1 gallons-atmosphere (imperial) = 0.0001716 horsepower-hours 

Gallons-atmosphere (imperial) to Horsepower-hours Conversion

Gallon-atmosphere (imperial) to horsepower-hour conversion allow you make a conversion between gallon-atmosphere (imperial) and horsepower-hour easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Energy Conversion


= 0.00017159
= 171588 × 10-9
= 171588E-9
= 171588e-9
= 0.00034318
= 343177 × 10-9
= 343177E-9
= 343177e-9
= 0.00051477
= 514765 × 10-9
= 514765E-9
= 514765e-9
= 0.00068635
= 686354 × 10-9
= 686354E-9
= 686354e-9
= 0.00085794
= 857942 × 10-9
= 857942E-9
= 857942e-9

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gallon-atmosphere (imperial)1 imp gal atm2 imp gal atm3 imp gal atm4 imp gal atm5 imp gal atm6 imp gal atm7 imp gal atm8 imp gal atm9 imp gal atm10 imp gal atm11 imp gal atm12 imp gal atm13 imp gal atm14 imp gal atm15 imp gal atm16 imp gal atm17 imp gal atm18 imp gal atm19 imp gal atm20 imp gal atm21 imp gal atm22 imp gal atm23 imp gal atm24 imp gal atm25 imp gal atm26 imp gal atm27 imp gal atm28 imp gal atm29 imp gal atm30 imp gal atm31 imp gal atm32 imp gal atm33 imp gal atm34 imp gal atm35 imp gal atm36 imp gal atm37 imp gal atm38 imp gal atm39 imp gal atm40 imp gal atm41 imp gal atm42 imp gal atm43 imp gal atm44 imp gal atm45 imp gal atm46 imp gal atm47 imp gal atm48 imp gal atm49 imp gal atm50 imp gal atm51 imp gal atm52 imp gal atm53 imp gal atm54 imp gal atm55 imp gal atm56 imp gal atm57 imp gal atm58 imp gal atm59 imp gal atm60 imp gal atm61 imp gal atm62 imp gal atm63 imp gal atm64 imp gal atm65 imp gal atm66 imp gal atm67 imp gal atm68 imp gal atm69 imp gal atm70 imp gal atm71 imp gal atm72 imp gal atm73 imp gal atm74 imp gal atm75 imp gal atm76 imp gal atm77 imp gal atm78 imp gal atm79 imp gal atm80 imp gal atm81 imp gal atm82 imp gal atm83 imp gal atm84 imp gal atm85 imp gal atm86 imp gal atm87 imp gal atm88 imp gal atm89 imp gal atm90 imp gal atm91 imp gal atm92 imp gal atm93 imp gal atm94 imp gal atm95 imp gal atm96 imp gal atm97 imp gal atm98 imp gal atm99 imp gal atm100 imp gal atm
horsepower-hour0.0001716 hp·h0.0003432 hp·h0.0005148 hp·h0.0006864 hp·h0.0008579 hp·h0.0010295 hp·h0.0012011 hp·h0.0013727 hp·h0.0015443 hp·h0.0017159 hp·h0.0018875 hp·h0.0020591 hp·h0.0022306 hp·h0.0024022 hp·h0.0025738 hp·h0.0027454 hp·h0.0029170 hp·h0.0030886 hp·h0.0032602 hp·h0.0034318 hp·h0.0036034 hp·h0.0037749 hp·h0.0039465 hp·h0.0041181 hp·h0.0042897 hp·h0.0044613 hp·h0.0046329 hp·h0.0048045 hp·h0.0049761 hp·h0.0051477 hp·h0.0053192 hp·h0.0054908 hp·h0.0056624 hp·h0.0058340 hp·h0.0060056 hp·h0.0061772 hp·h0.0063488 hp·h0.0065204 hp·h0.0066919 hp·h0.0068635 hp·h0.0070351 hp·h0.0072067 hp·h0.0073783 hp·h0.0075499 hp·h0.0077215 hp·h0.0078931 hp·h0.0080647 hp·h0.0082362 hp·h0.0084078 hp·h0.0085794 hp·h0.0087510 hp·h0.0089226 hp·h0.0090942 hp·h0.0092658 hp·h0.0094374 hp·h0.0096090 hp·h0.0097805 hp·h0.0099521 hp·h0.0101237 hp·h0.0102953 hp·h0.0104669 hp·h0.0106385 hp·h0.0108101 hp·h0.0109817 hp·h0.0111532 hp·h0.0113248 hp·h0.0114964 hp·h0.0116680 hp·h0.0118396 hp·h0.0120112 hp·h0.0121828 hp·h0.0123544 hp·h0.0125260 hp·h0.0126975 hp·h0.0128691 hp·h0.0130407 hp·h0.0132123 hp·h0.0133839 hp·h0.0135555 hp·h0.0137271 hp·h0.0138987 hp·h0.0140703 hp·h0.0142418 hp·h0.0144134 hp·h0.0145850 hp·h0.0147566 hp·h0.0149282 hp·h0.0150998 hp·h0.0152714 hp·h0.0154430 hp·h0.0156145 hp·h0.0157861 hp·h0.0159577 hp·h0.0161293 hp·h0.0163009 hp·h0.0164725 hp·h0.0166441 hp·h0.0168157 hp·h0.0169873 hp·h0.0171588 hp·h

The gallon-atmosphere (imperial) is the unit of Energy. 

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
gallon-atmosphere (imperial)imp gal atm

≡ 1 atm × 1 gal (imp)

= 460.63256925 J


conversion table

gallons-atmosphere (imperial)horsepower-hoursgallons-atmosphere (imperial)horsepower-hours
1= 0.000171588458486446= 0.0010295307509187
2= 0.000343176916972897= 0.0012011192094051
3= 0.000514765375459338= 0.0013727076678916
4= 0.000686353833945789= 0.001544296126378
5= 0.0008579422924322210= 0.0017158845848644

A horsepower-hour (hph) is an outdated unit of energy, not used in the SI system of units. The unit represents an amount of work a horse is supposed capable of delivering during an hour (1 (one) horsepower integrated over a time interval of an hour). Based on differences in the definition of what constitutes the 'power of a horse', a horsepower-hour differs slightly from the German "Pferdestärkenstunde" (PSh):

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 1 hp × 1 h

= 2.684519537696172792×106 J

Metric system Non-SI

conversion table

horsepower-hoursgallons-atmosphere (imperial)horsepower-hoursgallons-atmosphere (imperial)
1= 5827.89780164036= 34967.386809842
2= 11655.7956032817= 40795.284611482
3= 17483.6934049218= 46623.182413122
4= 23311.5912065619= 52451.080214763
5= 29139.48900820210= 58278.978016403

Conversion table

gallons-atmosphere (imperial)horsepower-hours
1= 0.0001716
5,827.8978016= 1


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