1 feet-pound force = 0.0029434 gallons-atmosphere (imperial) 

Feet-pound force to Gallons-atmosphere (imperial) Conversion

Foot-pound force to gallon-atmosphere (imperial) conversion allow you make a conversion between foot-pound force and gallon-atmosphere (imperial) easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Energy Conversion


= 0.00294338
= 294338 × 10-8
= 294338E-8
= 294338e-8
= 0.00588677
= 588677 × 10-8
= 588677E-8
= 588677e-8
= 0.00883015
= 883015 × 10-8
= 883015E-8
= 883015e-8
= 0.01177353
= 117735 × 10-7
= 117735E-7
= 117735e-7
= 0.01471691
= 147169 × 10-7
= 147169E-7
= 147169e-7

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gallon-atmosphere (imperial)0.0029434 imp gal atm0.0058868 imp gal atm0.0088301 imp gal atm0.0117735 imp gal atm0.0147169 imp gal atm0.0176603 imp gal atm0.0206037 imp gal atm0.0235471 imp gal atm0.0264904 imp gal atm0.0294338 imp gal atm0.0323772 imp gal atm0.0353206 imp gal atm0.0382640 imp gal atm0.0412074 imp gal atm0.0441507 imp gal atm0.0470941 imp gal atm0.0500375 imp gal atm0.0529809 imp gal atm0.0559243 imp gal atm0.0588677 imp gal atm0.0618110 imp gal atm0.0647544 imp gal atm0.0676978 imp gal atm0.0706412 imp gal atm0.0735846 imp gal atm0.0765280 imp gal atm0.0794713 imp gal atm0.0824147 imp gal atm0.0853581 imp gal atm0.0883015 imp gal atm0.0912449 imp gal atm0.0941882 imp gal atm0.0971316 imp gal atm0.1000750 imp gal atm0.1030184 imp gal atm0.1059618 imp gal atm0.1089052 imp gal atm0.1118485 imp gal atm0.1147919 imp gal atm0.1177353 imp gal atm0.1206787 imp gal atm0.1236221 imp gal atm0.1265655 imp gal atm0.1295088 imp gal atm0.1324522 imp gal atm0.1353956 imp gal atm0.1383390 imp gal atm0.1412824 imp gal atm0.1442258 imp gal atm0.1471691 imp gal atm0.1501125 imp gal atm0.1530559 imp gal atm0.1559993 imp gal atm0.1589427 imp gal atm0.1618861 imp gal atm0.1648294 imp gal atm0.1677728 imp gal atm0.1707162 imp gal atm0.1736596 imp gal atm0.1766030 imp gal atm0.1795463 imp gal atm0.1824897 imp gal atm0.1854331 imp gal atm0.1883765 imp gal atm0.1913199 imp gal atm0.1942633 imp gal atm0.1972066 imp gal atm0.2001500 imp gal atm0.2030934 imp gal atm0.2060368 imp gal atm0.2089802 imp gal atm0.2119236 imp gal atm0.2148669 imp gal atm0.2178103 imp gal atm0.2207537 imp gal atm0.2236971 imp gal atm0.2266405 imp gal atm0.2295839 imp gal atm0.2325272 imp gal atm0.2354706 imp gal atm0.2384140 imp gal atm0.2413574 imp gal atm0.2443008 imp gal atm0.2472441 imp gal atm0.2501875 imp gal atm0.2531309 imp gal atm0.2560743 imp gal atm0.2590177 imp gal atm0.2619611 imp gal atm0.2649044 imp gal atm0.2678478 imp gal atm0.2707912 imp gal atm0.2737346 imp gal atm0.2766780 imp gal atm0.2796214 imp gal atm0.2825647 imp gal atm0.2855081 imp gal atm0.2884515 imp gal atm0.2913949 imp gal atm0.2943383 imp gal atm

The foot-pound force (symbol: ft·lbf or ft·lb), sometimes erroneously referred to as feet per pound (symbol: ft/lb), is a unit of work or energy in the Engineering and Gravitational Systems in United States customary and imperial units of measure. It is the energy transferred upon applying a force of one pound-force (lbf) through a linear displacement of one foot. The corresponding SI unit is the joule.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
foot-pound forceft·lbf

≡ ɡ0 × 1 lb × 1 ft

= 1.3558179483314004 J


conversion table

feet-pound forcegallons-atmosphere (imperial)feet-pound forcegallons-atmosphere (imperial)
1= 0.00294338272810146= 0.017660296368608
2= 0.00588676545620277= 0.020603679096709
3= 0.00883014818430418= 0.023547061824811
4= 0.0117735309124059= 0.026490444552912
5= 0.01471691364050710= 0.029433827281014

The gallon-atmosphere (imperial) is the unit of Energy. 

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
gallon-atmosphere (imperial)imp gal atm

≡ 1 atm × 1 gal (imp)

= 460.63256925 J


conversion table

gallons-atmosphere (imperial)feet-pound forcegallons-atmosphere (imperial)feet-pound force
1= 339.745147803146= 2038.4708868188
2= 679.490295606287= 2378.216034622
3= 1019.23544340948= 2717.9611824251
4= 1358.98059121269= 3057.7063302282
5= 1698.725739015710= 3397.4514780314

Conversion table

feet-pound forcegallons-atmosphere (imperial)
1= 0.0029434
339.7451478= 1


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approximately equal to
=equal to
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