1 kilograms = 0.0196841 long hundredweights 

Kilograms to Long hundredweights Conversion

Kilogram to long hundredweight conversion allow you make a conversion between kilogram and long hundredweight easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Weight Conversion


= 0.01968413
= 196841 × 10-7
= 196841E-7
= 196841e-7
= 0.04921033
= 492103 × 10-7
= 492103E-7
= 492103e-7
= 0.07873652
= 787365 × 10-7
= 787365E-7
= 787365e-7
= 0.10826272
= 108263 × 10-6
= 108263E-6
= 108263e-6
= 0.13778891
= 137789 × 10-6
= 137789E-6
= 137789e-6
= 0.16731511
= 167315 × 10-6
= 167315E-6
= 167315e-6
= 0.19684131
= 196841 × 10-6
= 196841E-6
= 196841e-6

Quick Look: kilograms to long hundredweights

kilogram1 kg2 kg3 kg4 kg5 kg6 kg7 kg8 kg9 kg10 kg11 kg12 kg13 kg14 kg15 kg16 kg17 kg18 kg19 kg20 kg21 kg22 kg23 kg24 kg25 kg26 kg27 kg28 kg29 kg30 kg31 kg32 kg33 kg34 kg35 kg36 kg37 kg38 kg39 kg40 kg41 kg42 kg43 kg44 kg45 kg46 kg47 kg48 kg49 kg50 kg51 kg52 kg53 kg54 kg55 kg56 kg57 kg58 kg59 kg60 kg61 kg62 kg63 kg64 kg65 kg66 kg67 kg68 kg69 kg70 kg71 kg72 kg73 kg74 kg75 kg76 kg77 kg78 kg79 kg80 kg81 kg82 kg83 kg84 kg85 kg86 kg87 kg88 kg89 kg90 kg91 kg92 kg93 kg94 kg95 kg96 kg97 kg98 kg99 kg100 kg
long hundredweight0.0196841 long cwt0.0393683 long cwt0.0590524 long cwt0.0787365 long cwt0.0984207 long cwt0.1181048 long cwt0.1377889 long cwt0.1574730 long cwt0.1771572 long cwt0.1968413 long cwt0.2165254 long cwt0.2362096 long cwt0.2558937 long cwt0.2755778 long cwt0.2952620 long cwt0.3149461 long cwt0.3346302 long cwt0.3543143 long cwt0.3739985 long cwt0.3936826 long cwt0.4133667 long cwt0.4330509 long cwt0.4527350 long cwt0.4724191 long cwt0.4921033 long cwt0.5117874 long cwt0.5314715 long cwt0.5511557 long cwt0.5708398 long cwt0.5905239 long cwt0.6102080 long cwt0.6298922 long cwt0.6495763 long cwt0.6692604 long cwt0.6889446 long cwt0.7086287 long cwt0.7283128 long cwt0.7479970 long cwt0.7676811 long cwt0.7873652 long cwt0.8070494 long cwt0.8267335 long cwt0.8464176 long cwt0.8661017 long cwt0.8857859 long cwt0.9054700 long cwt0.9251541 long cwt0.9448383 long cwt0.9645224 long cwt0.9842065 long cwt1.0038907 long cwt1.0235748 long cwt1.0432589 long cwt1.0629430 long cwt1.0826272 long cwt1.1023113 long cwt1.1219954 long cwt1.1416796 long cwt1.1613637 long cwt1.1810478 long cwt1.2007320 long cwt1.2204161 long cwt1.2401002 long cwt1.2597844 long cwt1.2794685 long cwt1.2991526 long cwt1.3188367 long cwt1.3385209 long cwt1.3582050 long cwt1.3778891 long cwt1.3975733 long cwt1.4172574 long cwt1.4369415 long cwt1.4566257 long cwt1.4763098 long cwt1.4959939 long cwt1.5156781 long cwt1.5353622 long cwt1.5550463 long cwt1.5747304 long cwt1.5944146 long cwt1.6140987 long cwt1.6337828 long cwt1.6534670 long cwt1.6731511 long cwt1.6928352 long cwt1.7125194 long cwt1.7322035 long cwt1.7518876 long cwt1.7715717 long cwt1.7912559 long cwt1.8109400 long cwt1.8306241 long cwt1.8503083 long cwt1.8699924 long cwt1.8896765 long cwt1.9093607 long cwt1.9290448 long cwt1.9487289 long cwt1.9684131 long cwt

The kilogram or kilogramme (SI unit symbol: kg) is the base unit of mass in the International System of Units (SI) (the Metric system) and is defined as being equal to the mass of the International Prototype of the Kilogram (IPK, also known as "Le Grand K" or "Big K").

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ mass of the prototype near Paris (≈ mass of 1 L of water)

≡ 1 kg

Metric system SI

conversion table

kilogramslong hundredweightskilogramslong hundredweights
1= 0.01968413055222111= 0.21652543607443
2.5= 0.04921032638055312.5= 0.24605163190277
4= 0.07873652220888514= 0.2755778277311
5.5= 0.1082627180372215.5= 0.30510402355943
7= 0.1377889138655517= 0.33463021938776
8.5= 0.1673151096938818.5= 0.36415641521609
10= 0.1968413055222120= 0.39368261104442

The long or imperial hundredweight of 8 stone (112 lb or 50.802345 kg) sees informal use in the imperial system but according to Schedule 1, Part VI of the Weights and Measures Act 1985, is no longer to be used for trade after the Act came into force.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
long hundredweightlong cwt

≡ 112 lb av

= 50.80234544 kg


conversion table

long hundredweightskilogramslong hundredweightskilograms
1= 50.8023454411= 558.82579984
2.5= 127.005863612.5= 635.029318
4= 203.2093817614= 711.23283616
5.5= 279.4128999215.5= 787.43635432
7= 355.6164180817= 863.63987248
8.5= 431.8199362418.5= 939.84339064
10= 508.023454420= 1016.0469088

Conversion table

kilogramslong hundredweights
1= 0.0196841
50.8023454= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)