1 coombs = 61.6487628 board feet 

Coombs to Board feet Conversion

Coomb to board foot conversion allow you make a conversion between coomb and board foot easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Volume Conversion


= 61.64876284
= 0.616488 × 102
= 0.616488E2
= 0.616488e2
= 123.29752569
= 1.23298 × 102
= 1.23298E2
= 1.23298e2
= 184.94628853
= 1.84946 × 102
= 1.84946E2
= 1.84946e2
= 246.59505137
= 2.46595 × 102
= 2.46595E2
= 2.46595e2
= 308.24381421
= 3.08244 × 102
= 3.08244E2
= 3.08244e2

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board foot61.6487628 fbm123.2975257 fbm184.9462885 fbm246.5950514 fbm308.2438142 fbm369.8925771 fbm431.5413399 fbm493.1901027 fbm554.8388656 fbm616.4876284 fbm678.1363913 fbm739.7851541 fbm801.4339170 fbm863.0826798 fbm924.7314426 fbm986.3802055 fbm1,048.0289683 fbm1,109.6777312 fbm1,171.3264940 fbm1,232.9752569 fbm1,294.6240197 fbm1,356.2727825 fbm1,417.9215454 fbm1,479.5703082 fbm1,541.2190711 fbm1,602.8678339 fbm1,664.5165967 fbm1,726.1653596 fbm1,787.8141224 fbm1,849.4628853 fbm1,911.1116481 fbm1,972.7604110 fbm2,034.4091738 fbm2,096.0579366 fbm2,157.7066995 fbm2,219.3554623 fbm2,281.0042252 fbm2,342.6529880 fbm2,404.3017509 fbm2,465.9505137 fbm2,527.5992765 fbm2,589.2480394 fbm2,650.8968022 fbm2,712.5455651 fbm2,774.1943279 fbm2,835.8430908 fbm2,897.4918536 fbm2,959.1406164 fbm3,020.7893793 fbm3,082.4381421 fbm3,144.0869050 fbm3,205.7356678 fbm3,267.3844307 fbm3,329.0331935 fbm3,390.6819563 fbm3,452.3307192 fbm3,513.9794820 fbm3,575.6282449 fbm3,637.2770077 fbm3,698.9257706 fbm3,760.5745334 fbm3,822.2232962 fbm3,883.8720591 fbm3,945.5208219 fbm4,007.1695848 fbm4,068.8183476 fbm4,130.4671105 fbm4,192.1158733 fbm4,253.7646361 fbm4,315.4133990 fbm4,377.0621618 fbm4,438.7109247 fbm4,500.3596875 fbm4,562.0084504 fbm4,623.6572132 fbm4,685.3059760 fbm4,746.9547389 fbm4,808.6035017 fbm4,870.2522646 fbm4,931.9010274 fbm4,993.5497902 fbm5,055.1985531 fbm5,116.8473159 fbm5,178.4960788 fbm5,240.1448416 fbm5,301.7936045 fbm5,363.4423673 fbm5,425.0911301 fbm5,486.7398930 fbm5,548.3886558 fbm5,610.0374187 fbm5,671.6861815 fbm5,733.3349444 fbm5,794.9837072 fbm5,856.6324700 fbm5,918.2812329 fbm5,979.9299957 fbm6,041.5787586 fbm6,103.2275214 fbm6,164.8762843 fbm

coomb is a measure of volume. 

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 4 bu (imp)

= 0.14547488 m3


conversion table

coombsboard feetcoombsboard feet
1= 61.6487628425836= 369.8925770555
2= 123.297525685177= 431.54133989808
3= 184.946288527758= 493.19010274066
4= 246.595051370339= 554.83886558324
5= 308.2438142129110= 616.48762842583

The board-foot is a specialized unit of measure for the volume of lumber in the United States and Canada. It is the volume of a one-foot length of a board one foot wide and one inch thick.

Board-foot can be abbreviated FBM (for "foot, board measure"), BDFT, or BF. Thousand board-feet can be abbreviated as MFBM, MBFT, or MBF. Similarly, million board-feet can be abbreviated as MMFBM, MMBFT, or MMBF.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
board footfbm

≡ 144 cu in

≡ 2.359737216×10−3 m3


conversion table

board feetcoombsboard feetcoombs
1= 0.0162209256745916= 0.097325554047544
2= 0.0324418513491817= 0.11354647972213
3= 0.0486627770237728= 0.12976740539673
4= 0.0648837026983639= 0.14598833107132
5= 0.08110462837295310= 0.16220925674591

Conversion table

coombsboard feet
1= 61.6487628
0.0162209= 1


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