1 fifths = 639.4937738 fluid scruples 

Fifths to Fluid scruples Conversion

Fifth to fluid scruple conversion allow you make a conversion between fifth and fluid scruple easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Volume Conversion


= 639.49377380
= 6.39494 × 102
= 6.39494E2
= 6.39494e2
= 1,278.98754760
= 12.7899 × 102
= 12.7899E2
= 12.7899e2
= 1,918.48132140
= 19.1848 × 102
= 19.1848E2
= 19.1848e2
= 2,557.97509519
= 25.5798 × 102
= 25.5798E2
= 25.5798e2
= 3,197.46886899
= 31.9747 × 102
= 31.9747E2
= 31.9747e2

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fluid scruple639.4937738 fl s1,278.9875476 fl s1,918.4813214 fl s2,557.9750952 fl s3,197.4688690 fl s3,836.9626428 fl s4,476.4564166 fl s5,115.9501904 fl s5,755.4439642 fl s6,394.9377380 fl s7,034.4315118 fl s7,673.9252856 fl s8,313.4190594 fl s8,952.9128332 fl s9,592.4066070 fl s10,231.9003808 fl s10,871.3941546 fl s11,510.8879284 fl s12,150.3817022 fl s12,789.8754760 fl s13,429.3692498 fl s14,068.8630236 fl s14,708.3567974 fl s15,347.8505712 fl s15,987.3443450 fl s16,626.8381188 fl s17,266.3318926 fl s17,905.8256664 fl s18,545.3194402 fl s19,184.8132140 fl s19,824.3069878 fl s20,463.8007616 fl s21,103.2945354 fl s21,742.7883092 fl s22,382.2820830 fl s23,021.7758568 fl s23,661.2696306 fl s24,300.7634043 fl s24,940.2571781 fl s25,579.7509519 fl s26,219.2447257 fl s26,858.7384995 fl s27,498.2322733 fl s28,137.7260471 fl s28,777.2198209 fl s29,416.7135947 fl s30,056.2073685 fl s30,695.7011423 fl s31,335.1949161 fl s31,974.6886899 fl s32,614.1824637 fl s33,253.6762375 fl s33,893.1700113 fl s34,532.6637851 fl s35,172.1575589 fl s35,811.6513327 fl s36,451.1451065 fl s37,090.6388803 fl s37,730.1326541 fl s38,369.6264279 fl s39,009.1202017 fl s39,648.6139755 fl s40,288.1077493 fl s40,927.6015231 fl s41,567.0952969 fl s42,206.5890707 fl s42,846.0828445 fl s43,485.5766183 fl s44,125.0703921 fl s44,764.5641659 fl s45,404.0579397 fl s46,043.5517135 fl s46,683.0454873 fl s47,322.5392611 fl s47,962.0330349 fl s48,601.5268087 fl s49,241.0205825 fl s49,880.5143563 fl s50,520.0081301 fl s51,159.5019039 fl s51,798.9956777 fl s52,438.4894515 fl s53,077.9832253 fl s53,717.4769991 fl s54,356.9707729 fl s54,996.4645467 fl s55,635.9583205 fl s56,275.4520943 fl s56,914.9458681 fl s57,554.4396419 fl s58,193.9334157 fl s58,833.4271895 fl s59,472.9209633 fl s60,112.4147371 fl s60,751.9085109 fl s61,391.4022847 fl s62,030.8960585 fl s62,670.3898323 fl s63,309.8836061 fl s63,949.3773799 fl s

fifth is a unit of volume formerly used for distilled beverages in the United States, equal to one fifth of a US liquid gallon,  45 quart, or 25 35 US fluid ounces (757 ml); it has been superseded by the metric bottle size of 750 ml, sometimes called a metric fifth, which is the standard capacity of wine bottles world-wide and is approximately 1% smaller.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡  15 US gal

= 757.0823568×10−6 m3


conversion table

fifthsfluid scruplesfifthsfluid scruples
1= 639.493773798666= 3836.962642792
2= 1278.98754759737= 4476.4564165907
3= 1918.4813213968= 5115.9501903893
4= 2557.97509519479= 5755.443964188
5= 3197.468868993310= 6394.9377379866

The fluid scruple is  124 fluid ounce,  13 fluid dram, 20 minims, or  14 teaspoon, or 1 saltspoon. It is therefore equal to 1.23 milliliters.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
fluid scruplefl s

≡  124 fl oz (imp)

= 1.18387760416×10−6 m3


conversion table

fluid scruplesfifthsfluid scruplesfifths
1= 0.0015637368821596= 0.0093824212929538
2= 0.00312747376431797= 0.010946158175113
3= 0.00469121064647698= 0.012509895057272
4= 0.00625494752863599= 0.014073631939431
5= 0.007818684410794910= 0.01563736882159

Conversion table

fifthsfluid scruples
1= 639.4937738
0.0015637= 1


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