1 horsepower-hours = 2,684.5195377 Kilojoules 

Horsepower-hours to Kilojoules Conversion

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Energy Conversion


= 2,684.51953770
= 26.8452 × 102
= 26.8452E2
= 26.8452e2
= 5,369.03907539
= 53.6904 × 102
= 53.6904E2
= 53.6904e2
= 8,053.55861309
= 80.5356 × 102
= 80.5356E2
= 80.5356e2
= 10,738.07815078
= 107.381 × 102
= 107.381E2
= 107.381e2
= 13,422.59768848
= 134.226 × 102
= 134.226E2
= 134.226e2

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Kilojoule2,684.5195377 kJ5,369.0390754 kJ8,053.5586131 kJ10,738.0781508 kJ13,422.5976885 kJ16,107.1172262 kJ18,791.6367639 kJ21,476.1563016 kJ24,160.6758393 kJ26,845.1953770 kJ29,529.7149147 kJ32,214.2344524 kJ34,898.7539900 kJ37,583.2735277 kJ40,267.7930654 kJ42,952.3126031 kJ45,636.8321408 kJ48,321.3516785 kJ51,005.8712162 kJ53,690.3907539 kJ56,374.9102916 kJ59,059.4298293 kJ61,743.9493670 kJ64,428.4689047 kJ67,112.9884424 kJ69,797.5079801 kJ72,482.0275178 kJ75,166.5470555 kJ77,851.0665932 kJ80,535.5861309 kJ83,220.1056686 kJ85,904.6252063 kJ88,589.1447440 kJ91,273.6642817 kJ93,958.1838194 kJ96,642.7033571 kJ99,327.2228948 kJ102,011.7424325 kJ104,696.2619701 kJ107,380.7815078 kJ110,065.3010455 kJ112,749.8205832 kJ115,434.3401209 kJ118,118.8596586 kJ120,803.3791963 kJ123,487.8987340 kJ126,172.4182717 kJ128,856.9378094 kJ131,541.4573471 kJ134,225.9768848 kJ136,910.4964225 kJ139,595.0159602 kJ142,279.5354979 kJ144,964.0550356 kJ147,648.5745733 kJ150,333.0941110 kJ153,017.6136487 kJ155,702.1331864 kJ158,386.6527241 kJ161,071.1722618 kJ163,755.6917995 kJ166,440.2113372 kJ169,124.7308749 kJ171,809.2504125 kJ174,493.7699502 kJ177,178.2894879 kJ179,862.8090256 kJ182,547.3285633 kJ185,231.8481010 kJ187,916.3676387 kJ190,600.8871764 kJ193,285.4067141 kJ195,969.9262518 kJ198,654.4457895 kJ201,338.9653272 kJ204,023.4848649 kJ206,708.0044026 kJ209,392.5239403 kJ212,077.0434780 kJ214,761.5630157 kJ217,446.0825534 kJ220,130.6020911 kJ222,815.1216288 kJ225,499.6411665 kJ228,184.1607042 kJ230,868.6802419 kJ233,553.1997796 kJ236,237.7193173 kJ238,922.2388549 kJ241,606.7583926 kJ244,291.2779303 kJ246,975.7974680 kJ249,660.3170057 kJ252,344.8365434 kJ255,029.3560811 kJ257,713.8756188 kJ260,398.3951565 kJ263,082.9146942 kJ265,767.4342319 kJ268,451.9537696 kJ

A horsepower-hour (hph) is an outdated unit of energy, not used in the SI system of units. The unit represents an amount of work a horse is supposed capable of delivering during an hour (1 (one) horsepower integrated over a time interval of an hour). Based on differences in the definition of what constitutes the 'power of a horse', a horsepower-hour differs slightly from the German "Pferdestärkenstunde" (PSh):

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 1 hp × 1 h

= 2.684519537696172792×106 J

Metric system Non-SI

conversion table

1= 2684.5195376966= 16107.117226176
2= 5369.0390753927= 18791.636763872
3= 8053.5586130888= 21476.156301568
4= 10738.0781507849= 24160.675839264
5= 13422.5976884810= 26845.19537696

The kilojoule (kJ) is equal to one thousand (103) joules. Nutritional food labels in most countries express energy in kilojoules (kJ).

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

= 103 joule

= 103 joule

Metric system SI

conversion table

1= 0.000372506135998646= 0.0022350368159919
2= 0.000745012271997297= 0.0026075429519905
3= 0.00111751840799598= 0.0029800490879891
4= 0.00149002454399469= 0.0033525552239878
5= 0.001862530679993210= 0.0037250613599864

Conversion table

1= 2,684.5195377
0.0003725= 1


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approximately equal to
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