1 baronies = 1,618.7425690 square hectometers 

Baronies to Square hectometers Conversion

Barony to square hectometer conversion allow you make a conversion between barony and square hectometer easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Area Conversion


= 1,618.74256896
= 16.1874 × 102
= 16.1874E2
= 16.1874e2
= 3,237.48513792
= 32.3749 × 102
= 32.3749E2
= 32.3749e2
= 4,856.22770688
= 48.5623 × 102
= 48.5623E2
= 48.5623e2
= 6,474.97027584
= 64.7497 × 102
= 64.7497E2
= 64.7497e2
= 8,093.71284480
= 80.9371 × 102
= 80.9371E2
= 80.9371e2

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square hectometer1,618.7425690 hm23,237.4851379 hm24,856.2277069 hm26,474.9702758 hm28,093.7128448 hm29,712.4554138 hm211,331.1979827 hm212,949.9405517 hm214,568.6831206 hm216,187.4256896 hm217,806.1682586 hm219,424.9108275 hm221,043.6533965 hm222,662.3959654 hm224,281.1385344 hm225,899.8811034 hm227,518.6236723 hm229,137.3662413 hm230,756.1088102 hm232,374.8513792 hm233,993.5939482 hm235,612.3365171 hm237,231.0790861 hm238,849.8216550 hm240,468.564224 hm242,087.3067930 hm243,706.0493619 hm245,324.7919309 hm246,943.5344998 hm248,562.2770688 hm250,181.0196378 hm251,799.7622067 hm253,418.5047757 hm255,037.2473446 hm256,655.9899136 hm258,274.7324826 hm259,893.4750515 hm261,512.2176205 hm263,130.9601894 hm264,749.7027584 hm266,368.4453274 hm267,987.1878963 hm269,605.9304653 hm271,224.6730342 hm272,843.4156032 hm274,462.1581722 hm276,080.9007411 hm277,699.6433101 hm279,318.3858790 hm280,937.128448 hm282,555.8710170 hm284,174.6135859 hm285,793.3561549 hm287,412.0987238 hm289,030.8412928 hm290,649.5838618 hm292,268.3264307 hm293,887.0689997 hm295,505.8115686 hm297,124.5541376 hm298,743.2967066 hm2100,362.0392755 hm2101,980.7818445 hm2103,599.5244134 hm2105,218.2669824 hm2106,837.0095514 hm2108,455.7521203 hm2110,074.4946893 hm2111,693.2372582 hm2113,311.9798272 hm2114,930.7223962 hm2116,549.4649651 hm2118,168.2075341 hm2119,786.9501030 hm2121,405.692672 hm2123,024.4352410 hm2124,643.1778099 hm2126,261.9203789 hm2127,880.6629478 hm2129,499.4055168 hm2131,118.1480858 hm2132,736.8906547 hm2134,355.6332237 hm2135,974.3757926 hm2137,593.1183616 hm2139,211.8609306 hm2140,830.6034995 hm2142,449.3460685 hm2144,068.0886374 hm2145,686.8312064 hm2147,305.5737754 hm2148,924.3163443 hm2150,543.0589133 hm2152,161.8014822 hm2153,780.5440512 hm2155,399.2866202 hm2157,018.0291891 hm2158,636.7717581 hm2160,255.5143270 hm2161,874.256896 hm2

A geographic barony is a remnant from mediaeval times of the area of land held under the form of feudal land tenure termed feudal barony, or barony by tenure, either an English feudal barony, a Scottish feudal barony or an Irish feudal barony, which all operated under different legal and social systems. Just as modern counties are no longer under the administrative control of a noble count or earl, geographic baronies are generally no longer connected with feudal barons, certainly not in England where such tenure was abolished with the whole feudal system by the Tenures Abolition Act 1660. The position in Scotland is more complex, although the legal force of the Scottish feudal baron was abolished early in the 21st century.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

4000 ac

1.61874256896×107 m2


conversion table

baroniessquare hectometersbaroniessquare hectometers
1= 1618.742568966= 9712.45541376
2= 3237.485137927= 11331.19798272
3= 4856.227706888= 12949.94055168
4= 6474.970275849= 14568.68312064
5= 8093.712844810= 16187.4256896

Square hectometre (International spelling as used by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures) or Square hectometer (American spelling) or hectare, symbol hm2, is the unit of area or surface area.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
square hectometerhm2

≡ 1 hm × 1 hm ≡ 102 m × 10m

= 104 m2

Metric system SI

conversion table

square hectometersbaroniessquare hectometersbaronies
1= 0.000617763453667916= 0.0037065807220075
2= 0.00123552690733587= 0.0043243441756754
3= 0.00185329036100378= 0.0049421076293433
4= 0.00247105381467179= 0.0055598710830112
5= 0.003088817268339610= 0.0061776345366791

Conversion table

baroniessquare hectometers
1= 1,618.7425690
0.0006178= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)