion table

US food labelling fluid ouncescanadian teaspoonsUS food labelling fluid ouncescanadian teaspoons
1= 6.33511435190566= 38.010686111434
2= 12.6702287038117= 44.345800463339
3= 19.0053430557178= 50.680914815245
4= 25.3404574076229= 57.01602916715
5= 31.67557175952810= 63.351143519056

Conversion table

canadian teaspoonsUS food labelling fluid ounces
1= 0.1578503
6.3351144= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)