1 (decameters per hour) per second = 0.1093613 inches per (second squared) 

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(decameter per hour) per second1 damph/s2 damph/s3 damph/s4 damph/s5 damph/s6 damph/s7 damph/s8 damph/s9 damph/s10 damph/s11 damph/s12 damph/s13 damph/s14 damph/s15 damph/s16 damph/s17 damph/s18 damph/s19 damph/s20 damph/s21 damph/s22 damph/s23 damph/s24 damph/s25 damph/s26 damph/s27 damph/s28 damph/s29 damph/s30 damph/s31 damph/s32 damph/s33 damph/s34 damph/s35 damph/s36 damph/s37 damph/s38 damph/s39 damph/s40 damph/s41 damph/s42 damph/s43 damph/s44 damph/s45 damph/s46 damph/s47 damph/s48 damph/s49 damph/s50 damph/s51 damph/s52 damph/s53 damph/s54 damph/s55 damph/s56 damph/s57 damph/s58 damph/s59 damph/s60 damph/s61 damph/s62 damph/s63 damph/s64 damph/s65 damph/s66 damph/s67 damph/s68 damph/s69 damph/s70 damph/s71 damph/s72 damph/s73 damph/s74 damph/s75 damph/s76 damph/s77 damph/s78 damph/s79 damph/s80 damph/s81 damph/s82 damph/s83 damph/s84 damph/s85 damph/s86 damph/s87 damph/s88 damph/s89 damph/s90 damph/s91 damph/s92 damph/s93 damph/s94 damph/s95 damph/s96 damph/s97 damph/s98 damph/s99 damph/s100 damph/s
inch per (second squared)0.1093613 in/s20.2187227 in/s20.3280840 in/s20.4374453 in/s20.5468066 in/s20.6561680 in/s20.7655293 in/s20.8748906 in/s20.9842520 in/s21.0936133 in/s21.2029746 in/s21.3123360 in/s21.4216973 in/s21.5310586 in/s21.6404199 in/s21.7497813 in/s21.8591426 in/s21.9685039 in/s22.0778653 in/s22.1872266 in/s22.2965879 in/s22.4059493 in/s22.5153106 in/s22.6246719 in/s22.7340332 in/s22.8433946 in/s22.9527559 in/s23.0621172 in/s23.1714786 in/s23.2808399 in/s23.3902012 in/s23.4995626 in/s23.6089239 in/s23.7182852 in/s23.8276465 in/s23.9370079 in/s24.0463692 in/s24.1557305 in/s24.2650919 in/s24.3744532 in/s24.4838145 in/s24.5931759 in/s24.7025372 in/s24.8118985 in/s24.9212598 in/s25.0306212 in/s25.1399825 in/s25.2493438 in/s25.3587052 in/s25.4680665 in/s25.5774278 in/s25.6867892 in/s25.7961505 in/s25.9055118 in/s26.0148731 in/s26.1242345 in/s26.2335958 in/s26.3429571 in/s26.4523185 in/s26.5616798 in/s26.6710411 in/s26.7804024 in/s26.8897638 in/s26.9991251 in/s27.1084864 in/s27.2178478 in/s27.3272091 in/s27.4365704 in/s27.5459318 in/s27.6552931 in/s27.7646544 in/s27.8740157 in/s27.9833771 in/s28.0927384 in/s28.2020997 in/s28.3114611 in/s28.4208224 in/s28.5301837 in/s28.6395451 in/s28.7489064 in/s28.8582677 in/s28.9676290 in/s29.0769904 in/s29.1863517 in/s29.2957130 in/s29.4050744 in/s29.5144357 in/s29.6237970 in/s29.7331584 in/s29.8425197 in/s29.9518810 in/s210.0612423 in/s210.1706037 in/s210.2799650 in/s210.3893263 in/s210.4986877 in/s210.6080490 in/s210.7174103 in/s210.8267717 in/s210.9361330 in/s2

(decameter per hour) per second is a unit of acceleration. It is equal to 0.00277777778 m / s2. Plural name is (decameters per hour) per second.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
(decameter per hour) per seconddamph/s

= 0.00277777778 m / s2

= 0.00277777778 m / s2

Metric system SI

conversion table

(decameters per hour) per secondinches per (second squared)(decameters per hour) per secondinches per (second squared)
1= 0.109361329833776= 0.65616797900262
2= 0.218722659667547= 0.7655293088364
3= 0.328083989501318= 0.87489063867017
4= 0.437445319335089= 0.98425196850394
5= 0.5468066491688510= 1.0936132983377

Inch per (second sqaured) is a unit of acceleration. It is equal to  2.54×10−2 m/s2. Plural name is inches per (second squared).

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
inch per (second squared)in/s2

≡ 1 in/s2

= 2.54×10−2 m/s2


conversion table

inches per (second squared)(decameters per hour) per secondinches per (second squared)(decameters per hour) per second
1= 9.1446= 54.864
2= 18.2887= 64.008
3= 27.4328= 73.152
4= 36.5769= 82.296
5= 45.7210= 91.44