1 (decameters per hour) per second = 0.0002833 standard gravities 

(decameters per hour) per second to Standard gravities Conversion

(decameter per hour) per second to standard gravity conversion allow you make a conversion between (decameter per hour) per second and standard gravity easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Acceleration Conversion


= 0.00028325
= 283255 × 10-9
= 283255E-9
= 283255e-9
= 0.00056651
= 566509 × 10-9
= 566509E-9
= 566509e-9
= 0.00084976
= 849764 × 10-9
= 849764E-9
= 849764e-9
= 0.00113302
= 113302 × 10-8
= 113302E-8
= 113302e-8
= 0.00141627
= 141627 × 10-8
= 141627E-8
= 141627e-8

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(decameter per hour) per second1 damph/s2 damph/s3 damph/s4 damph/s5 damph/s6 damph/s7 damph/s8 damph/s9 damph/s10 damph/s11 damph/s12 damph/s13 damph/s14 damph/s15 damph/s16 damph/s17 damph/s18 damph/s19 damph/s20 damph/s21 damph/s22 damph/s23 damph/s24 damph/s25 damph/s26 damph/s27 damph/s28 damph/s29 damph/s30 damph/s31 damph/s32 damph/s33 damph/s34 damph/s35 damph/s36 damph/s37 damph/s38 damph/s39 damph/s40 damph/s41 damph/s42 damph/s43 damph/s44 damph/s45 damph/s46 damph/s47 damph/s48 damph/s49 damph/s50 damph/s51 damph/s52 damph/s53 damph/s54 damph/s55 damph/s56 damph/s57 damph/s58 damph/s59 damph/s60 damph/s61 damph/s62 damph/s63 damph/s64 damph/s65 damph/s66 damph/s67 damph/s68 damph/s69 damph/s70 damph/s71 damph/s72 damph/s73 damph/s74 damph/s75 damph/s76 damph/s77 damph/s78 damph/s79 damph/s80 damph/s81 damph/s82 damph/s83 damph/s84 damph/s85 damph/s86 damph/s87 damph/s88 damph/s89 damph/s90 damph/s91 damph/s92 damph/s93 damph/s94 damph/s95 damph/s96 damph/s97 damph/s98 damph/s99 damph/s100 damph/s
standard gravity0.0002833 ɡ00.0005665 ɡ00.0008498 ɡ00.0011330 ɡ00.0014163 ɡ00.0016995 ɡ00.0019828 ɡ00.0022660 ɡ00.0025493 ɡ00.0028325 ɡ00.0031158 ɡ00.0033991 ɡ00.0036823 ɡ00.0039656 ɡ00.0042488 ɡ00.0045321 ɡ00.0048153 ɡ00.0050986 ɡ00.0053818 ɡ00.0056651 ɡ00.0059483 ɡ00.0062316 ɡ00.0065149 ɡ00.0067981 ɡ00.0070814 ɡ00.0073646 ɡ00.0076479 ɡ00.0079311 ɡ00.0082144 ɡ00.0084976 ɡ00.0087809 ɡ00.0090641 ɡ00.0093474 ɡ00.0096307 ɡ00.0099139 ɡ00.0101972 ɡ00.0104804 ɡ00.0107637 ɡ00.0110469 ɡ00.0113302 ɡ00.0116134 ɡ00.0118967 ɡ00.0121799 ɡ00.0124632 ɡ00.0127465 ɡ00.0130297 ɡ00.0133130 ɡ00.0135962 ɡ00.0138795 ɡ00.0141627 ɡ00.0144460 ɡ00.0147292 ɡ00.0150125 ɡ00.0152957 ɡ00.0155790 ɡ00.0158623 ɡ00.0161455 ɡ00.0164288 ɡ00.0167120 ɡ00.0169953 ɡ00.0172785 ɡ00.0175618 ɡ00.0178450 ɡ00.0181283 ɡ00.0184115 ɡ00.0186948 ɡ00.0189781 ɡ00.0192613 ɡ00.0195446 ɡ00.0198278 ɡ00.0201111 ɡ00.0203943 ɡ00.0206776 ɡ00.0209608 ɡ00.0212441 ɡ00.0215273 ɡ00.0218106 ɡ00.0220939 ɡ00.0223771 ɡ00.0226604 ɡ00.0229436 ɡ00.0232269 ɡ00.0235101 ɡ00.0237934 ɡ00.0240766 ɡ00.0243599 ɡ00.0246431 ɡ00.0249264 ɡ00.0252097 ɡ00.0254929 ɡ00.0257762 ɡ00.0260594 ɡ00.0263427 ɡ00.0266259 ɡ00.0269092 ɡ00.0271924 ɡ00.0274757 ɡ00.0277589 ɡ00.0280422 ɡ00.0283255 ɡ0

(decameter per hour) per second is a unit of acceleration. It is equal to 0.00277777778 m / s2. Plural name is (decameters per hour) per second.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
(decameter per hour) per seconddamph/s

= 0.00277777778 m / s2

= 0.00277777778 m / s2

Metric system SI

conversion table

(decameters per hour) per secondstandard gravities(decameters per hour) per secondstandard gravities
1= 0.000283254503604986= 0.0016995270216299
2= 0.000566509007209967= 0.0019827815252349
3= 0.000849763510814948= 0.0022660360288398
4= 0.00113301801441999= 0.0025492905324448
5= 0.001416272518024910= 0.0028325450360498

The standard acceleration due to gravity (or standard acceleration of free fall), sometimes abbreviated as standard gravity, usually denoted by ɡ0 or ɡn, is the nominal gravitational acceleration of an object in a vacuum near the surface of the Earth.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
standard gravityɡ0

≡ 9.80665 m/s2

= 9.80665 m/s2

Metric system SI

conversion table

standard gravities(decameters per hour) per secondstandard gravities(decameters per hour) per second
1= 3530.3946= 21182.364
2= 7060.7887= 24712.758
3= 10591.1828= 28243.152
4= 14121.5769= 31773.546
5= 17651.9710= 35303.94