1 kilograms per (cubic meter) = 1.6855549 pound per (cubic yard) 

Kilograms per (cubic meter) to Pound per (cubic yard) Conversion

Kilogram per (cubic meter) to pound per (cubic yard) conversion allow you make a conversion between kilogram per (cubic meter) and pound per (cubic yard) easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Density Conversion


= 1.68555494
= 0.0168555 × 102
= 0.0168555E2
= 0.0168555e2
= 3.37110987
= 0.0337111 × 102
= 0.0337111E2
= 0.0337111e2
= 5.05666481
= 0.0505666 × 102
= 0.0505666E2
= 0.0505666e2
= 6.74221974
= 0.0674222 × 102
= 0.0674222E2
= 0.0674222e2
= 8.42777468
= 0.0842777 × 102
= 0.0842777E2
= 0.0842777e2

Quick Look: kilograms per (cubic meter) to pound per (cubic yard)

kilogram per (cubic meter)1 kg/m32 kg/m33 kg/m34 kg/m35 kg/m36 kg/m37 kg/m38 kg/m39 kg/m310 kg/m311 kg/m312 kg/m313 kg/m314 kg/m315 kg/m316 kg/m317 kg/m318 kg/m319 kg/m320 kg/m321 kg/m322 kg/m323 kg/m324 kg/m325 kg/m326 kg/m327 kg/m328 kg/m329 kg/m330 kg/m331 kg/m332 kg/m333 kg/m334 kg/m335 kg/m336 kg/m337 kg/m338 kg/m339 kg/m340 kg/m341 kg/m342 kg/m343 kg/m344 kg/m345 kg/m346 kg/m347 kg/m348 kg/m349 kg/m350 kg/m351 kg/m352 kg/m353 kg/m354 kg/m355 kg/m356 kg/m357 kg/m358 kg/m359 kg/m360 kg/m361 kg/m362 kg/m363 kg/m364 kg/m365 kg/m366 kg/m367 kg/m368 kg/m369 kg/m370 kg/m371 kg/m372 kg/m373 kg/m374 kg/m375 kg/m376 kg/m377 kg/m378 kg/m379 kg/m380 kg/m381 kg/m382 kg/m383 kg/m384 kg/m385 kg/m386 kg/m387 kg/m388 kg/m389 kg/m390 kg/m391 kg/m392 kg/m393 kg/m394 kg/m395 kg/m396 kg/m397 kg/m398 kg/m399 kg/m3100 kg/m3
pound per (cubic yard)1.6855549 lb/yd33.3711099 lb/yd35.0566648 lb/yd36.7422197 lb/yd38.4277747 lb/yd310.1133296 lb/yd311.7988845 lb/yd313.4844395 lb/yd315.1699944 lb/yd316.8555494 lb/yd318.5411043 lb/yd320.2266592 lb/yd321.9122142 lb/yd323.5977691 lb/yd325.2833240 lb/yd326.9688790 lb/yd328.6544339 lb/yd330.3399888 lb/yd332.0255438 lb/yd333.7110987 lb/yd335.3966536 lb/yd337.0822086 lb/yd338.7677635 lb/yd340.4533185 lb/yd342.1388734 lb/yd343.8244283 lb/yd345.5099833 lb/yd347.1955382 lb/yd348.8810931 lb/yd350.5666481 lb/yd352.2522030 lb/yd353.9377579 lb/yd355.6233129 lb/yd357.3088678 lb/yd358.9944227 lb/yd360.6799777 lb/yd362.3655326 lb/yd364.0510876 lb/yd365.7366425 lb/yd367.4221974 lb/yd369.1077524 lb/yd370.7933073 lb/yd372.4788622 lb/yd374.1644172 lb/yd375.8499721 lb/yd377.5355270 lb/yd379.2210820 lb/yd380.9066369 lb/yd382.5921918 lb/yd384.2777468 lb/yd385.9633017 lb/yd387.6488566 lb/yd389.3344116 lb/yd391.0199665 lb/yd392.7055215 lb/yd394.3910764 lb/yd396.0766313 lb/yd397.7621863 lb/yd399.4477412 lb/yd3101.1332961 lb/yd3102.8188511 lb/yd3104.5044060 lb/yd3106.1899609 lb/yd3107.8755159 lb/yd3109.5610708 lb/yd3111.2466257 lb/yd3112.9321807 lb/yd3114.6177356 lb/yd3116.3032906 lb/yd3117.9888455 lb/yd3119.6744004 lb/yd3121.3599554 lb/yd3123.0455103 lb/yd3124.7310652 lb/yd3126.4166202 lb/yd3128.1021751 lb/yd3129.7877300 lb/yd3131.4732850 lb/yd3133.1588399 lb/yd3134.8443948 lb/yd3136.5299498 lb/yd3138.2155047 lb/yd3139.9010597 lb/yd3141.5866146 lb/yd3143.2721695 lb/yd3144.9577245 lb/yd3146.6432794 lb/yd3148.3288343 lb/yd3150.0143893 lb/yd3151.6999442 lb/yd3153.3854991 lb/yd3155.0710541 lb/yd3156.7566090 lb/yd3158.4421639 lb/yd3160.1277189 lb/yd3161.8132738 lb/yd3163.4988287 lb/yd3165.1843837 lb/yd3166.8699386 lb/yd3168.5554936 lb/yd3

Kilogram per cubic metre is an SI derived unit of density, defined by mass in kilograms divided by volume in cubic metres. The official SI symbolic abbreviation is kg·m−3, or equivalently either kg/m3.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
kilogram per (cubic meter)kg/m3

≡ kg/m3

= 1 kg/m3

Metric system SI

conversion table

kilograms per (cubic meter)pound per (cubic yard)kilograms per (cubic meter)pound per (cubic yard)
1≈ 1.68555493555596≈ 10.113329613335
2≈ 3.37110987111187≈ 11.798884548891
3≈ 5.05666480666778≈ 13.484439484447
4≈ 6.74221974222369≈ 15.169994420003
5≈ 8.427774677779510≈ 16.855549355559

The pound per cubic yard is the unit of density, symbol is lb/yd3.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
pound per (cubic yard)lb/yd3

≡ lb/yd3

≈ 0.593276421 kg / m3


conversion table

pound per (cubic yard)kilograms per (cubic meter)pound per (cubic yard)kilograms per (cubic meter)
1≈ 0.593276421257786≈ 3.5596585275467
2≈ 1.18655284251567≈ 4.1529349488045
3≈ 1.77982926377338≈ 4.7462113700623
4≈ 2.37310568503119≈ 5.33948779132
5≈ 2.966382106288910≈ 5.9327642125778