1 ounce per Imperial gallon = 0.0002253 pounds per (cubic inch) 

Ounce per Imperial gallon to Pounds per (cubic inch) Conversion

Ounce per Imperial gallon to pound per (cubic inch) conversion allow you make a conversion between ounce per Imperial gallon and pound per (cubic inch) easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Density Conversion


= 0.00022529
= 225291 × 10-9
= 225291E-9
= 225291e-9
= 0.00045058
= 450581 × 10-9
= 450581E-9
= 450581e-9
= 0.00067587
= 675872 × 10-9
= 675872E-9
= 675872e-9
= 0.00090116
= 901163 × 10-9
= 901163E-9
= 901163e-9
= 0.00112645
= 112645 × 10-8
= 112645E-8
= 112645e-8

Quick Look: ounce per Imperial gallon to pounds per (cubic inch)

ounce per Imperial gallon1 oz/gal2 oz/gal3 oz/gal4 oz/gal5 oz/gal6 oz/gal7 oz/gal8 oz/gal9 oz/gal10 oz/gal11 oz/gal12 oz/gal13 oz/gal14 oz/gal15 oz/gal16 oz/gal17 oz/gal18 oz/gal19 oz/gal20 oz/gal21 oz/gal22 oz/gal23 oz/gal24 oz/gal25 oz/gal26 oz/gal27 oz/gal28 oz/gal29 oz/gal30 oz/gal31 oz/gal32 oz/gal33 oz/gal34 oz/gal35 oz/gal36 oz/gal37 oz/gal38 oz/gal39 oz/gal40 oz/gal41 oz/gal42 oz/gal43 oz/gal44 oz/gal45 oz/gal46 oz/gal47 oz/gal48 oz/gal49 oz/gal50 oz/gal51 oz/gal52 oz/gal53 oz/gal54 oz/gal55 oz/gal56 oz/gal57 oz/gal58 oz/gal59 oz/gal60 oz/gal61 oz/gal62 oz/gal63 oz/gal64 oz/gal65 oz/gal66 oz/gal67 oz/gal68 oz/gal69 oz/gal70 oz/gal71 oz/gal72 oz/gal73 oz/gal74 oz/gal75 oz/gal76 oz/gal77 oz/gal78 oz/gal79 oz/gal80 oz/gal81 oz/gal82 oz/gal83 oz/gal84 oz/gal85 oz/gal86 oz/gal87 oz/gal88 oz/gal89 oz/gal90 oz/gal91 oz/gal92 oz/gal93 oz/gal94 oz/gal95 oz/gal96 oz/gal97 oz/gal98 oz/gal99 oz/gal100 oz/gal
pound per (cubic inch)0.0002253 lb/in30.0004506 lb/in30.0006759 lb/in30.0009012 lb/in30.0011265 lb/in30.0013517 lb/in30.0015770 lb/in30.0018023 lb/in30.0020276 lb/in30.0022529 lb/in30.0024782 lb/in30.0027035 lb/in30.0029288 lb/in30.0031541 lb/in30.0033794 lb/in30.0036047 lb/in30.0038299 lb/in30.0040552 lb/in30.0042805 lb/in30.0045058 lb/in30.0047311 lb/in30.0049564 lb/in30.0051817 lb/in30.0054070 lb/in30.0056323 lb/in30.0058576 lb/in30.0060828 lb/in30.0063081 lb/in30.0065334 lb/in30.0067587 lb/in30.0069840 lb/in30.0072093 lb/in30.0074346 lb/in30.0076599 lb/in30.0078852 lb/in30.0081105 lb/in30.0083358 lb/in30.0085610 lb/in30.0087863 lb/in30.0090116 lb/in30.0092369 lb/in30.0094622 lb/in30.0096875 lb/in30.0099128 lb/in30.0101381 lb/in30.0103634 lb/in30.0105887 lb/in30.0108140 lb/in30.0110392 lb/in30.0112645 lb/in30.0114898 lb/in30.0117151 lb/in30.0119404 lb/in30.0121657 lb/in30.0123910 lb/in30.0126163 lb/in30.0128416 lb/in30.0130669 lb/in30.0132921 lb/in30.0135174 lb/in30.0137427 lb/in30.0139680 lb/in30.0141933 lb/in30.0144186 lb/in30.0146439 lb/in30.0148692 lb/in30.0150945 lb/in30.0153198 lb/in30.0155451 lb/in30.0157703 lb/in30.0159956 lb/in30.0162209 lb/in30.0164462 lb/in30.0166715 lb/in30.0168968 lb/in30.0171221 lb/in30.0173474 lb/in30.0175727 lb/in30.0177980 lb/in30.0180233 lb/in30.0182485 lb/in30.0184738 lb/in30.0186991 lb/in30.0189244 lb/in30.0191497 lb/in30.0193750 lb/in30.0196003 lb/in30.0198256 lb/in30.0200509 lb/in30.0202762 lb/in30.0205014 lb/in30.0207267 lb/in30.0209520 lb/in30.0211773 lb/in30.0214026 lb/in30.0216279 lb/in30.0218532 lb/in30.0220785 lb/in30.0223038 lb/in30.0225291 lb/in3

The ounce per imperial is the unit of density, symbol is oz/gal.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
ounce per Imperial gallonoz/gal

≡ oz/gal

≈ 6.236023291 kg/m3


conversion table

ounce per Imperial gallonpounds per (cubic inch)ounce per Imperial gallonpounds per (cubic inch)
1≈ 0.000225290634170646≈ 0.0013517438050239
2≈ 0.000450581268341297≈ 0.0015770344391945
3≈ 0.000675871902511938≈ 0.0018023250733651
4≈ 0.000901162536682579≈ 0.0020276157075358
5≈ 0.001126453170853210≈ 0.0022529063417064

The pound per cubic inch is the unit of density, symbol is lb/in3.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
pound per (cubic inch)lb/in3

≡ lb/in3

≈ 27679.904710203 kg/m3


conversion table

pounds per (cubic inch)ounce per Imperial gallonpounds per (cubic inch)ounce per Imperial gallon
1≈ 4438.71092858026≈ 26632.265571481
2≈ 8877.42185716047≈ 31070.976500062
3≈ 13316.1327857418≈ 35509.687428642
4≈ 17754.8437143219≈ 39948.398357222
5≈ 22193.55464290110≈ 44387.109285802