1 newton meter = 0.7375621 feet-pound force 

Newton meter to Feet-pound force Conversion

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Torque Conversion


= 0.73756215
= 737562 × 10-6
= 737562E-6
= 737562e-6
= 1.47512430
= 0.0147512 × 102
= 0.0147512E2
= 0.0147512e2
= 2.21268645
= 0.0221269 × 102
= 0.0221269E2
= 0.0221269e2
= 2.95024860
= 0.0295025 × 102
= 0.0295025E2
= 0.0295025e2
= 3.68781075
= 0.0368781 × 102
= 0.0368781E2
= 0.0368781e2

Quick Look: newton meter to feet-pound force

newton meter1 N·m2 N·m3 N·m4 N·m5 N·m6 N·m7 N·m8 N·m9 N·m10 N·m11 N·m12 N·m13 N·m14 N·m15 N·m16 N·m17 N·m18 N·m19 N·m20 N·m21 N·m22 N·m23 N·m24 N·m25 N·m26 N·m27 N·m28 N·m29 N·m30 N·m31 N·m32 N·m33 N·m34 N·m35 N·m36 N·m37 N·m38 N·m39 N·m40 N·m41 N·m42 N·m43 N·m44 N·m45 N·m46 N·m47 N·m48 N·m49 N·m50 N·m51 N·m52 N·m53 N·m54 N·m55 N·m56 N·m57 N·m58 N·m59 N·m60 N·m61 N·m62 N·m63 N·m64 N·m65 N·m66 N·m67 N·m68 N·m69 N·m70 N·m71 N·m72 N·m73 N·m74 N·m75 N·m76 N·m77 N·m78 N·m79 N·m80 N·m81 N·m82 N·m83 N·m84 N·m85 N·m86 N·m87 N·m88 N·m89 N·m90 N·m91 N·m92 N·m93 N·m94 N·m95 N·m96 N·m97 N·m98 N·m99 N·m100 N·m
foot-pound force0.7375621 ft·lbf1.4751243 ft·lbf2.2126864 ft·lbf2.9502486 ft·lbf3.6878107 ft·lbf4.4253729 ft·lbf5.1629350 ft·lbf5.9004972 ft·lbf6.6380593 ft·lbf7.3756215 ft·lbf8.1131836 ft·lbf8.8507458 ft·lbf9.5883079 ft·lbf10.3258701 ft·lbf11.0634322 ft·lbf11.8009944 ft·lbf12.5385565 ft·lbf13.2761187 ft·lbf14.0136808 ft·lbf14.7512430 ft·lbf15.4888051 ft·lbf16.2263673 ft·lbf16.9639294 ft·lbf17.7014916 ft·lbf18.4390537 ft·lbf19.1766159 ft·lbf19.9141780 ft·lbf20.6517402 ft·lbf21.3893023 ft·lbf22.1268645 ft·lbf22.8644266 ft·lbf23.6019888 ft·lbf24.3395509 ft·lbf25.0771131 ft·lbf25.8146752 ft·lbf26.5522374 ft·lbf27.2897995 ft·lbf28.0273617 ft·lbf28.7649238 ft·lbf29.5024860 ft·lbf30.2400481 ft·lbf30.9776103 ft·lbf31.7151724 ft·lbf32.4527346 ft·lbf33.1902967 ft·lbf33.9278589 ft·lbf34.6654210 ft·lbf35.4029832 ft·lbf36.1405453 ft·lbf36.8781075 ft·lbf37.6156696 ft·lbf38.3532318 ft·lbf39.0907939 ft·lbf39.8283561 ft·lbf40.5659182 ft·lbf41.3034804 ft·lbf42.0410425 ft·lbf42.7786047 ft·lbf43.5161668 ft·lbf44.2537290 ft·lbf44.9912911 ft·lbf45.7288533 ft·lbf46.4664154 ft·lbf47.2039776 ft·lbf47.9415397 ft·lbf48.6791019 ft·lbf49.4166640 ft·lbf50.1542262 ft·lbf50.8917883 ft·lbf51.6293504 ft·lbf52.3669126 ft·lbf53.1044747 ft·lbf53.8420369 ft·lbf54.5795990 ft·lbf55.3171612 ft·lbf56.0547233 ft·lbf56.7922855 ft·lbf57.5298476 ft·lbf58.2674098 ft·lbf59.0049719 ft·lbf59.7425341 ft·lbf60.4800962 ft·lbf61.2176584 ft·lbf61.9552205 ft·lbf62.6927827 ft·lbf63.4303448 ft·lbf64.1679070 ft·lbf64.9054691 ft·lbf65.6430313 ft·lbf66.3805934 ft·lbf67.1181556 ft·lbf67.8557177 ft·lbf68.5932799 ft·lbf69.3308420 ft·lbf70.0684042 ft·lbf70.8059663 ft·lbf71.5435285 ft·lbf72.2810906 ft·lbf73.0186528 ft·lbf73.7562149 ft·lbf

The newton metre (also newton-metre, symbol N m or N·m) is a unit of torque (also called "moment") in the SI system. One newton metre is equal to the torque resulting from a force of one newton applied perpendicularly to the end of a moment arm that is one metre long.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
newton meterN·m

≡ N × m = kg·m2/s2

= 1 N·m

Metric system SI

conversion table

newton meterfeet-pound forcenewton meterfeet-pound force
1= 0.737562149277276= 4.4253728956636
2= 1.47512429855457= 5.1629350449409
3= 2.21268644783188= 5.9004971942181
4= 2.95024859710919= 6.6380593434954
5= 3.687810746386310= 7.3756214927727

The foot-pound force is a unit of torque (also called "moment") in the SI system. 

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
foot-pound forceft·lbf

≡ ɡ0 × 1 lb × 1 ft

= 1.3558179483314004 N·m


conversion table

feet-pound forcenewton meterfeet-pound forcenewton meter
1= 1.35581794833146= 8.1349076899884
2= 2.71163589666287= 9.4907256383198
3= 4.06745384499428= 10.846543586651
4= 5.42327179332569= 12.202361534983
5= 6.77908974165710= 13.558179483314

Conversion table

newton meterfeet-pound force
1= 0.7375621
1.3558179= 1

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