1 pound per (cubic foot) = 0.0160185 kilogram per liters 

Pound per (cubic foot) to Kilogram per liters Conversion

Pound per (cubic foot) to kilogram per liter conversion allow you make a conversion between pound per (cubic foot) and kilogram per liter easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Density Conversion


= 0.01601846
= 160185 × 10-7
= 160185E-7
= 160185e-7
= 0.03203693
= 320369 × 10-7
= 320369E-7
= 320369e-7
= 0.04805539
= 480554 × 10-7
= 480554E-7
= 480554e-7
= 0.06407385
= 640739 × 10-7
= 640739E-7
= 640739e-7
= 0.08009232
= 800923 × 10-7
= 800923E-7
= 800923e-7

Quick Look: pound per (cubic foot) to kilogram per liters

pound per (cubic foot)1 lb/ft32 lb/ft33 lb/ft34 lb/ft35 lb/ft36 lb/ft37 lb/ft38 lb/ft39 lb/ft310 lb/ft311 lb/ft312 lb/ft313 lb/ft314 lb/ft315 lb/ft316 lb/ft317 lb/ft318 lb/ft319 lb/ft320 lb/ft321 lb/ft322 lb/ft323 lb/ft324 lb/ft325 lb/ft326 lb/ft327 lb/ft328 lb/ft329 lb/ft330 lb/ft331 lb/ft332 lb/ft333 lb/ft334 lb/ft335 lb/ft336 lb/ft337 lb/ft338 lb/ft339 lb/ft340 lb/ft341 lb/ft342 lb/ft343 lb/ft344 lb/ft345 lb/ft346 lb/ft347 lb/ft348 lb/ft349 lb/ft350 lb/ft351 lb/ft352 lb/ft353 lb/ft354 lb/ft355 lb/ft356 lb/ft357 lb/ft358 lb/ft359 lb/ft360 lb/ft361 lb/ft362 lb/ft363 lb/ft364 lb/ft365 lb/ft366 lb/ft367 lb/ft368 lb/ft369 lb/ft370 lb/ft371 lb/ft372 lb/ft373 lb/ft374 lb/ft375 lb/ft376 lb/ft377 lb/ft378 lb/ft379 lb/ft380 lb/ft381 lb/ft382 lb/ft383 lb/ft384 lb/ft385 lb/ft386 lb/ft387 lb/ft388 lb/ft389 lb/ft390 lb/ft391 lb/ft392 lb/ft393 lb/ft394 lb/ft395 lb/ft396 lb/ft397 lb/ft398 lb/ft399 lb/ft3100 lb/ft3
kilogram per liter0.0160185 kg/L0.0320369 kg/L0.0480554 kg/L0.0640739 kg/L0.0800923 kg/L0.0961108 kg/L0.1121292 kg/L0.1281477 kg/L0.1441662 kg/L0.1601846 kg/L0.1762031 kg/L0.1922216 kg/L0.2082400 kg/L0.2242585 kg/L0.2402770 kg/L0.2562954 kg/L0.2723139 kg/L0.2883323 kg/L0.3043508 kg/L0.3203693 kg/L0.3363877 kg/L0.3524062 kg/L0.3684247 kg/L0.3844431 kg/L0.4004616 kg/L0.4164800 kg/L0.4324985 kg/L0.4485170 kg/L0.4645354 kg/L0.4805539 kg/L0.4965724 kg/L0.5125908 kg/L0.5286093 kg/L0.5446278 kg/L0.5606462 kg/L0.5766647 kg/L0.5926831 kg/L0.6087016 kg/L0.6247201 kg/L0.6407385 kg/L0.6567570 kg/L0.6727755 kg/L0.6887939 kg/L0.7048124 kg/L0.7208309 kg/L0.7368493 kg/L0.7528678 kg/L0.7688862 kg/L0.7849047 kg/L0.8009232 kg/L0.8169416 kg/L0.8329601 kg/L0.8489786 kg/L0.8649970 kg/L0.8810155 kg/L0.8970339 kg/L0.9130524 kg/L0.9290709 kg/L0.9450893 kg/L0.9611078 kg/L0.9771263 kg/L0.9931447 kg/L1.0091632 kg/L1.0251817 kg/L1.0412001 kg/L1.0572186 kg/L1.0732370 kg/L1.0892555 kg/L1.1052740 kg/L1.1212924 kg/L1.1373109 kg/L1.1533294 kg/L1.1693478 kg/L1.1853663 kg/L1.2013848 kg/L1.2174032 kg/L1.2334217 kg/L1.2494401 kg/L1.2654586 kg/L1.2814771 kg/L1.2974955 kg/L1.3135140 kg/L1.3295325 kg/L1.3455509 kg/L1.3615694 kg/L1.3775879 kg/L1.3936063 kg/L1.4096248 kg/L1.4256432 kg/L1.4416617 kg/L1.4576802 kg/L1.4736986 kg/L1.4897171 kg/L1.5057356 kg/L1.5217540 kg/L1.5377725 kg/L1.5537909 kg/L1.5698094 kg/L1.5858279 kg/L1.6018463 kg/L

The pound per cubic foot is the unit of density, symbol is lb/ft3.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
pound per (cubic foot)lb/ft3

≡ lb/ft3

≈ 16.01846337 kg/m3


conversion table

pound per (cubic foot)kilogram per literspound per (cubic foot)kilogram per liters
1≈ 0.016018463373966≈ 0.096110780243761
2≈ 0.032036926747927≈ 0.11212924361772
3≈ 0.048055390121888≈ 0.12814770699168
4≈ 0.0640738534958419≈ 0.14416617036564
5≈ 0.08009231686980110≈ 0.1601846337396

Kilogram per liter (symbol: kg/L) is the unit of dencity, equal 1000 kg/L.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
kilogram per literkg/L

≡ kg/L

= 1000 kg/m3

Metric system SI

conversion table

kilogram per literspound per (cubic foot)kilogram per literspound per (cubic foot)
1≈ 62.4279605761456≈ 374.56776345687
2≈ 124.855921152297≈ 436.99572403301
3≈ 187.283881728438≈ 499.42368460916
4≈ 249.711842304589≈ 561.8516451853
5≈ 312.1398028807210≈ 624.27960576145