1 ounce per Imperial gallon = 0.0036047 ounce per (cubic inch) 

Ounce per Imperial gallon to Ounce per (cubic inch) Conversion

Ounce per Imperial gallon to ounce per (cubic inch) conversion allow you make a conversion between ounce per Imperial gallon and ounce per (cubic inch) easily. You can find the tool in the following.

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ounce per Imperial gallon1 oz/gal2 oz/gal3 oz/gal4 oz/gal5 oz/gal6 oz/gal7 oz/gal8 oz/gal9 oz/gal10 oz/gal11 oz/gal12 oz/gal13 oz/gal14 oz/gal15 oz/gal16 oz/gal17 oz/gal18 oz/gal19 oz/gal20 oz/gal21 oz/gal22 oz/gal23 oz/gal24 oz/gal25 oz/gal26 oz/gal27 oz/gal28 oz/gal29 oz/gal30 oz/gal31 oz/gal32 oz/gal33 oz/gal34 oz/gal35 oz/gal36 oz/gal37 oz/gal38 oz/gal39 oz/gal40 oz/gal41 oz/gal42 oz/gal43 oz/gal44 oz/gal45 oz/gal46 oz/gal47 oz/gal48 oz/gal49 oz/gal50 oz/gal51 oz/gal52 oz/gal53 oz/gal54 oz/gal55 oz/gal56 oz/gal57 oz/gal58 oz/gal59 oz/gal60 oz/gal61 oz/gal62 oz/gal63 oz/gal64 oz/gal65 oz/gal66 oz/gal67 oz/gal68 oz/gal69 oz/gal70 oz/gal71 oz/gal72 oz/gal73 oz/gal74 oz/gal75 oz/gal76 oz/gal77 oz/gal78 oz/gal79 oz/gal80 oz/gal81 oz/gal82 oz/gal83 oz/gal84 oz/gal85 oz/gal86 oz/gal87 oz/gal88 oz/gal89 oz/gal90 oz/gal91 oz/gal92 oz/gal93 oz/gal94 oz/gal95 oz/gal96 oz/gal97 oz/gal98 oz/gal99 oz/gal100 oz/gal
ounce per (cubic inch)0.0036047 oz/int30.0072093 oz/int30.0108140 oz/int30.0144186 oz/int30.0180233 oz/int30.0216279 oz/int30.0252326 oz/int30.0288372 oz/int30.0324419 oz/int30.0360465 oz/int30.0396512 oz/int30.0432558 oz/int30.0468605 oz/int30.0504651 oz/int30.0540698 oz/int30.0576744 oz/int30.0612791 oz/int30.0648837 oz/int30.0684884 oz/int30.0720930 oz/int30.0756977 oz/int30.0793023 oz/int30.0829070 oz/int30.0865116 oz/int30.0901163 oz/int30.0937209 oz/int30.0973256 oz/int30.1009302 oz/int30.1045349 oz/int30.1081395 oz/int30.1117442 oz/int30.1153488 oz/int30.1189535 oz/int30.1225581 oz/int30.1261628 oz/int30.1297674 oz/int30.1333721 oz/int30.1369767 oz/int30.1405814 oz/int30.1441860 oz/int30.1477907 oz/int30.1513953 oz/int30.1550000 oz/int30.1586046 oz/int30.1622093 oz/int30.1658139 oz/int30.1694186 oz/int30.1730232 oz/int30.1766279 oz/int30.1802325 oz/int30.1838372 oz/int30.1874418 oz/int30.1910465 oz/int30.1946511 oz/int30.1982558 oz/int30.2018604 oz/int30.2054651 oz/int30.2090697 oz/int30.2126744 oz/int30.2162790 oz/int30.2198837 oz/int30.2234883 oz/int30.2270930 oz/int30.2306976 oz/int30.2343023 oz/int30.2379069 oz/int30.2415116 oz/int30.2451162 oz/int30.2487209 oz/int30.2523255 oz/int30.2559302 oz/int30.2595348 oz/int30.2631395 oz/int30.2667441 oz/int30.2703488 oz/int30.2739534 oz/int30.2775581 oz/int30.2811627 oz/int30.2847674 oz/int30.2883720 oz/int30.2919767 oz/int30.2955813 oz/int30.2991860 oz/int30.3027906 oz/int30.3063953 oz/int30.3099999 oz/int30.3136046 oz/int30.3172092 oz/int30.3208139 oz/int30.3244185 oz/int30.3280232 oz/int30.3316278 oz/int30.3352325 oz/int30.3388371 oz/int30.3424418 oz/int30.3460464 oz/int30.3496511 oz/int30.3532557 oz/int30.3568604 oz/int30.3604650 oz/int3

The ounce per imperial is the unit of density, symbol is oz/gal.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
ounce per Imperial gallonoz/gal

≡ oz/gal

≈ 6.236023291 kg/m3


conversion table

ounce per Imperial gallonounce per (cubic inch)ounce per Imperial gallonounce per (cubic inch)
1≈ 0.0036046501499096≈ 0.021627900899454
2≈ 0.00720930029981817≈ 0.025232551049363
3≈ 0.0108139504497278≈ 0.028837201199272
4≈ 0.0144186005996369≈ 0.032441851349181
5≈ 0.01802325074954510≈ 0.03604650149909

The ounce per (cubic inch) is the unit of density, symbol is oz/in3.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
ounce per (cubic inch)oz/int3

≡ oz/in3

≈ 1.729994044×103 kg/m3


conversion table

ounce per (cubic inch)ounce per Imperial gallonounce per (cubic inch)ounce per Imperial gallon
1≈ 277.419432791626≈ 1664.5165967497
2≈ 554.838865583247≈ 1941.9360295414
3≈ 832.258298374868≈ 2219.355462333
4≈ 1109.67773116659≈ 2496.7748951246
5≈ 1387.097163958110≈ 2774.1943279162