1 canadian teaspoons = 0.0086005 US pints (dry) 

Canadian teaspoons to US pints (dry) Conversion

Canadian teaspoon to US pint (dry) conversion allow you make a conversion between canadian teaspoon and US pint (dry) easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Volume Conversion


= 0.00860047
= 860047 × 10-8
= 860047E-8
= 860047e-8
= 0.01720095
= 172009 × 10-7
= 172009E-7
= 172009e-7
= 0.02580142
= 258014 × 10-7
= 258014E-7
= 258014e-7
= 0.03440189
= 344019 × 10-7
= 344019E-7
= 344019e-7
= 0.04300236
= 430024 × 10-7
= 430024E-7
= 430024e-7

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US pint (dry)0.0086005 pt (US dry)0.0172009 pt (US dry)0.0258014 pt (US dry)0.0344019 pt (US dry)0.0430024 pt (US dry)0.0516028 pt (US dry)0.0602033 pt (US dry)0.0688038 pt (US dry)0.0774043 pt (US dry)0.0860047 pt (US dry)0.0946052 pt (US dry)0.1032057 pt (US dry)0.1118061 pt (US dry)0.1204066 pt (US dry)0.1290071 pt (US dry)0.1376076 pt (US dry)0.1462080 pt (US dry)0.1548085 pt (US dry)0.1634090 pt (US dry)0.1720095 pt (US dry)0.1806099 pt (US dry)0.1892104 pt (US dry)0.1978109 pt (US dry)0.2064113 pt (US dry)0.2150118 pt (US dry)0.2236123 pt (US dry)0.2322128 pt (US dry)0.2408132 pt (US dry)0.2494137 pt (US dry)0.2580142 pt (US dry)0.2666147 pt (US dry)0.2752151 pt (US dry)0.2838156 pt (US dry)0.2924161 pt (US dry)0.3010166 pt (US dry)0.3096170 pt (US dry)0.3182175 pt (US dry)0.3268180 pt (US dry)0.3354184 pt (US dry)0.3440189 pt (US dry)0.3526194 pt (US dry)0.3612199 pt (US dry)0.3698203 pt (US dry)0.3784208 pt (US dry)0.3870213 pt (US dry)0.3956218 pt (US dry)0.4042222 pt (US dry)0.4128227 pt (US dry)0.4214232 pt (US dry)0.4300236 pt (US dry)0.4386241 pt (US dry)0.4472246 pt (US dry)0.4558251 pt (US dry)0.4644255 pt (US dry)0.4730260 pt (US dry)0.4816265 pt (US dry)0.4902270 pt (US dry)0.4988274 pt (US dry)0.5074279 pt (US dry)0.5160284 pt (US dry)0.5246288 pt (US dry)0.5332293 pt (US dry)0.5418298 pt (US dry)0.5504303 pt (US dry)0.5590307 pt (US dry)0.5676312 pt (US dry)0.5762317 pt (US dry)0.5848322 pt (US dry)0.5934326 pt (US dry)0.6020331 pt (US dry)0.6106336 pt (US dry)0.6192340 pt (US dry)0.6278345 pt (US dry)0.6364350 pt (US dry)0.6450355 pt (US dry)0.6536359 pt (US dry)0.6622364 pt (US dry)0.6708369 pt (US dry)0.6794374 pt (US dry)0.6880378 pt (US dry)0.6966383 pt (US dry)0.7052388 pt (US dry)0.7138392 pt (US dry)0.7224397 pt (US dry)0.7310402 pt (US dry)0.7396407 pt (US dry)0.7482411 pt (US dry)0.7568416 pt (US dry)0.7654421 pt (US dry)0.7740426 pt (US dry)0.7826430 pt (US dry)0.7912435 pt (US dry)0.7998440 pt (US dry)0.8084444 pt (US dry)0.8170449 pt (US dry)0.8256454 pt (US dry)0.8342459 pt (US dry)0.8428463 pt (US dry)0.8514468 pt (US dry)0.8600473 pt (US dry)

teaspoon is an item of cutlery, a measuring instrument, of approximately 5ml, or a unit of measurement of volume (usually abbreviated tsp.).

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
canadian teaspoontsp(CA)

≡  16 fl oz (imp)

= 4.735510416×10−6 m3


conversion table

canadian teaspoonsUS pints (dry)canadian teaspoonsUS pints (dry)
1= 0.00860047286119516= 0.05160283716717
2= 0.017200945722397= 0.060203310028365
3= 0.0258014185835858= 0.068803782889561
4= 0.034401891444789= 0.077404255750756
5= 0.04300236430597510= 0.086004728611951

The pint (/ˈpaɪnt/); symbol pt, sometimes abbreviated as "p") is a unit of volume or capacity in both the imperial and United States customary measurement systems.

In the United States, the dry pint is one-eighth of a dry gallon.

1 US dry pint 18US dry gallons
 12US dry quarts
 33.6003125cubic inches (exactly)
 550.6104713575millilitres (exactly) ≈ 551 ml
 ≈ 0.96893897192imperial pints
 ≈ 1.1636471861US liquid pints
Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
US pint (dry)pt (US dry)

≡  164 bu (US lvl) ≡  18 gal (US dry)

= 550.6104713575×10−6 m3


conversion table

US pints (dry)canadian teaspoonsUS pints (dry)canadian teaspoons
1= 116.272676646886= 697.63605988128
2= 232.545353293767= 813.90873652816
3= 348.818029940648= 930.18141317504
4= 465.090706587529= 1046.4540898219
5= 581.363383234410= 1162.7267664688

Conversion table

canadian teaspoonsUS pints (dry)
1= 0.0086005
116.2726766= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)