1 ounce per Imperial gallon = 0.0120999 slug per (cubic foot) 

Ounce per Imperial gallon to Slug per (cubic foot) Conversion

Ounce per Imperial gallon to slug per (cubic foot) conversion allow you make a conversion between ounce per Imperial gallon and slug per (cubic foot) easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Density Conversion


= 0.01209988
= 120999 × 10-7
= 120999E-7
= 120999e-7
= 0.02419977
= 241998 × 10-7
= 241998E-7
= 241998e-7
= 0.03629965
= 362996 × 10-7
= 362996E-7
= 362996e-7
= 0.04839953
= 483995 × 10-7
= 483995E-7
= 483995e-7
= 0.06049941
= 604994 × 10-7
= 604994E-7
= 604994e-7

Quick Look: ounce per Imperial gallon to slug per (cubic foot)

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slug per (cubic foot)0.0120999 slug/ft30.0241998 slug/ft30.0362996 slug/ft30.0483995 slug/ft30.0604994 slug/ft30.0725993 slug/ft30.0846992 slug/ft30.0967991 slug/ft30.1088989 slug/ft30.1209988 slug/ft30.1330987 slug/ft30.1451986 slug/ft30.1572985 slug/ft30.1693984 slug/ft30.1814982 slug/ft30.1935981 slug/ft30.2056980 slug/ft30.2177979 slug/ft30.2298978 slug/ft30.2419977 slug/ft30.2540975 slug/ft30.2661974 slug/ft30.2782973 slug/ft30.2903972 slug/ft30.3024971 slug/ft30.3145970 slug/ft30.3266968 slug/ft30.3387967 slug/ft30.3508966 slug/ft30.3629965 slug/ft30.3750964 slug/ft30.3871962 slug/ft30.3992961 slug/ft30.4113960 slug/ft30.4234959 slug/ft30.4355958 slug/ft30.4476957 slug/ft30.4597955 slug/ft30.4718954 slug/ft30.4839953 slug/ft30.4960952 slug/ft30.5081951 slug/ft30.5202950 slug/ft30.5323948 slug/ft30.5444947 slug/ft30.5565946 slug/ft30.5686945 slug/ft30.5807944 slug/ft30.5928943 slug/ft30.6049941 slug/ft30.6170940 slug/ft30.6291939 slug/ft30.6412938 slug/ft30.6533937 slug/ft30.6654936 slug/ft30.6775934 slug/ft30.6896933 slug/ft30.7017932 slug/ft30.7138931 slug/ft30.7259930 slug/ft30.7380929 slug/ft30.7501927 slug/ft30.7622926 slug/ft30.7743925 slug/ft30.7864924 slug/ft30.7985923 slug/ft30.8106921 slug/ft30.8227920 slug/ft30.8348919 slug/ft30.8469918 slug/ft30.8590917 slug/ft30.8711916 slug/ft30.8832914 slug/ft30.8953913 slug/ft30.9074912 slug/ft30.9195911 slug/ft30.9316910 slug/ft30.9437909 slug/ft30.9558907 slug/ft30.9679906 slug/ft30.9800905 slug/ft30.9921904 slug/ft31.0042903 slug/ft31.0163902 slug/ft31.0284900 slug/ft31.0405899 slug/ft31.0526898 slug/ft31.0647897 slug/ft31.0768896 slug/ft31.0889895 slug/ft31.1010893 slug/ft31.1131892 slug/ft31.1252891 slug/ft31.1373890 slug/ft31.1494889 slug/ft31.1615887 slug/ft31.1736886 slug/ft31.1857885 slug/ft31.1978884 slug/ft31.2099883 slug/ft3

The ounce per imperial is the unit of density, symbol is oz/gal.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
ounce per Imperial gallonoz/gal

≡ oz/gal

≈ 6.236023291 kg/m3


conversion table

ounce per Imperial gallonslug per (cubic foot)ounce per Imperial gallonslug per (cubic foot)
1≈ 0.0120998828032656≈ 0.072599296819592
2≈ 0.0241997656065317≈ 0.084699179622857
3≈ 0.0362996484097968≈ 0.096799062426122
4≈ 0.0483995312130619≈ 0.10889894522939
5≈ 0.06049941401632710≈ 0.12099882803265

The slug per (cubic foot) is the unit of density, equal 515.3788184 kg/m3.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
slug per (cubic foot)slug/ft3

≡ slug/ft3

≈ 515.3788184 kg/m3


conversion table

slug per (cubic foot)ounce per Imperial gallonslug per (cubic foot)ounce per Imperial gallon
1≈ 82.6454285763946≈ 495.87257145836
2≈ 165.290857152797≈ 578.51800003476
3≈ 247.936285729188≈ 661.16342861115
4≈ 330.581714305589≈ 743.80885718755
5≈ 413.2271428819710≈ 826.45428576394