1 long tons = 32,666.6667052 troy ounces 

Long tons to Troy ounces Conversion

Long ton to troy ounce conversion allow you make a conversion between long ton and troy ounce easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Weight Conversion


= 32,666.66670525
= 326.667 × 102
= 326.667E2
= 326.667e2
= 81,666.66676312
= 816.667 × 102
= 816.667E2
= 816.667e2
= 130,666.66682099
= 1306.67 × 102
= 1306.67E2
= 1306.67e2
= 179,666.66687886
= 1796.67 × 102
= 1796.67E2
= 1796.67e2
= 228,666.66693673
= 2286.67 × 102
= 2286.67E2
= 2286.67e2
= 277,666.66699460
= 2776.67 × 102
= 2776.67E2
= 2776.67e2
= 326,666.66705248
= 3266.67 × 102
= 3266.67E2
= 3266.67e2

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troy ounce32,666.6667052 oz t65,333.3334105 oz t98,000.0001157 oz t130,666.6668210 oz t163,333.3335262 oz t196,000.0002315 oz t228,666.6669367 oz t261,333.3336420 oz t294,000.0003472 oz t326,666.6670525 oz t359,333.3337577 oz t392,000.0004630 oz t424,666.6671682 oz t457,333.3338735 oz t490,000.0005787 oz t522,666.6672840 oz t555,333.3339892 oz t588,000.0006945 oz t620,666.6673997 oz t653,333.3341050 oz t686,000.0008102 oz t718,666.6675155 oz t751,333.3342207 oz t784,000.0009259 oz t816,666.6676312 oz t849,333.3343364 oz t882,000.0010417 oz t914,666.6677469 oz t947,333.3344522 oz t980,000.0011574 oz t1,012,666.6678627 oz t1,045,333.3345679 oz t1,078,000.0012732 oz t1,110,666.6679784 oz t1,143,333.3346837 oz t1,176,000.0013889 oz t1,208,666.6680942 oz t1,241,333.3347994 oz t1,274,000.0015047 oz t1,306,666.6682099 oz t1,339,333.3349151 oz t1,372,000.0016204 oz t1,404,666.6683256 oz t1,437,333.3350309 oz t1,470,000.0017361 oz t1,502,666.6684414 oz t1,535,333.3351466 oz t1,568,000.0018519 oz t1,600,666.6685571 oz t1,633,333.3352624 oz t1,666,000.0019676 oz t1,698,666.6686729 oz t1,731,333.3353781 oz t1,764,000.0020834 oz t1,796,666.6687886 oz t1,829,333.3354939 oz t1,862,000.0021991 oz t1,894,666.6689044 oz t1,927,333.3356096 oz t1,960,000.0023149 oz t1,992,666.6690201 oz t2,025,333.3357253 oz t2,058,000.0024306 oz t2,090,666.6691358 oz t2,123,333.3358411 oz t2,156,000.0025463 oz t2,188,666.6692516 oz t2,221,333.3359568 oz t2,254,000.0026621 oz t2,286,666.6693673 oz t2,319,333.3360726 oz t2,352,000.0027778 oz t2,384,666.6694831 oz t2,417,333.3361883 oz t2,450,000.0028936 oz t2,482,666.6695988 oz t2,515,333.3363041 oz t2,548,000.0030093 oz t2,580,666.6697146 oz t2,613,333.3364198 oz t2,646,000.0031251 oz t2,678,666.6698303 oz t2,711,333.3365355 oz t2,744,000.0032408 oz t2,776,666.669946 oz t2,809,333.3366513 oz t2,842,000.0033565 oz t2,874,666.6700618 oz t2,907,333.336767 oz t2,940,000.0034723 oz t2,972,666.6701775 oz t3,005,333.3368828 oz t3,038,000.003588 oz t3,070,666.6702933 oz t3,103,333.3369985 oz t3,136,000.0037038 oz t3,168,666.670409 oz t3,201,333.3371143 oz t3,234,000.0038195 oz t3,266,666.6705248 oz t

Long ton, also known as the imperial ton or displacement ton is the name for the unit called the "ton" in the avoirdupois or Imperial system of measurements standardised in the thirteenth century that is used in the United Kingdom and several other British Commonwealth of Nations countries alongside the mass-based metric tonne defined in 1799.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
long tonlong tn

≡ 2240 lb

= 1016.0469088 kg


conversion table

long tonstroy ounceslong tonstroy ounces
1= 32666.66670524811= 359333.33375772
2.5= 81666.66676311912.5= 408333.33381559
4= 130666.6668209914= 457333.33387347
5.5= 179666.6668788615.5= 506333.33393134
7= 228666.6669367317= 555333.33398921
8.5= 277666.666994618.5= 604333.33404708
10= 326666.6670524820= 653333.33410495

One troy ounce (oz t) is equal to 31.103 476 8 grams. Also equal to 1.097 142 86 avoirdupois ounces, exactly  192175, or about 10% larger.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
troy ounceoz t

≡  112 lb t

= 31.1034768 g


conversion table

troy ounceslong tonstroy ounceslong tons
1= 3.0612244861805E-511= 0.00033673469347985
2.5= 7.6530612154512E-512.5= 0.00038265306077256
4= 0.0001224489794472214= 0.00042857142806527
5.5= 0.0001683673467399315.5= 0.00047448979535797
7= 0.0002142857140326317= 0.00052040816265068
8.5= 0.0002602040813253418.5= 0.00056632652994339
10= 0.0003061224486180520= 0.00061224489723609

Conversion table

long tonstroy ounces
1= 32,666.6667052
3.0612244861805 × 10-5= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)