1 feet-poundal = 42,140,110.093805 nanojoules 

Feet-poundal to Nanojoules Conversion

Foot-poundal to nanojoule conversion allow you make a conversion between foot-poundal and nanojoule easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Energy Conversion


= 42,140,110.09380480
= 4.21401 × 107
= 4.21401E+7
= 4.21401e+7
= 84,280,220.18760960
= 8.42802 × 107
= 8.42802E+7
= 8.42802e+7
= 126,420,330.28141437
= 1.2642 × 108
= 1.2642E+8
= 1.2642e+8
= 168,560,440.37521920
= 1.6856 × 108
= 1.6856E+8
= 1.6856e+8
= 210,700,550.46902397
= 2.10701 × 108
= 2.10701E+8
= 2.10701e+8

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nanojoule42,140,110.093805 nJ84,280,220.18761 nJ126,420,330.28141 nJ168,560,440.37522 nJ210,700,550.46902 nJ252,840,660.56283 nJ294,980,770.65663 nJ337,120,880.75044 nJ379,260,990.84424 nJ421,401,100.93805 nJ463,541,211.03185 nJ505,681,321.12566 nJ547,821,431.21946 nJ589,961,541.31327 nJ632,101,651.40707 nJ674,241,761.50088 nJ716,381,871.59468 nJ758,521,981.68849 nJ800,662,091.78229 nJ842,802,201.8761 nJ884,942,311.9699 nJ927,082,422.06371 nJ969,222,532.15751 nJ1,011,362,642.2513 nJ1,053,502,752.3451 nJ1,095,642,862.4389 nJ1,137,782,972.5327 nJ1,179,923,082.6265 nJ1,222,063,192.7203 nJ1,264,203,302.8141 nJ1,306,343,412.9079 nJ1,348,483,523.0018 nJ1,390,623,633.0956 nJ1,432,763,743.1894 nJ1,474,903,853.2832 nJ1,517,043,963.377 nJ1,559,184,073.4708 nJ1,601,324,183.5646 nJ1,643,464,293.6584 nJ1,685,604,403.7522 nJ1,727,744,513.846 nJ1,769,884,623.9398 nJ1,812,024,734.0336 nJ1,854,164,844.1274 nJ1,896,304,954.2212 nJ1,938,445,064.315 nJ1,980,585,174.4088 nJ2,022,725,284.5026 nJ2,064,865,394.5964 nJ2,107,005,504.6902 nJ2,149,145,614.784 nJ2,191,285,724.8778 nJ2,233,425,834.9717 nJ2,275,565,945.0655 nJ2,317,706,055.1593 nJ2,359,846,165.2531 nJ2,401,986,275.3469 nJ2,444,126,385.4407 nJ2,486,266,495.5345 nJ2,528,406,605.6283 nJ2,570,546,715.7221 nJ2,612,686,825.8159 nJ2,654,826,935.9097 nJ2,696,967,046.0035 nJ2,739,107,156.0973 nJ2,781,247,266.1911 nJ2,823,387,376.2849 nJ2,865,527,486.3787 nJ2,907,667,596.4725 nJ2,949,807,706.5663 nJ2,991,947,816.6601 nJ3,034,087,926.7539 nJ3,076,228,036.8478 nJ3,118,368,146.9416 nJ3,160,508,257.0354 nJ3,202,648,367.1292 nJ3,244,788,477.223 nJ3,286,928,587.3168 nJ3,329,068,697.4106 nJ3,371,208,807.5044 nJ3,413,348,917.5982 nJ3,455,489,027.692 nJ3,497,629,137.7858 nJ3,539,769,247.8796 nJ3,581,909,357.9734 nJ3,624,049,468.0672 nJ3,666,189,578.161 nJ3,708,329,688.2548 nJ3,750,469,798.3486 nJ3,792,609,908.4424 nJ3,834,750,018.5362 nJ3,876,890,128.63 nJ3,919,030,238.7238 nJ3,961,170,348.8177 nJ4,003,310,458.9115 nJ4,045,450,569.0053 nJ4,087,590,679.0991 nJ4,129,730,789.1929 nJ4,171,870,899.2867 nJ4,214,011,009.3805 nJ

The foot-poundal (symbol: ft-pdl) is a unit of energy that is part of the foot-pound-second system of units, in Imperial units introduced in 1879, and is from the specialized subsystem of English Absolut (a coherent system). The foot-poundal is equal to 1/32.174049 that of the more commonly used foot-pound force.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 1 lb·ft2/s2

= 4.21401100938048×10−2 J


conversion table

1= 42140110.0938056= 252840660.56283
2= 84280220.187617= 294980770.65663
3= 126420330.281418= 337120880.75044
4= 168560440.375229= 379260990.84424
5= 210700550.4690210= 421401100.93805

The nanojoule (nJ) is equal to one billionth (10−9) of one joule. 160 nanojoules is about the kinetic energy of a flying mosquito.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

160 nanojoules is about the kinetic energy of a flying mosquito.

= 10-9 joule

Metric system SI

conversion table

1= 2.3730360404232E-86= 1.4238216242539E-7
2= 4.7460720808464E-87= 1.6611252282962E-7
3= 7.1191081212696E-88= 1.8984288323386E-7
4= 9.4921441616928E-89= 2.1357324363809E-7
5= 1.1865180202116E-710= 2.3730360404232E-7

Conversion table

1= 42,140,110.093805
2.3730360404232 × 10-8= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)