1 feet per minute = 1.4810495626822 × 10-5speed of sounds (68 °F) 

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foot per minute1 fpm2 fpm3 fpm4 fpm5 fpm6 fpm7 fpm8 fpm9 fpm10 fpm11 fpm12 fpm13 fpm14 fpm15 fpm16 fpm17 fpm18 fpm19 fpm20 fpm21 fpm22 fpm23 fpm24 fpm25 fpm26 fpm27 fpm28 fpm29 fpm30 fpm31 fpm32 fpm33 fpm34 fpm35 fpm36 fpm37 fpm38 fpm39 fpm40 fpm41 fpm42 fpm43 fpm44 fpm45 fpm46 fpm47 fpm48 fpm49 fpm50 fpm51 fpm52 fpm53 fpm54 fpm55 fpm56 fpm57 fpm58 fpm59 fpm60 fpm61 fpm62 fpm63 fpm64 fpm65 fpm66 fpm67 fpm68 fpm69 fpm70 fpm71 fpm72 fpm73 fpm74 fpm75 fpm76 fpm77 fpm78 fpm79 fpm80 fpm81 fpm82 fpm83 fpm84 fpm85 fpm86 fpm87 fpm88 fpm89 fpm90 fpm91 fpm92 fpm93 fpm94 fpm95 fpm96 fpm97 fpm98 fpm99 fpm100 fpm
speed of sound (68 °F)1.4810495626822 × 10-5 s2.9620991253644 × 10-5 s4.4431486880466 × 10-5 s5.9241982507289 × 10-5 s7.4052478134111 × 10-5 s8.8862973760933 × 10-5 s0.0001037 s0.0001185 s0.0001333 s0.0001481 s0.0001629 s0.0001777 s0.0001925 s0.0002073 s0.0002222 s0.0002370 s0.0002518 s0.0002666 s0.0002814 s0.0002962 s0.0003110 s0.0003258 s0.0003406 s0.0003555 s0.0003703 s0.0003851 s0.0003999 s0.0004147 s0.0004295 s0.0004443 s0.0004591 s0.0004739 s0.0004887 s0.0005036 s0.0005184 s0.0005332 s0.0005480 s0.0005628 s0.0005776 s0.0005924 s0.0006072 s0.0006220 s0.0006369 s0.0006517 s0.0006665 s0.0006813 s0.0006961 s0.0007109 s0.0007257 s0.0007405 s0.0007553 s0.0007701 s0.0007850 s0.0007998 s0.0008146 s0.0008294 s0.0008442 s0.0008590 s0.0008738 s0.0008886 s0.0009034 s0.0009183 s0.0009331 s0.0009479 s0.0009627 s0.0009775 s0.0009923 s0.0010071 s0.0010219 s0.0010367 s0.0010515 s0.0010664 s0.0010812 s0.0010960 s0.0011108 s0.0011256 s0.0011404 s0.0011552 s0.0011700 s0.0011848 s0.0011997 s0.0012145 s0.0012293 s0.0012441 s0.0012589 s0.0012737 s0.0012885 s0.0013033 s0.0013181 s0.0013329 s0.0013478 s0.0013626 s0.0013774 s0.0013922 s0.0014070 s0.0014218 s0.0014366 s0.0014514 s0.0014662 s0.0014810 s

Foot per minute is unit of speed. It equals 0.00508 meter per second or 60 feet per hour. Plural name is feet / minute.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
foot per minutefpm

≡ 1 ft/min

= 5.08×10−3 m/s


conversion table

feet per minutespeed of sounds (68 °F)feet per minutespeed of sounds (68 °F)
1≈ 1.4810495626822E-56≈ 8.8862973760933E-5
2≈ 2.9620991253644E-57≈ 0.00010367346938776
3≈ 4.4431486880466E-58≈ 0.00011848396501458
4≈ 5.9241982507289E-59≈ 0.0001332944606414
5≈ 7.4052478134111E-510≈ 0.00014810495626822

The speed of sound is the distance travelled per unit time by a sound wave as it propagates through an elastic medium. In dry air at 0 °C (32 °F), the speed of sound is 331.2 metres per second (1,087 ft/s; 1,192 km/h; 741 mph; 644 kn). At 20 °C (68 °F), the speed of sound is 343 metres per second (1,125 ft/s; 1,235 km/h; 767 mph; 667 kn), or a kilometre in 2.91 s or a mile in 4.69 s.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
speed of sound (68 °F)s

225 to 1062 km/h (761–660 mph or 661–574 kn)

≈ 343 m/s

Other Speed

conversion table

speed of sounds (68 °F)feet per minutespeed of sounds (68 °F)feet per minute
1≈ 67519.685039376≈ 405118.11023622
2≈ 135039.370078747≈ 472637.79527559
3≈ 202559.055118118≈ 540157.48031496
4≈ 270078.740157489≈ 607677.16535433
5≈ 337598.4251968510≈ 675196.8503937

Conversion table

feet per minutespeed of sounds (68 °F)
1≈ 1.4810495626822 × 10-5
67,519.6850394≈ 1


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approximately equal to
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