1 tons of refrigeration (IT) = 12,000.0034121 BTU per hour 

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BTU per hour12,000.0034121 BTUIT/h24,000.0068243 BTUIT/h36,000.0102364 BTUIT/h48,000.0136486 BTUIT/h60,000.0170607 BTUIT/h72,000.0204729 BTUIT/h84,000.0238850 BTUIT/h96,000.0272971 BTUIT/h108,000.0307093 BTUIT/h120,000.0341214 BTUIT/h132,000.0375336 BTUIT/h144,000.0409457 BTUIT/h156,000.0443579 BTUIT/h168,000.0477700 BTUIT/h180,000.0511821 BTUIT/h192,000.0545943 BTUIT/h204,000.0580064 BTUIT/h216,000.0614186 BTUIT/h228,000.0648307 BTUIT/h240,000.0682429 BTUIT/h252,000.0716550 BTUIT/h264,000.0750671 BTUIT/h276,000.0784793 BTUIT/h288,000.0818914 BTUIT/h300,000.0853036 BTUIT/h312,000.0887157 BTUIT/h324,000.0921279 BTUIT/h336,000.0955400 BTUIT/h348,000.0989521 BTUIT/h360,000.1023643 BTUIT/h372,000.1057764 BTUIT/h384,000.1091886 BTUIT/h396,000.1126007 BTUIT/h408,000.1160128 BTUIT/h420,000.1194250 BTUIT/h432,000.1228371 BTUIT/h444,000.1262493 BTUIT/h456,000.1296614 BTUIT/h468,000.1330736 BTUIT/h480,000.1364857 BTUIT/h492,000.1398978 BTUIT/h504,000.1433100 BTUIT/h516,000.1467221 BTUIT/h528,000.1501343 BTUIT/h540,000.1535464 BTUIT/h552,000.1569586 BTUIT/h564,000.1603707 BTUIT/h576,000.1637828 BTUIT/h588,000.1671950 BTUIT/h600,000.1706071 BTUIT/h612,000.1740193 BTUIT/h624,000.1774314 BTUIT/h636,000.1808436 BTUIT/h648,000.1842557 BTUIT/h660,000.1876678 BTUIT/h672,000.1910800 BTUIT/h684,000.1944921 BTUIT/h696,000.1979043 BTUIT/h708,000.2013164 BTUIT/h720,000.2047286 BTUIT/h732,000.2081407 BTUIT/h744,000.2115528 BTUIT/h756,000.2149650 BTUIT/h768,000.2183771 BTUIT/h780,000.2217893 BTUIT/h792,000.2252014 BTUIT/h804,000.2286135 BTUIT/h816,000.2320257 BTUIT/h828,000.2354378 BTUIT/h840,000.2388500 BTUIT/h852,000.2422621 BTUIT/h864,000.2456743 BTUIT/h876,000.2490864 BTUIT/h888,000.2524985 BTUIT/h900,000.2559107 BTUIT/h912,000.2593228 BTUIT/h924,000.2627350 BTUIT/h936,000.2661471 BTUIT/h948,000.2695593 BTUIT/h960,000.2729714 BTUIT/h972,000.2763835 BTUIT/h984,000.2797957 BTUIT/h996,000.2832078 BTUIT/h1,008,000.28662 BTUIT/h1,020,000.2900321 BTUIT/h1,032,000.2934443 BTUIT/h1,044,000.2968564 BTUIT/h1,056,000.3002685 BTUIT/h1,068,000.3036807 BTUIT/h1,080,000.3070928 BTUIT/h1,092,000.310505 BTUIT/h1,104,000.3139171 BTUIT/h1,116,000.3173292 BTUIT/h1,128,000.3207414 BTUIT/h1,140,000.3241535 BTUIT/h1,152,000.3275657 BTUIT/h1,164,000.3309778 BTUIT/h1,176,000.33439 BTUIT/h1,188,000.3378021 BTUIT/h1,200,000.3412142 BTUIT/h

A ton of refrigeration (TR), also called a refrigeration ton (RT), is a unit of power used in some countries (especially in North America) to describe the heat-extraction capacity of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
ton of refrigeration (IT)TR

≡ 2000 lb × iceIT / 24 h: iceIT = 144 °F × 2326 J/kg·°F

≈ 3.516853×103 W


conversion table

tons of refrigeration (IT)BTU per hourtons of refrigeration (IT)BTU per hour
1≈ 12000.0034121426≈ 72000.020472855
2≈ 24000.0068242857≈ 84000.023884997
3≈ 36000.0102364278≈ 96000.02729714
4≈ 48000.013648579≈ 108000.03070928
5≈ 60000.01706071210≈ 120000.03412142

A BTU per hour (symbol: BTUIT/hour) is the unit of power. 

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
BTU per hourBTUIT/h

≡ 1 BTUIT/h

≈ 0.293071 W


conversion table

BTU per hourtons of refrigeration (IT)BTU per hourtons of refrigeration (IT)
1≈ 8.3333309637906E-56≈ 0.00049999985782744
2≈ 0.000166666619275817≈ 0.00058333316746534
3≈ 0.000249999928913728≈ 0.00066666647710325
4≈ 0.000333333238551639≈ 0.00074999978674116
5≈ 0.0004166665481895310≈ 0.00083333309637906

Conversion table

tons of refrigeration (IT)BTU per hour
1≈ 12,000.0034121
8.3333309637906 × 10-5≈ 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)