1 gallons-atmosphere (imperial) = 460.6325693 joules 

Gallons-atmosphere (imperial) to Joules Conversion

Gallon-atmosphere (imperial) to joule conversion allow you make a conversion between gallon-atmosphere (imperial) and joule easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Energy Conversion


= 460.63256925
= 4.60633 × 102
= 4.60633E2
= 4.60633e2
= 921.26513850
= 9.21265 × 102
= 9.21265E2
= 9.21265e2
= 1,381.89770775
= 13.819 × 102
= 13.819E2
= 13.819e2
= 1,842.53027700
= 18.4253 × 102
= 18.4253E2
= 18.4253e2
= 2,303.16284625
= 23.0316 × 102
= 23.0316E2
= 23.0316e2

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gallon-atmosphere (imperial)1 imp gal atm2 imp gal atm3 imp gal atm4 imp gal atm5 imp gal atm6 imp gal atm7 imp gal atm8 imp gal atm9 imp gal atm10 imp gal atm11 imp gal atm12 imp gal atm13 imp gal atm14 imp gal atm15 imp gal atm16 imp gal atm17 imp gal atm18 imp gal atm19 imp gal atm20 imp gal atm21 imp gal atm22 imp gal atm23 imp gal atm24 imp gal atm25 imp gal atm26 imp gal atm27 imp gal atm28 imp gal atm29 imp gal atm30 imp gal atm31 imp gal atm32 imp gal atm33 imp gal atm34 imp gal atm35 imp gal atm36 imp gal atm37 imp gal atm38 imp gal atm39 imp gal atm40 imp gal atm41 imp gal atm42 imp gal atm43 imp gal atm44 imp gal atm45 imp gal atm46 imp gal atm47 imp gal atm48 imp gal atm49 imp gal atm50 imp gal atm51 imp gal atm52 imp gal atm53 imp gal atm54 imp gal atm55 imp gal atm56 imp gal atm57 imp gal atm58 imp gal atm59 imp gal atm60 imp gal atm61 imp gal atm62 imp gal atm63 imp gal atm64 imp gal atm65 imp gal atm66 imp gal atm67 imp gal atm68 imp gal atm69 imp gal atm70 imp gal atm71 imp gal atm72 imp gal atm73 imp gal atm74 imp gal atm75 imp gal atm76 imp gal atm77 imp gal atm78 imp gal atm79 imp gal atm80 imp gal atm81 imp gal atm82 imp gal atm83 imp gal atm84 imp gal atm85 imp gal atm86 imp gal atm87 imp gal atm88 imp gal atm89 imp gal atm90 imp gal atm91 imp gal atm92 imp gal atm93 imp gal atm94 imp gal atm95 imp gal atm96 imp gal atm97 imp gal atm98 imp gal atm99 imp gal atm100 imp gal atm
joule460.6325693 J921.2651385 J1,381.8977078 J1,842.530277 J2,303.1628463 J2,763.7954155 J3,224.4279848 J3,685.060554 J4,145.6931233 J4,606.3256925 J5,066.9582618 J5,527.590831 J5,988.2234003 J6,448.8559695 J6,909.4885388 J7,370.121108 J7,830.7536773 J8,291.3862465 J8,752.0188158 J9,212.651385 J9,673.2839543 J10,133.9165235 J10,594.5490928 J11,055.181662 J11,515.8142313 J11,976.4468005 J12,437.0793698 J12,897.711939 J13,358.3445083 J13,818.9770775 J14,279.6096468 J14,740.242216 J15,200.8747853 J15,661.5073545 J16,122.1399238 J16,582.772493 J17,043.4050623 J17,504.0376315 J17,964.6702008 J18,425.30277 J18,885.9353393 J19,346.5679085 J19,807.2004778 J20,267.833047 J20,728.4656163 J21,189.0981855 J21,649.7307548 J22,110.363324 J22,570.9958933 J23,031.6284625 J23,492.2610318 J23,952.893601 J24,413.5261703 J24,874.1587395 J25,334.7913088 J25,795.423878 J26,256.0564473 J26,716.6890165 J27,177.3215858 J27,637.954155 J28,098.5867243 J28,559.2192935 J29,019.8518628 J29,480.484432 J29,941.1170013 J30,401.7495705 J30,862.3821398 J31,323.014709 J31,783.6472783 J32,244.2798475 J32,704.9124168 J33,165.544986 J33,626.1775553 J34,086.8101245 J34,547.4426938 J35,008.075263 J35,468.7078323 J35,929.3404015 J36,389.9729708 J36,850.60554 J37,311.2381093 J37,771.8706785 J38,232.5032478 J38,693.135817 J39,153.7683863 J39,614.4009555 J40,075.0335248 J40,535.666094 J40,996.2986633 J41,456.9312325 J41,917.5638018 J42,378.196371 J42,838.8289403 J43,299.4615095 J43,760.0940788 J44,220.726648 J44,681.3592173 J45,141.9917865 J45,602.6243558 J46,063.256925 J

The gallon-atmosphere (imperial) is the unit of Energy. 

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
gallon-atmosphere (imperial)imp gal atm

≡ 1 atm × 1 gal (imp)

= 460.63256925 J


conversion table

gallons-atmosphere (imperial)joulesgallons-atmosphere (imperial)joules
1= 460.632569256= 2763.7954155
2= 921.26513857= 3224.42798475
3= 1381.897707758= 3685.060554
4= 1842.5302779= 4145.69312325
5= 2303.1628462510= 4606.3256925

The joule (/ˈdʒuːl/); symbol: J), is a derived unit of energy in the International System of Units. It is equal to the energy transferred to (or work done on) an object when a force of one newton acts on that object in the direction of its motion through a distance of one metre (1 newton metre or N⋅m).

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

The work done when a force of one newton moves the point of its application a distance of one metre in the direction of the force.

= 1 J = 1 m·N = 1 kg·m2/s2 = 1 C·V = 1 W·s

Metric system SI

conversion table

joulesgallons-atmosphere (imperial)joulesgallons-atmosphere (imperial)
1= 0.0021709276910846= 0.013025566146504
2= 0.0043418553821687= 0.015196493837588
3= 0.0065127830732528= 0.017367421528672
4= 0.00868371076433619= 0.019538349219756
5= 0.0108546384554210= 0.02170927691084

Conversion table

gallons-atmosphere (imperial)joules
1= 460.6325693
0.0021709= 1


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