1 boards = 15.2788739 circular inches 

Boards to Circular inches Conversion

Board to circular inch conversion allow you make a conversion between board and circular inch easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Area Conversion


= 15.27887391
= 0.152789 × 102
= 0.152789E2
= 0.152789e2
= 30.55774781
= 0.305577 × 102
= 0.305577E2
= 0.305577e2
= 45.83662172
= 0.458366 × 102
= 0.458366E2
= 0.458366e2
= 61.11549563
= 0.611155 × 102
= 0.611155E2
= 0.611155e2
= 76.39436953
= 0.763944 × 102
= 0.763944E2
= 0.763944e2

Quick Look: boards to circular inches

board1 bd2 bd3 bd4 bd5 bd6 bd7 bd8 bd9 bd10 bd11 bd12 bd13 bd14 bd15 bd16 bd17 bd18 bd19 bd20 bd21 bd22 bd23 bd24 bd25 bd26 bd27 bd28 bd29 bd30 bd31 bd32 bd33 bd34 bd35 bd36 bd37 bd38 bd39 bd40 bd41 bd42 bd43 bd44 bd45 bd46 bd47 bd48 bd49 bd50 bd51 bd52 bd53 bd54 bd55 bd56 bd57 bd58 bd59 bd60 bd61 bd62 bd63 bd64 bd65 bd66 bd67 bd68 bd69 bd70 bd71 bd72 bd73 bd74 bd75 bd76 bd77 bd78 bd79 bd80 bd81 bd82 bd83 bd84 bd85 bd86 bd87 bd88 bd89 bd90 bd91 bd92 bd93 bd94 bd95 bd96 bd97 bd98 bd99 bd100 bd
circular inch15.2788739 circ in30.5577478 circ in45.8366217 circ in61.1154956 circ in76.3943695 circ in91.6732434 circ in106.9521173 circ in122.2309913 circ in137.5098652 circ in152.7887391 circ in168.0676130 circ in183.3464869 circ in198.6253608 circ in213.9042347 circ in229.1831086 circ in244.4619825 circ in259.7408564 circ in275.0197303 circ in290.2986042 circ in305.5774781 circ in320.8563520 circ in336.1352259 circ in351.4140999 circ in366.6929738 circ in381.9718477 circ in397.2507216 circ in412.5295955 circ in427.8084694 circ in443.0873433 circ in458.3662172 circ in473.6450911 circ in488.9239650 circ in504.2028389 circ in519.4817128 circ in534.7605867 circ in550.0394606 circ in565.3183345 circ in580.5972084 circ in595.8760824 circ in611.1549563 circ in626.4338302 circ in641.7127041 circ in656.9915780 circ in672.2704519 circ in687.5493258 circ in702.8281997 circ in718.1070736 circ in733.3859475 circ in748.6648214 circ in763.9436953 circ in779.2225692 circ in794.5014431 circ in809.7803170 circ in825.0591910 circ in840.3380649 circ in855.6169388 circ in870.8958127 circ in886.1746866 circ in901.4535605 circ in916.7324344 circ in932.0113083 circ in947.2901822 circ in962.5690561 circ in977.8479300 circ in993.1268039 circ in1,008.4056778 circ in1,023.6845517 circ in1,038.9634256 circ in1,054.2422996 circ in1,069.5211735 circ in1,084.8000474 circ in1,100.0789213 circ in1,115.3577952 circ in1,130.6366691 circ in1,145.9155430 circ in1,161.1944169 circ in1,176.4732908 circ in1,191.7521647 circ in1,207.0310386 circ in1,222.3099125 circ in1,237.5887864 circ in1,252.8676603 circ in1,268.1465342 circ in1,283.4254081 circ in1,298.7042821 circ in1,313.9831560 circ in1,329.2620299 circ in1,344.5409038 circ in1,359.8197777 circ in1,375.0986516 circ in1,390.3775255 circ in1,405.6563994 circ in1,420.9352733 circ in1,436.2141472 circ in1,451.4930211 circ in1,466.7718950 circ in1,482.0507689 circ in1,497.3296428 circ in1,512.6085167 circ in1,527.8873907 circ in

Board is a unit of area.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

1 in × 1 ft

7.74192×10−3 m2


conversion table

boardscircular inchesboardscircular inches
1= 15.2788739065446= 91.673243439262
2= 30.5577478130877= 106.95211734581
3= 45.8366217196318= 122.23099125235
4= 61.1154956261759= 137.50986515889
5= 76.39436953271910= 152.78873906544

circular inch is a unit of area. it uses in Imperial/US system. it exactly equal  π4 sq in and approximately ≈ 5.067075 × 10−4 m2

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
circular inchcirc in

π4 sq in

5.067075×10−4 m2


conversion table

circular inchesboardscircular inchesboards
1= 0.0654498496496996= 0.3926990978982
2= 0.13089969929947= 0.4581489475479
3= 0.19634954894918= 0.52359879719759
4= 0.26179939859889= 0.58904864684729
5= 0.327249248248510= 0.65449849649699

Conversion table

boardscircular inches
1= 15.2788739
0.0654498= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)