1 circular inches = 0.0654498 boards 

Circular inches to Boards Conversion

Circular inch to board conversion allow you make a conversion between circular inch and board easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Area Conversion


= 0.06544985
= 654498 × 10-7
= 654498E-7
= 654498e-7
= 0.13089970
= 1309 × 10-4
= 1309E-4
= 1309e-4
= 0.19634955
= 19635 × 10-5
= 19635E-5
= 19635e-5
= 0.26179940
= 261799 × 10-6
= 261799E-6
= 261799e-6
= 0.32724925
= 327249 × 10-6
= 327249E-6
= 327249e-6

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board0.0654498 bd0.1308997 bd0.1963495 bd0.2617994 bd0.3272492 bd0.3926991 bd0.4581489 bd0.5235988 bd0.5890486 bd0.6544985 bd0.7199483 bd0.7853982 bd0.8508480 bd0.9162979 bd0.9817477 bd1.0471976 bd1.1126474 bd1.1780973 bd1.2435471 bd1.3089970 bd1.3744468 bd1.4398967 bd1.5053465 bd1.5707964 bd1.6362462 bd1.7016961 bd1.7671459 bd1.8325958 bd1.8980456 bd1.9634955 bd2.0289453 bd2.0943952 bd2.1598450 bd2.2252949 bd2.2907447 bd2.3561946 bd2.4216444 bd2.4870943 bd2.5525441 bd2.6179940 bd2.6834438 bd2.7488937 bd2.8143435 bd2.8797934 bd2.9452432 bd3.0106931 bd3.0761429 bd3.1415928 bd3.2070426 bd3.2724925 bd3.3379423 bd3.4033922 bd3.4688420 bd3.5342919 bd3.5997417 bd3.6651916 bd3.7306414 bd3.7960913 bd3.8615411 bd3.9269910 bd3.9924408 bd4.0578907 bd4.1233405 bd4.1887904 bd4.2542402 bd4.3196901 bd4.3851399 bd4.4505898 bd4.5160396 bd4.5814895 bd4.6469393 bd4.7123892 bd4.7778390 bd4.8432889 bd4.9087387 bd4.9741886 bd5.0396384 bd5.1050883 bd5.1705381 bd5.2359880 bd5.3014378 bd5.3668877 bd5.4323375 bd5.4977874 bd5.5632372 bd5.6286871 bd5.6941369 bd5.7595868 bd5.8250366 bd5.8904865 bd5.9559363 bd6.0213862 bd6.0868360 bd6.1522859 bd6.2177357 bd6.2831856 bd6.3486354 bd6.4140853 bd6.4795351 bd6.5449850 bd

circular inch is a unit of area. it uses in Imperial/US system. it exactly equal  π4 sq in and approximately ≈ 5.067075 × 10−4 m2

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
circular inchcirc in

π4 sq in

5.067075×10−4 m2


conversion table

circular inchesboardscircular inchesboards
1= 0.0654498496496996= 0.3926990978982
2= 0.13089969929947= 0.4581489475479
3= 0.19634954894918= 0.52359879719759
4= 0.26179939859889= 0.58904864684729
5= 0.327249248248510= 0.65449849649699

Board is a unit of area.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

1 in × 1 ft

7.74192×10−3 m2


conversion table

boardscircular inchesboardscircular inches
1= 15.2788739065446= 91.673243439262
2= 30.5577478130877= 106.95211734581
3= 45.8366217196318= 122.23099125235
4= 61.1154956261759= 137.50986515889
5= 76.39436953271910= 152.78873906544

Conversion table

circular inchesboards
1= 0.0654498
15.2788739= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)