1 horsepower-hours = 6,999.0134307 gallons-atmosphere (US) 

Horsepower-hours to Gallons-atmosphere (US) Conversion

Horsepower-hour to gallon-atmosphere (US) conversion allow you make a conversion between horsepower-hour and gallon-atmosphere (US) easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Energy Conversion


= 6,999.01343073
= 69.9901 × 102
= 69.9901E2
= 69.9901e2
= 13,998.02686146
= 139.98 × 102
= 139.98E2
= 139.98e2
= 20,997.04029219
= 209.97 × 102
= 209.97E2
= 209.97e2
= 27,996.05372292
= 279.961 × 102
= 279.961E2
= 279.961e2
= 34,995.06715365
= 349.951 × 102
= 349.951E2
= 349.951e2

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gallon-atmosphere (US)6,999.0134307 US gal atm13,998.0268615 US gal atm20,997.0402922 US gal atm27,996.0537229 US gal atm34,995.0671536 US gal atm41,994.0805844 US gal atm48,993.0940151 US gal atm55,992.1074458 US gal atm62,991.1208766 US gal atm69,990.1343073 US gal atm76,989.1477380 US gal atm83,988.1611688 US gal atm90,987.1745995 US gal atm97,986.1880302 US gal atm104,985.2014610 US gal atm111,984.2148917 US gal atm118,983.2283224 US gal atm125,982.2417531 US gal atm132,981.2551839 US gal atm139,980.2686146 US gal atm146,979.2820453 US gal atm153,978.2954761 US gal atm160,977.3089068 US gal atm167,976.3223375 US gal atm174,975.3357683 US gal atm181,974.3491990 US gal atm188,973.3626297 US gal atm195,972.3760604 US gal atm202,971.3894912 US gal atm209,970.4029219 US gal atm216,969.4163526 US gal atm223,968.4297834 US gal atm230,967.4432141 US gal atm237,966.4566448 US gal atm244,965.4700755 US gal atm251,964.4835063 US gal atm258,963.496937 US gal atm265,962.5103677 US gal atm272,961.5237985 US gal atm279,960.5372292 US gal atm286,959.5506599 US gal atm293,958.5640907 US gal atm300,957.5775214 US gal atm307,956.5909521 US gal atm314,955.6043828 US gal atm321,954.6178136 US gal atm328,953.6312443 US gal atm335,952.6446750 US gal atm342,951.6581058 US gal atm349,950.6715365 US gal atm356,949.6849672 US gal atm363,948.6983980 US gal atm370,947.7118287 US gal atm377,946.7252594 US gal atm384,945.7386901 US gal atm391,944.7521209 US gal atm398,943.7655516 US gal atm405,942.7789823 US gal atm412,941.7924131 US gal atm419,940.8058438 US gal atm426,939.8192745 US gal atm433,938.8327053 US gal atm440,937.8461360 US gal atm447,936.8595667 US gal atm454,935.8729974 US gal atm461,934.8864282 US gal atm468,933.8998589 US gal atm475,932.9132896 US gal atm482,931.9267204 US gal atm489,930.9401511 US gal atm496,929.9535818 US gal atm503,928.9670126 US gal atm510,927.9804433 US gal atm517,926.9938740 US gal atm524,926.0073047 US gal atm531,925.0207355 US gal atm538,924.0341662 US gal atm545,923.0475969 US gal atm552,922.0610277 US gal atm559,921.0744584 US gal atm566,920.0878891 US gal atm573,919.1013199 US gal atm580,918.1147506 US gal atm587,917.1281813 US gal atm594,916.1416120 US gal atm601,915.1550428 US gal atm608,914.1684735 US gal atm615,913.1819042 US gal atm622,912.1953350 US gal atm629,911.2087657 US gal atm636,910.2221964 US gal atm643,909.2356271 US gal atm650,908.2490579 US gal atm657,907.2624886 US gal atm664,906.2759193 US gal atm671,905.2893501 US gal atm678,904.3027808 US gal atm685,903.3162115 US gal atm692,902.3296423 US gal atm699,901.3430730 US gal atm

A horsepower-hour (hph) is an outdated unit of energy, not used in the SI system of units. The unit represents an amount of work a horse is supposed capable of delivering during an hour (1 (one) horsepower integrated over a time interval of an hour). Based on differences in the definition of what constitutes the 'power of a horse', a horsepower-hour differs slightly from the German "Pferdestärkenstunde" (PSh):

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 1 hp × 1 h

= 2.684519537696172792×106 J

Metric system Non-SI

conversion table

horsepower-hoursgallons-atmosphere (US)horsepower-hoursgallons-atmosphere (US)
1= 6999.01343072986= 41994.080584379
2= 13998.026861467= 48993.094015109
3= 20997.0402921898= 55992.107445839
4= 27996.0537229199= 62991.120876568
5= 34995.06715364910= 69990.134307298

The gallon-atmosphere (US) is the unit of Energy. 

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
gallon-atmosphere (US)US gal atm

≡ 1 atm × 1 gal (US)

= 383.5568490138 J


conversion table

gallons-atmosphere (US)horsepower-hoursgallons-atmosphere (US)horsepower-hours
1= 0.000142877279761956= 0.00085726367857167
2= 0.000285754559523897= 0.0010001409583336
3= 0.000428631839285848= 0.0011430182380956
4= 0.000571509119047789= 0.0012858955178575
5= 0.0007143863988097310= 0.0014287727976195

Conversion table

horsepower-hoursgallons-atmosphere (US)
1= 6,999.0134307
0.0001429= 1


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approximately equal to
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