1 fifths = 7,673.9252855 drops (imperial) 

Fifths to Drops (imperial) Conversion

Fifth to drop (imperial) conversion allow you make a conversion between fifth and drop (imperial) easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Volume Conversion


= 7,673.92528555
= 76.7393 × 102
= 76.7393E2
= 76.7393e2
= 15,347.85057110
= 153.479 × 102
= 153.479E2
= 153.479e2
= 23,021.77585664
= 230.218 × 102
= 230.218E2
= 230.218e2
= 30,695.70114219
= 306.957 × 102
= 306.957E2
= 306.957e2
= 38,369.62642774
= 383.696 × 102
= 383.696E2
= 383.696e2

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fifth1 fifth2 fifth3 fifth4 fifth5 fifth6 fifth7 fifth8 fifth9 fifth10 fifth11 fifth12 fifth13 fifth14 fifth15 fifth16 fifth17 fifth18 fifth19 fifth20 fifth21 fifth22 fifth23 fifth24 fifth25 fifth26 fifth27 fifth28 fifth29 fifth30 fifth31 fifth32 fifth33 fifth34 fifth35 fifth36 fifth37 fifth38 fifth39 fifth40 fifth41 fifth42 fifth43 fifth44 fifth45 fifth46 fifth47 fifth48 fifth49 fifth50 fifth51 fifth52 fifth53 fifth54 fifth55 fifth56 fifth57 fifth58 fifth59 fifth60 fifth61 fifth62 fifth63 fifth64 fifth65 fifth66 fifth67 fifth68 fifth69 fifth70 fifth71 fifth72 fifth73 fifth74 fifth75 fifth76 fifth77 fifth78 fifth79 fifth80 fifth81 fifth82 fifth83 fifth84 fifth85 fifth86 fifth87 fifth88 fifth89 fifth90 fifth91 fifth92 fifth93 fifth94 fifth95 fifth96 fifth97 fifth98 fifth99 fifth100 fifth
drop (imperial)7,673.9252855 gtt15,347.8505711 gtt23,021.7758566 gtt30,695.7011422 gtt38,369.6264277 gtt46,043.5517133 gtt53,717.4769988 gtt61,391.4022844 gtt69,065.3275699 gtt76,739.2528555 gtt84,413.1781410 gtt92,087.1034266 gtt99,761.0287121 gtt107,434.9539977 gtt115,108.8792832 gtt122,782.8045688 gtt130,456.7298543 gtt138,130.6551399 gtt145,804.5804254 gtt153,478.5057110 gtt161,152.4309965 gtt168,826.3562821 gtt176,500.2815676 gtt184,174.2068531 gtt191,848.1321387 gtt199,522.0574242 gtt207,195.9827098 gtt214,869.9079953 gtt222,543.8332809 gtt230,217.7585664 gtt237,891.6838520 gtt245,565.6091375 gtt253,239.5344231 gtt260,913.4597086 gtt268,587.3849942 gtt276,261.3102797 gtt283,935.2355653 gtt291,609.1608508 gtt299,283.0861364 gtt306,957.0114219 gtt314,630.9367075 gtt322,304.861993 gtt329,978.7872786 gtt337,652.7125641 gtt345,326.6378497 gtt353,000.5631352 gtt360,674.4884207 gtt368,348.4137063 gtt376,022.3389918 gtt383,696.2642774 gtt391,370.1895629 gtt399,044.1148485 gtt406,718.0401340 gtt414,391.9654196 gtt422,065.8907051 gtt429,739.8159907 gtt437,413.7412762 gtt445,087.6665618 gtt452,761.5918473 gtt460,435.5171329 gtt468,109.4424184 gtt475,783.3677040 gtt483,457.2929895 gtt491,131.2182751 gtt498,805.1435606 gtt506,479.0688462 gtt514,152.9941317 gtt521,826.9194172 gtt529,500.8447028 gtt537,174.7699883 gtt544,848.6952739 gtt552,522.6205594 gtt560,196.5458450 gtt567,870.4711305 gtt575,544.3964161 gtt583,218.3217016 gtt590,892.2469872 gtt598,566.1722727 gtt606,240.0975583 gtt613,914.0228438 gtt621,587.9481294 gtt629,261.8734149 gtt636,935.7987005 gtt644,609.723986 gtt652,283.6492716 gtt659,957.5745571 gtt667,631.4998427 gtt675,305.4251282 gtt682,979.3504137 gtt690,653.2756993 gtt698,327.2009848 gtt706,001.1262704 gtt713,675.0515559 gtt721,348.9768415 gtt729,022.9021270 gtt736,696.8274126 gtt744,370.7526981 gtt752,044.6779837 gtt759,718.6032692 gtt767,392.5285548 gtt

fifth is a unit of volume formerly used for distilled beverages in the United States, equal to one fifth of a US liquid gallon,  45 quart, or 25 35 US fluid ounces (757 ml); it has been superseded by the metric bottle size of 750 ml, sometimes called a metric fifth, which is the standard capacity of wine bottles world-wide and is approximately 1% smaller.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡  15 US gal

= 757.0823568×10−6 m3


conversion table

fifthsdrops (imperial)fifthsdrops (imperial)
1= 7673.92528554776= 46043.551713286
2= 15347.8505710957= 53717.476998834
3= 23021.7758566438= 61391.402284381
4= 30695.7011421919= 69065.327569929
5= 38369.62642773810= 76739.252855477

The drop is an approximated unit of measure of volume, the amount dispensed as one drop from a dropper or drip chamber. It is often used in giving quantities of liquid drugs to patients, and occasionally in cooking.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
drop (imperial)gtt

≡  1288 fl oz (imp)

= 98.6564670138×10−9 m3


conversion table

drops (imperial)fifthsdrops (imperial)fifths
1= 0.00013031140684726= 0.00078186844108319
2= 0.00026062281369447= 0.00091217984793038
3= 0.000390934220541598= 0.0010424912547776
4= 0.000521245627388799= 0.0011728026616248
5= 0.0006515570342359910= 0.001303114068472

Conversion table

fifthsdrops (imperial)
1= 7,673.9252855
0.0001303= 1


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approximately equal to
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