1 calories = 0.0090832 gallons-atmosphere (imperial) 

Calories to Gallons-atmosphere (imperial) Conversion

Calorie to gallon-atmosphere (imperial) conversion allow you make a conversion between calorie and gallon-atmosphere (imperial) easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Energy Conversion


= 0.00908316
= 908316 × 10-8
= 908316E-8
= 908316e-8
= 0.01816632
= 181663 × 10-7
= 181663E-7
= 181663e-7
= 0.02724948
= 272495 × 10-7
= 272495E-7
= 272495e-7
= 0.03633265
= 363326 × 10-7
= 363326E-7
= 363326e-7
= 0.04541581
= 454158 × 10-7
= 454158E-7
= 454158e-7

Quick Look: calories to gallons-atmosphere (imperial)

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gallon-atmosphere (imperial)0.0090832 imp gal atm0.0181663 imp gal atm0.0272495 imp gal atm0.0363326 imp gal atm0.0454158 imp gal atm0.0544990 imp gal atm0.0635821 imp gal atm0.0726653 imp gal atm0.0817485 imp gal atm0.0908316 imp gal atm0.0999148 imp gal atm0.1089979 imp gal atm0.1180811 imp gal atm0.1271643 imp gal atm0.1362474 imp gal atm0.1453306 imp gal atm0.1544137 imp gal atm0.1634969 imp gal atm0.1725801 imp gal atm0.1816632 imp gal atm0.1907464 imp gal atm0.1998296 imp gal atm0.2089127 imp gal atm0.2179959 imp gal atm0.2270790 imp gal atm0.2361622 imp gal atm0.2452454 imp gal atm0.2543285 imp gal atm0.2634117 imp gal atm0.2724948 imp gal atm0.2815780 imp gal atm0.2906612 imp gal atm0.2997443 imp gal atm0.3088275 imp gal atm0.3179107 imp gal atm0.3269938 imp gal atm0.3360770 imp gal atm0.3451601 imp gal atm0.3542433 imp gal atm0.3633265 imp gal atm0.3724096 imp gal atm0.3814928 imp gal atm0.3905759 imp gal atm0.3996591 imp gal atm0.4087423 imp gal atm0.4178254 imp gal atm0.4269086 imp gal atm0.4359918 imp gal atm0.4450749 imp gal atm0.4541581 imp gal atm0.4632412 imp gal atm0.4723244 imp gal atm0.4814076 imp gal atm0.4904907 imp gal atm0.4995739 imp gal atm0.5086570 imp gal atm0.5177402 imp gal atm0.5268234 imp gal atm0.5359065 imp gal atm0.5449897 imp gal atm0.5540728 imp gal atm0.5631560 imp gal atm0.5722392 imp gal atm0.5813223 imp gal atm0.5904055 imp gal atm0.5994887 imp gal atm0.6085718 imp gal atm0.6176550 imp gal atm0.6267381 imp gal atm0.6358213 imp gal atm0.6449045 imp gal atm0.6539876 imp gal atm0.6630708 imp gal atm0.6721539 imp gal atm0.6812371 imp gal atm0.6903203 imp gal atm0.6994034 imp gal atm0.7084866 imp gal atm0.7175698 imp gal atm0.7266529 imp gal atm0.7357361 imp gal atm0.7448192 imp gal atm0.7539024 imp gal atm0.7629856 imp gal atm0.7720687 imp gal atm0.7811519 imp gal atm0.7902350 imp gal atm0.7993182 imp gal atm0.8084014 imp gal atm0.8174845 imp gal atm0.8265677 imp gal atm0.8356509 imp gal atm0.8447340 imp gal atm0.8538172 imp gal atm0.8629003 imp gal atm0.8719835 imp gal atm0.8810667 imp gal atm0.8901498 imp gal atm0.8992330 imp gal atm0.9083161 imp gal atm

Calories are units of energy. Various definitions exist but fall into two broad categories. The first, the small calorie, or gram calorie (symbol: cal), is defined as the approximate amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree Celsius at a pressure of one atmosphere.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 4.184 J

= 4.184 J

Metric system SI

conversion table

caloriesgallons-atmosphere (imperial)caloriesgallons-atmosphere (imperial)
1= 0.00908316145949556= 0.054498968756973
2= 0.0181663229189917= 0.063582130216469
3= 0.0272494843784878= 0.072665291675964
4= 0.0363326458379829= 0.08174845313546
5= 0.04541580729747810= 0.090831614594955

The gallon-atmosphere (imperial) is the unit of Energy. 

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
gallon-atmosphere (imperial)imp gal atm

≡ 1 atm × 1 gal (imp)

= 460.63256925 J


conversion table

gallons-atmosphere (imperial)caloriesgallons-atmosphere (imperial)calories
1= 110.093826302586= 660.56295781549
2= 220.187652605167= 770.65678411807
3= 330.281478907748= 880.75061042065
4= 440.375305210339= 990.84443672323
5= 550.4691315129110= 1100.9382630258

Conversion table

caloriesgallons-atmosphere (imperial)
1= 0.0090832
110.0938263= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)