1 kilowatts = 20.9117197 atmosphere-cubic feet per minute 

Kilowatts to Atmosphere-cubic feet per minute Conversion

Kilowatt to atmosphere-cubic foot per minute conversion allow you make a conversion between kilowatt and atmosphere-cubic foot per minute easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Power Conversion


= 20.91171975
= 0.209117 × 102
= 0.209117E2
= 0.209117e2
= 41.82343949
= 0.418234 × 102
= 0.418234E2
= 0.418234e2
= 62.73515924
= 0.627352 × 102
= 0.627352E2
= 0.627352e2
= 83.64687899
= 0.836469 × 102
= 0.836469E2
= 0.836469e2
= 104.55859873
= 1.04559 × 102
= 1.04559E2
= 1.04559e2

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atmosphere-cubic foot per minute20.9117197 atm cfm41.8234395 atm cfm62.7351592 atm cfm83.6468790 atm cfm104.5585987 atm cfm125.4703185 atm cfm146.3820382 atm cfm167.2937580 atm cfm188.2054777 atm cfm209.1171975 atm cfm230.0289172 atm cfm250.9406370 atm cfm271.8523567 atm cfm292.7640764 atm cfm313.6757962 atm cfm334.5875159 atm cfm355.4992357 atm cfm376.4109554 atm cfm397.3226752 atm cfm418.2343949 atm cfm439.1461147 atm cfm460.0578344 atm cfm480.9695542 atm cfm501.8812739 atm cfm522.7929937 atm cfm543.7047134 atm cfm564.6164331 atm cfm585.5281529 atm cfm606.4398726 atm cfm627.3515924 atm cfm648.2633121 atm cfm669.1750319 atm cfm690.0867516 atm cfm710.9984714 atm cfm731.9101911 atm cfm752.8219109 atm cfm773.7336306 atm cfm794.6453504 atm cfm815.5570701 atm cfm836.4687899 atm cfm857.3805096 atm cfm878.2922293 atm cfm899.2039491 atm cfm920.1156688 atm cfm941.0273886 atm cfm961.9391083 atm cfm982.8508281 atm cfm1,003.7625478 atm cfm1,024.6742676 atm cfm1,045.5859873 atm cfm1,066.4977071 atm cfm1,087.4094268 atm cfm1,108.3211466 atm cfm1,129.2328663 atm cfm1,150.1445860 atm cfm1,171.0563058 atm cfm1,191.9680255 atm cfm1,212.8797453 atm cfm1,233.7914650 atm cfm1,254.7031848 atm cfm1,275.6149045 atm cfm1,296.5266243 atm cfm1,317.4383440 atm cfm1,338.3500638 atm cfm1,359.2617835 atm cfm1,380.1735033 atm cfm1,401.0852230 atm cfm1,421.9969427 atm cfm1,442.9086625 atm cfm1,463.8203822 atm cfm1,484.7321020 atm cfm1,505.6438217 atm cfm1,526.5555415 atm cfm1,547.4672612 atm cfm1,568.3789810 atm cfm1,589.2907007 atm cfm1,610.2024205 atm cfm1,631.1141402 atm cfm1,652.0258600 atm cfm1,672.9375797 atm cfm1,693.8492994 atm cfm1,714.7610192 atm cfm1,735.6727389 atm cfm1,756.5844587 atm cfm1,777.4961784 atm cfm1,798.4078982 atm cfm1,819.3196179 atm cfm1,840.2313377 atm cfm1,861.1430574 atm cfm1,882.0547772 atm cfm1,902.9664969 atm cfm1,923.8782167 atm cfm1,944.7899364 atm cfm1,965.7016561 atm cfm1,986.6133759 atm cfm2,007.5250956 atm cfm2,028.4368154 atm cfm2,049.3485351 atm cfm2,070.2602549 atm cfm2,091.1719746 atm cfm

The kilowatt (kW) is equal to one thousand (103) watts. This unit is typically used to express the output power of engines and the power of electric motors, tools, machines, and heaters. It is also a common unit used to express the electromagnetic power output of broadcast radio and television transmitters.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

=  103 W

=  103 W

Metric system SI

conversion table

kilowattsatmosphere-cubic feet per minutekilowattsatmosphere-cubic feet per minute
1= 20.9117197462556= 125.47031847753
2= 41.8234394925117= 146.38203822379
3= 62.7351592387668= 167.29375797004
4= 83.6468789850219= 188.2054777163
5= 104.5585987312810= 209.11719746255

atmosphere-cubic foot per minute (symbol: atm cfm) is the unit of power.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
atmosphere-cubic foot per minuteatm cfm

≡ 1 atm × 1 cu ft/m

= 47.82007468224 W


conversion table

atmosphere-cubic feet per minutekilowattsatmosphere-cubic feet per minutekilowatts
1= 0.047820074682246= 0.28692044809344
2= 0.095640149364487= 0.33474052277568
3= 0.143460224046728= 0.38256059745792
4= 0.191280298728969= 0.43038067214016
5= 0.239100373411210= 0.4782007468224

Conversion table

kilowattsatmosphere-cubic feet per minute
1= 20.9117197
0.0478201= 1


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